a sincere question, why do people always assume a person that plays MTG is always a man?

  1. "Nerdy" hobbies like MTG, DND, Warhammer, and video games are historically male dominated. Go to a game store and I'm willing to bet the majority of people you'll see are masculine presenting. Whenever you talk about an experience you had playing, people will fill in gaps with their experiences, and because it's more likely they've had experiences playing with men, they'll probably assume that you too are referring to an experience with a man. I'm definitely guilty of this. If I hear a story about someone who harasses the storyteller for not playing a 100% optimized deck for example, I think of the person at my LGS that always does that to me, and he just so happens to be a man.

  2. my local shop has around 10ish constant player for mtg and 4-5 of them are woman, this place is the place I started to sometimes it can be hard for me to adjust to that

  3. You…can say women, bro. We prefer that over “non-men..” you’re not the standard of human to which everyone else is compared.

  4. I played from 1998 to 2007. I don’t ever remember playing against a woman. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine starting dating someone that said she used to play. That’s the first woman I’ve ever met that played.

  5. Cause most of the players are male, I don't want to hazard a guess but for the sake of discussion I'd estimate at least 75%+ are male.

  6. I don’t take it personal tbh but in real life at fnms and stuff people always ask me which table my boyfriend is at while i’m waiting for my next match and it is sometimes annoying

  7. Same reason you might assume comic book readers would be men 🤷🏼 there's a cultural association with the two. Not that more women shouldn't play, but how many women frequent your locally game store? Cause I think around here (in the middle of nowhere, Indiana) the answer is like 2

  8. there are 10 standart players every fnm and at least for of them are woman, the biggest comic store in my city most customers are woman…

  9. The vast majority of players I've encountered in an LGS are male. It's just a nerdy hobby. I've met a number of girlfriends who are just supporting their boyfriends as well as girlfriends who play, but not too many. (I have the decency not to ask about who's their boyfriend.)

  10. As a player since 1998, I’ve met only a few women but it really depends of the format. When I’m playing Modern or Legacy, I don’t expect to see any woman

  11. The probability of being a man is ridiculous high.....if u check any big tournament u will see it. At least in the old days( like 5-7 years ago), in my zone, the amount of females joining were less than 10%

  12. Probably because men with a severe lack of social awareness, basic hygeine, and boundaries tend to scare away most of the women.

  13. To be honest, at my local game stores I would say maybe about 5% of the players are female. So almost every time I’ve matched up with someone in a draft or playing open play it’s been a male (I can only think of two or three times that I’ve matched up with a lady), so I kind of picture games I’ve played and just imagine my opponent as male if I’m being honest.

  14. This is a much bigger issue than magic for sure. We live in an unfortunately male dominated society. Our language and our values tend to lean more "masculine." So like most things, he is the default. Doesn't mean it's right but things are changing.

  15. Unfortunately like most commentors are saying, it's a primarily male dominated community. I wish there were more women who played at my lgs so there'd be more diversity. I very rarely see anyone feminine go in there and it's normally full of the basement dwellers.

  16. My guy friends and I have tried to teach every girlfriend / spouse how to play magic, and none of them ever took it seriously enough to get past power and toughness. That's not to say that they couldn't understand it - the interest level and passion just isn't there. My wife has more fun playing cards against humanity or Mexican train wreck.

  17. It's just statistics. People are at bat figuring if the say "Men" in relation to MTG they will get a hit. It's not a personal dig, and if you are taking it as a dig against you. your just RPing.

  18. just to clarify, I do not take it personally, i am just a little sad that people always assume that i cannot be playing, or good at a certain game. I know it’s the same for every (or most) girls in this community.

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