What is the most screwed up movie you have ever seen?

  1. That movie is fucked up but at least you get some good laughs during the really fucked up bits. I guess I’m just a twisted fuck

  2. I Saw the Devil did a number on my mind after watching it. It was way more screwed up than I has anticipated and was left feeling kind of numb at the end of it.

  3. That's what's so good about it! Korean thrillers LOVE to leave their audience reeling. Have you seen Oldboy, Lady Vengeance, and New World as well? Choi Min-sik is a superb actor and always manages to star in incredibly dark films. Also this one's more horror-slanted, but The Wailing is an absolute masterpiece of despairing Korean cinema.

  4. I found the original Last House on the Left to be extremely upsetting. I’ve never tapped out of any other movie but I couldn’t make it halfway through that one.

  5. The turn sure is triumphant, and you kind of need to see the preceding violence to truly value the triumph.

  6. the remake of The Last House on the left (2009) is a really good movie though, whith a perfect cast. Much better then the original

  7. I HATED that movie. It’s just pointless cruelty. And I reject the notion that the pointlessness is the point, which is a common interpretation of the film.

  8. In the DVD the director has an intro before the film where he basically says you may have made a mistake by choosing to watch this.

  9. Yep, I bought it as one of the French nasties and I’ll never forget it. I gave it to a coworker, who never looked at me the same way, but when they tried to return it I said to pass it onto another. I figure it’s like a disturbing chain letter out there that I’ll probably get back eventually!

  10. I watched it. And it freaked me out more than any other movie. I told a friend about how it affected me. She watched it a few days later. And called me screaming. At 5am(she is in NZ). Basically calling me every swear word, including some Maori ones, for letting her watch it.

  11. Adding a reply to underscore this. If you have not seen it, and want the experience of being kicked in the gut repeatedly, then left with no apologies whatsoever, watch this film.

  12. I read that that new movie called Speak No Evil delivers that same gut punch. Never seen Funny Games but Speak No Evil left me upset

  13. I was looking for this. It is brilliant and terrific at the same time. Still one of my favorite movies tho, greatest tv/media criticism of all time.

  14. Perfume, story of a murderer. Not as horrific as some of the ones already mentioned. But an interesting story, definitely fits the "think about it days afterwards" column.

  15. Finally somebody mentioned it. I was going song to find someone who said it. I love the ending and I don’t know that anything will be close to it.

  16. This movie had me depressed for days. It is a reminder how minutes separate you from regular life to unforgettable tragedy. I will never watch this again.

  17. Yeah, this one hit like a sledgehammer. It's not just horribly graphic, but the whole structure of the film is utterly heart-rending. It's both a horrifying story in its own right and a clever deconstruction of the standard linear narrative.

  18. "i stand alone" imho is more disturbing. same director. would be be funny if one day gaspar noe makes a children's movie that's as much a feel good light and love as everything to date is the opposite.

  19. It's been half a life time since I saw it and while it's definitely one of the best films I've ever seen I'm sure I'll never watch it again and will never recommend anyone else watch it without several minutes of addendums.

  20. One of my best friends grandpa actually played one of the lead roles in this! I’d seen his grandpas cock like twice before I actually met the guy. Weird to think about.

  21. It's an excellent film, and certainly much more poignant and enjoyable than its source material. The coprophagy is pretty difficult to watch, definitely. Pasolini was a superb director, and it's a shame that he didn't get to see his film become the cult classic it is today.

  22. This was a good post to read through, because I now have an empirical list of films I should probably avoid based on how many comments said they never got over films like Martyrs

  23. Felt nauseous for the entire film. Superbly acted by both actors, but have never rewatched because I really don’t have the mental bandwidth to take that journey again.

  24. Stephen King commented something like being a bit disappointed that he didn't come up with that ending

  25. I was around 11 when I saw that movie and the ending bothered me a lot. The last 5 minutes of it replayed in my head for days.

  26. I used to watch this movie every Halloween. Since I’ve become a dad it’s been shelved. Still a great movie though. I could picture Thomas Jane as Rick Grimes in the walking dead because of this film.

  27. Dead man’s shoes- Shane meadows. Probably not the worst film in terms of gore etc. but it has such an edge that feels real.

  28. I love it that Paddy Considine got a huge role in House of the Dragon. Dudes been killing it for years, and Dead Man’s Shoes is a highly underseen film

  29. Never watch Serbian Film, I absolutely hated myself for watching that. I love horror and attempted to watch everything on the list of top horror but that is just too much. Martyrs was pretty oof also. We Need to Talk About Kevin is on that list too

  30. Serbian Film is too forced, and the nonsense at the start about how it's a metaphor for the Serbian government felt like an excuse for him to try and be as extreme as possible. It's not pleasant viewing by any means and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but there's parts of it that are laughably bad.

  31. A Serbian Film is the only film I regret watching. It might come across as a joke when someone says "don't ever watch" but seriously, stay away from it!

