Robbie Coltrane, Comic Performer Who Played Hagrid in ‘Harry Potter’ Movies, Dies at 72

  1. Also seems to be on YouTube for the time being. But yeah, Cracker is one of the reasons I still bother to have a DVD drive. Might have to do another rewatch in Mr. Coltrane's honor.

  2. I'm so pleased to see a British comment as the second most popular. I'm not anti-american but Coltrane's acting contribution is so much more than Hagrid. What a fucking superhero.

  3. Started watching it tonight after making a comment to my SO about being irritated that he was only known for Hagrid. Instead of Nuns On the Run, James Bond, or the Space Virgins one, or even Blackadder. He said I needed to watch Cracker 😄

  4. When I was four years old, I watched my mother kill a spider... with a teacosy. Years later, I realized it was not a spider - it was my Uncle Harold.

  5. Can someone explain this one to me? How was his uncle a spider? Or if his uncle was human, how did his mom killer him with a tea cozy and how did he not realize it until years later…

  6. Oceans 12 gets disrespected so much compared to the other 2 movies in the trilogy. Maybe it sucks if you're using it to plan a heist but it's super enjoyable for what it is.

  7. So Mr Bond, what brings you to my neighborhood? Still working for MI6, or have you decided to join the 21st century? I hear the new M is a lady!

  8. That was my first time seeing him since my dad got my brother and me into James Bond. We went crazy when we realized he was playing Hagrid in the Sorcerer's Stone.

  9. “Walther PPK, 7.65 millimeter. I only know three men who use such a weapon, and I believe I’ve killed two of them.”

  10. One of my favorite small moments in the films was in PoA when he was talking about Buckbeak’s trial. “First they all took turns talking about why we were there.”

  11. Apparently, Rowling herself insisted it had to be him, and no one else. I can see why, the man was made for the role the way J.K. Simmons was made to play J. Jonah Jameson.

  12. honestly... in all the ways the movies might have made departures from the books -- Hagrid was exactly how i imagined him when I was 12 reading the sorcerers stone for the first time

  13. People will rightly rave about his role as Hagrid but I remember him mainly as Dr Johnson in Blackadder, such an incredible comedy actor.

  14. Hell,I remember him dressing up as a Nun called Sister Inviolata of the Immaculate Conception,alongside Eric Idle(Sister Euphemia of the Five Wounds),In the movie "Nuns on the Run."

  15. Blackadder, Still Game, Young ones... Pretty sure I've seen him in Rowan Atkinson skits and more. Then he was in Bond. Dude was one of those people who never was front and centre, but supported a bunch of the greats and that says a lot.

  16. I know he was primary a comedy actor but tbh I think it’s strange people don’t associate him more with Cracker.

  17. Loved him as Hagrid in Harry Potter was surprised to see him in James Bond when I went through the films this summer, brilliant each time I've seen him. He will be missed, RIP.

  18. “The legacy of the movies is, I suspect, that my children's generation will show them to their children. So you could be watching it in 50 years' time, easy. I'll not be here, sadly, but... But Hagrid will, yes.”

  19. I did not expect to see this tonight. Hagrid was always one of my favorite characters and Robbie played him so well.

  20. I was just thinking about all the cherished memories he provided during my childhood. The best part of life and he was there in every one of the films. I need to appreciate the rest of his work, as it sounds like he had a long and successful career even if any role I see him cast in would remind me of Hagrid. Loved that gentle giant.

  21. May his knee finally cease aching, twice as bad when it is cold outside! Do you have any idea how long the winter lasts in this country?

  22. He returns in The World is Not Enough too if you haven't seen it. Excellent performances in both films.

  23. "...Hahahahaha! He wants ME to do him a favor!?... My knee...ACHES... Every single day... Twice as bad when it is cold. Do you have any idea how long the winter lasts in this country!?... Hmm?... Tell him Dmitri!"

  24. "Yer a Wizard, Harry!" - Rest in peace, Hagrid. You brought a lot of joy to people who grew up watching Harry Potter.

  25. The episodes where he went head to head with Robert Carlyle (To be someone) are classics of tension and extrapolation of character. Where the two lads scream football chants at each other and Coltrane uses it as the wedge to open the door to Albie’s mind is masterful writing and acting. Coltrane was such an underrated actor. A powerhouse as Fitz. He will be missed.

  26. It’s the first ‘adult’ series I watched as a youngster and I was spell bound . Absolutely iconic actor

  27. “ I’ll not be here, sadly. but Hagrid will. ” he said this during the harry potter reunion now it hits different may he rest in peace😭❤️ my first introduction to him was from harry potter but i saw him in so many other things after that he was such a wonderful actor

  28. Before Hagrid and Cracker he was a stalwart of British comedy. One of my favourite performances was when he was in Black Adder. RIP to a legend.

  29. Back in 1989, I was in school in London, and Robbie was filming Nuns On the Run with Eric Idle at our school. They were both super awesome and signed autographs for us between filming. He'll always be Hagrid, but I will first remember him from that movie, which is quite funny.

  30. I remember him from National Lampoon’s European Vacation as the guy that went into the bathroom while Ellen Griswold was singing in an exposed bathtub

  31. Devestating news, he was born to play Hagrid of course but I always loved his role in Goldeneye too.

  32. I loved his small part in Goldeneye and was so pleased as a kid to see him back in World Is Not Enough (he was a highlight in the latter), but he was also a perfect Hagrid. He really captured the hearty warmth of the character but made it his own

  33. Fuck, Hagrid was one of the best parts of the Harry Potter movies and Robbie Coltrane was the only one who could play him. Rest In Peace

  34. His Dr. Johnson was one of the funniest and most memorable in all of Blackadder - which is particularly impressive given he was only in the one episode. I also liked his Dr Carlisle in The Young Ones.

  35. I was watching Goldeneye not too long ago and completely forgot about the small part he has (Minnie Driver too!). He’s just so awesomely funny in such a short time. The double take he does when Bond asks him who’s skinning the cat is one of the best moments in that whole movie.

  36. Oh no. Fuck! Big part of my childhood gone. Not only Hagrid, but growing up a James Bond fan, his Valentine Zukowsky is one of my favorite Bond allies. Coltrane had range and versatility, and I will miss him.

  37. Not sure why the actors from Harry Potter always hit the hardest. This makes me really sad. Alan Rickman was another actor that unexpectedly hit me hard. Thank you Robbie for playing such a big role in my childhood.

  38. “My knee aches every day, twice as bad when it is cold. And do you have any idea how long winter lasts in this country?”

  39. Always enjoyed seeing him pop up in movies. I think his role in "Let It Ride" was probably my favorite role of his

  40. I'll never forget that scene between Robbie Coltrane and Robert Carlyle in the police interview room in season 1 of Cracker. Absolutely top notch telly. RIP

  41. The majority of posts here show how Robbie's fame spread globally with the HP movie franchise. What doesn't seem so well reflected is that he was a strong ally to the British alternative comedy movement in the early 1980s, and a cherished actor well before he did those films.

  42. Forget Harry Potter... this guy has been a staple of British comedy and drama for my entire 41 year. The guy was such a talented performer with huge depth and varied skills.

  43. Damn. He was in an all time classic show called Tutti Frutti with a very young Emma Thompson when I lived in Scotland. He was amazing and I fell in love with her.

  44. He was great. The Young Ones, Black Adder, Comic Strip, the suave guy in Ellen Griswold's bathroom, Falstaff in Henry V, Zhukovsky in Goldeneye and, of course, Hagrid.

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