Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania | Official Trailer

  1. It's a shame, too, I know they had to do a five year timeskip, but Abby Ryder Fortson, who played her in the first two movies, was terrific.

  2. Best to get a tiny little 20 year old to play a child. You gotta provide schooling and "breaks" and limited shooting hours for children. Can be a real budget breaker for low budget indie productions like this.

  3. To be fair, it's in line with her character's comic counterpart who's a fashionista, and the pixie cut is her most iconic look.

  4. It genuinely brings me endless joy that, amidst all the world-ending, epic stakes of this trailer, the top comment relates to Ruben Rabasa’s single line.

  5. I hope it's more than just coincidence that they're using "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" on a scene featuring well-known Wizard of Oz buff Gregg Turkington.

  6. After Greggs incredible recreation of the Jitterbug scene Hollywood has finally caught on how many Ozheads there are out there.

  7. My guess, probably less spacey and more terrestrial. I will say, GoTG is probably one of the strongest MCU movies. Remove all the MCU stuff, and you still have a really fun scifi movie.

  8. 100%. I'll always point to that movie as the paradigm shift for Marvel. People can shit on the movies all they want but I'm glad they've put out such grandiose movies with settings that come straight out of the comics and at least aren't depressing like DC.

  9. DC - “Okay, bear with us. It’s silly but we will add realism. It’s comic book related but we swear you can see past that if you watch the movie. We’re super grounded. Just hang in there, it will be worth it. It’s dark and gritty… so kind of realistic right?”

  10. Like No Way Home I see the trailer and think "there's no way the inciting incident can be that stupid in context, surely in the movie it will make sense?" and, i imagine like No Way Home, I will be wrong.

  11. Was going to say the same thing... it's just like in the No Way Home trailer... it looks like the whole incident that kicks off the plot in this movie could've easily been avoided if people just talked for 30sec about what they're doing and the potential pitfalls before unleashing some insanely powerful technology / spell with unknown side effects.

  12. Add to that the fact that the daughter has built a communication array for the quantum realm but doesn't even recognize the quantum realm when she sees it even though her entire family has been there and had to have taught her a number of things about the quantum realm in order for her to create that device.

  13. I had to stop watching Cobra Kai because literally every single problem in the show was caused by poor communication skills. Characters would even be given the chance to clear things up and they'd just skip around it with statements like "I don't need to explain myself" or "You wouldn't believe me anyways" and they'd just continue to fight. It's one thing if it happens once or twice, but literally every single conflict in the show relied on that trope.

  14. Kang having scars matching his face mask is a nice touch. Would have liked to have see more of the mask in the trailer, but the outfit looks great in general.

  15. Gregg was in Ant Man and the Wasp, as was Tim Heidecker ... Peyton Reed himself was a director who cut his teeth doing Mr. Show in the 90s. The comedy ties run deep.

  16. “Izza Stupid idea! No one likes your ideas! You’re the worse one at the table!” - steering wheel Guy

  17. Crazy he’d associate with this series again considering how hard the first one bombed. It only got one sad lonely bag of popcorn, the lowest rated film in On Cinema history

  18. My heart bleeds for the visual effects artists that are currently working on this. Lord. Looks like wall-to-wall animation and effects.

  19. At the beginning of the trailer i was thinking wow first time marvel has actually shot on real world locations, they’re finally giving their VFX people a break, and then the rest of the trailer had me feeling bad for all of the VFX teams. looks like the whole thing was shot on a green screen studio

  20. It looks very volume heavy so say a prayer for the roto artists who have to trace every actor out of every frame!

  21. On the one hand yes, but on the other hand, once visual fx jump into total crazy pants land it can get easier because viewers have no frame of reference. I imagine something like Dr. Strange is the most nightmare inducing because you have to have a photorealistic building that's also fractally bending itself into other photorealistic buildings, so 100% CGI but still needs to look like something that people have a perfect frame of reference for.

  22. This was unfortunately one of my first thoughts too. After seeing posts about how mistreated and overworked they are, revisions last minute and more, its upsetting to see sadly.

