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  1. "This procedure is intended for rehabilitation creditors who are currently unable to log in to the Online Rehabilitation Claim Filing System (Online System). Creditors who can already log in to the System must not follow this procedure."

  2. Thanks for the detailed summary, let us updated when the choice system will be done, unbelievable, we have been waiting since 2014, lets hope they will pay us this year.

  3. Any reply when these options will become available? I logged into the site and couldn't find that information.

  4. It took a mere 8 months from "approved rehabilitation plan" (Nov 16, 2021) to "currently preparing to make repayments" (July 7, 2022).

  5. And imagine partnering with Kraken, safely handing over the assets to Kraken, User registration and verification with Kraken and finally Kraken depositing BTC to our wallet and letting us withdraw.

  6. Wow, thanks for yet another cryptic email making me unsure if I'm supposed to do anything new or not, even though I've done everything correctly so far (have a creditor number which is now not showing on their page, due to system overload I assume).

  7. You might be receiving this email you might not be, this email could be important to some of you and mostly none of you. Thank you bye bye have great time and new year, hello this might land in spam and it might not land in spam. Thank you, here we are and here we go bye bye we have your bitcoin.-Japan trustie

  8. It's a hoop jumping marathon where the more people that die of old age before the race ends, the bigger the prize for those that finish the race.

  9. Got the mail, saying there are some new documents added and i should login, and the docs are saying i have to select how i want me repayment... but i dont see where i can select that.. comments here sound like repayments are happening already.. can someone enlight us a bit?

  10. so we take no action? i have my X creditor number and filled out all the forms last time so the point of this email is...?

  11. the point is to provide an overview of what the repayment process will look like, the terms therein, and supply a status report similar to ones provided during past creditors' meetings

  12. Looks like the server is down. got kicked out. I had a quick read and what you need to do is to upload a document for identification + a selfie. You can choose the payout method (btc or cash) and if you want to take cash, there is a paypal option.

  13. How the fuck do these guys get away with paying themselves millions of $ for simply dragging their feet and making these bullshit nothing announcements?

  14. Sucks they didn’t sell all the alts long ago when they still had some value. For whatever reason I still feel like I will never get a single Bitcoin back from this….

  15. I’ll take your claim then. Oh you want to keep it? Guess you do view it as valuable and believe it will give back something.

  16. They are getting hammered, I tried to log in a few times and got rejected after several seconds of spinning "login" button, on one of the retries I did get through to the authenticator code, but they take so long to check that the code changes and I get rejected. I'll try again tomorrow.

  17. I just got two emails from the MTGOX Claims System saying I logged in when I did not. Are a bunch of other people getting these emails too or did I get compromised?


  19. So i'm getting the postcards from them, but zero emails. What should I do? I kinda assumed my coins were gone for good. Is this still the case?

  20. I'm finding this (and just about everything else from the trustees very confusing. So am I correct that the only thing we need to do on this is update our addresses, if necessary?

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