  23. Is Conan O'Brien still developing his own talk show on HBO Max? I hope that gets done by the time the movie comes out. It just doesn't feel the same when Paul Rudd doesn't show up to his talk show and promote his movies.

  24. Hey Janet, here's an idea. Don't tell the super-excited child to turn off the REALITY ENDANGERING DEVICE, maybe just hit the off button yourself or if you don't know where that is, smash a fuse or trip a breaker. DO SOMETHING.

  25. Presumably she was able to live so long in the Quantum Realm by stealing bits from the city. She knew about something hiding there that shouldn't be getting a signal (Kang, I'm guessing), which meant she run-ins with them before, but she was found alone, which means there was a falling out.

  26. Kinda bummed they took the MODOK scene out of this; I do like that this seems a little more elevated in terms of tone compared to previous Ant Man films.

  27. Probably because Newton is a fairly popular young actress who has been in more shows and movies than Fuhrmann, so they wanted an actress with more experience and potentially more talent.

  28. I just see that as a granny haircut, but yeah it ain't good. There's the part though, that Charlize Theron set the horrible standards with her Furious roles and this isn't even close to as bad as "simple Jack".

  29. Or someone who is just sick of CGI/Green screens and wants practical sci-fi films again. Alien and Blade Runner just set the bar too high.

  30. The trailer is giving me Fantastic Four plot vibes in the best way possible. We have this science "family" doing science things, weird things happen, EXPLORATION AND ADVENTURE!

  31. There were rumors, the director had wanted to make FF movie. Feels like his pitch was then used for this film

  32. I've enjoyed the Ant Man movies, but the trope of "i've never told you" is getting REALLY annoying. They didn't show Janet interacting with Scott in the quantum realm during the first movie, and now Janet not saying anything about a literal universe within the quantum realm.

  33. I'm going to give the movie the benefit of the doubt that it isn't literally "Ya i never told you the single most amazing and unbelievable thing about the quantum realm, the thing you've spent your whole life working on". And if it is, she better have an amazing reason why.

  34. Okay, time to speculate on Bill Murray's character. My money is on another Elder of the Universe. The Collector and The Grandmaster are two of these guys we've seen already. There are at least five major ones and I can see Murray playing of these pompous ancient aliens.

  35. Well, the first one made sense, given the time jump and how kids look pretty distinctly older around puberty. But this second change is more similarly-aged recast the Endgame one, so it's a bit more likely to raise the question of "why the recast."

  36. No, Marvel doesn't have the rights. I think Hasbro does at this point. That's also why they are calling it the Quantum Realm instead of Microverse.

  37. Reading comics as a young kid and seeing kang on screen surprises me as much as seeing thanos fighting spider man on screen. Just things I’d never thought I’d see and it’s just as shocking actually seeing it. Majors looks amazing and captivating as kang. Can’t wait.

  38. To think 20 years ago there were like 2 viable hero franchises that kept it mostly safe alongside a sea of absolutely abysmal takes on heroes and now we are getting massive budget hero movies.

  39. Ant man is gonna die and people are gonna riot. Word on the street is Rudd wants to bow out and let his kid take over. Man if that happens... If I ever have to see Paul die ever on screen i'mma cry . . . . . And that movie about cavemen with Jack Black doesn't count cause it was trash lol.

  40. If you’re going to watch any shows, watch Loki. Out of all the shows, it’s easily the most important of the bunch for the rest of the MCU going forward

  41. I don't know, at this point, the constant introduction of rather huge and remarkable story elements, that somehow everyone on Earth happened to be oblivious towards, until movie X, moreso after Phase Whatever and Thanos, gets a little stale.

  42. Hmmm Spider-Man: NWH, Doctor Strange in the MOM, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, you could argue Eternals with Sprite. looks like Black Panther: WF is going to have this plot point too with Ironheart

  43. I really like Ant-man and generally enjoy marvel movies. but the music, color choice, plot… it’s all starting to look the same. Like this could be another Guardians or Thor movie. Still going to watch it, but just don’t have the excitement like i used to.

  44. Going the Spiderman route of character makes a dumbass mistake which causes havoc... If only there was better communication.

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