  32. Serbian Film is screwed up for sure but I found it to be forced and almost comical in how hard it tried to be screwed up. For something to be more disturbing to me it has to be more realistic.

  33. If more people had watched this film, this would 100% be the top answer. This movie should be rated "not to be viewed by anyone unless they're a psychopath".

  34. I watched A Serbian Film out of morbid curiosity. Definitely regretted it. Just so, so unpleasant with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  35. Frailty really bugged me for weeks afterwards. Those scenes with his sons were really uncomfortable to watch

  36. The rumor is William Defoe’s dick is so big that the directors thought audiences would find the scene comical, so they had to use a stunt cock to film that scene while he’s slow-mo banging his wife while their baby commits suicide.

  37. When I was on Chantix, I had waking nightmares. I saw that baby. I can see now why thoughts of suicide are a side effect they warn you about.

  38. Hereditary has to be one of my favorite movies because of how good the actors were, especially Toni Collette. Her scream and the possession scene were amazing

  39. That's a good one. Don't watch (or do) Midsommar then! Ari Aster has my profound respect for horrifying me as much as he has with these two movies.

  40. Come and See is pretty disturbing. It’s one of my favorite movies but the barn scene is burned into my mind forever

  41. So in 2000 when it came out I saw it opening weekend Saturday night. I'd been looking forward to it for months as I was a big fan of Aronofsky's debut film

  42. I was fourteen in 2005 when I bought the DVD, never having seen it, and the FYE guy I said, "Oh you wanna be depressed tonight?"

  43. Compliance. It really stuck with me, especially knowing it's based on a real event. Honestly, the synopsis fully ruins the plot. But a crazy movie.

  44. My English teacher showed this to my class in Year 8 (age 12/13). Being fairly local to its setting only added to the uncomfortability. The umbilical cord-biting sequence had quite a few people holding their hands over their eyes!

  45. I was really hoping someone else would choose this. Threads is one of those films that just stays with you for ages. I couldn’t sleep afterwards.

  46. Yeah this one was rough even if the budget/presentation of it all wasn't the best. It was just so depressong and kept getting worse.

  47. I remember sitting and watching this with my Dad, I was so young. The Russian roulette scene was horrific! Incredible movie though!

  48. The Se7en Directors cut. The base movie is fucked up enough but then they show more detail at each of the crime scenes

  49. I'd happily watch most decent extreme movies multiple times. Martyrs, Midsommar, Ebola Syndrome, bring 'em on. But there are exceptions.

  50. This is the one, and I've seen all the others mentioned here. The Road is a movie I'll never watch again. No other movie has ever made me feel as hopeless as this one. The only thing as hopeless as this movie is Dookie's final story arc at the end of The Wire.

  51. I'd go with "We Need to Talk About Kevin"...that is one messed up movie. Deeply disturbing. I had a date who wanted to go see it because it was an "art house" film. We both deeply regretted that.

  52. If you guys havnt seen KIDS check it out. Buncha unsupervised teenagers in New York doing anything and everything. It’s a horror movie to me. Sunday Bloody Sunday man

  53. If you like harmony korine’s work, check out gummo. It shows the aftermath of a tornado in a town in Ohio and the lives of residents after the disaster. It’s not a horror movie but it definitely has it’s monsters

  54. The documentary absolutely wrecked me. I still think about it every few months or so even though it has been years since I watched it.

  55. Probably the latest Fantastic Four. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how a big budget movie could be so absolutely terrible on every level

  56. Schindler's list is just so screwed up just because it was real, the monsters actualy lived and the pain suffering and agony was real too. People MUST see this but it still keeps me thinking.

  57. It really is messed up, but somehow it was also a healing experience that made me feel closer to humanity. Like obviously, that scene towards the end where Oskar keeps saying he could have saved more people if he had given away more money is devastating, but the way an entire crowd of survivors immediately run to him to encircle him in embrace was so beautiful to me. It’s a hard movie but one that’s absolutely worth watching. Leaves you feeling grateful to be alive, and serves as a sobering reminder of how bad things were for this group of people not so long ago.

  58. I was in this flick's generation and me and some friends went to see it because of the controversy and the soundtrack and it really didnt seem all that different than our lives. In retrospect, this is how we learned we had fucked up lives and Im not kidding about that part.

  59. Most screwed up movie? Hands down, "Nekromantik" (1988) by director/writer Jorg Buttgereit. Banned all over the place, very hard to find. Synopsis: Boy meets girl. They both share a kink for necrophilia. Boy works for an accident clean-up crew, finds a corpse. Brings said corpse home. Girlfriend is thrilled, a menage a trois made in Hell commences. Very nasty and very gooey. Don't hunt down and buy a DVD (if you manage to locate one, last one I saw offered for sale was $100) because one viewing is enough. In second place is "Deadly Weapons" starring Chesty Morgan.

  60. Boys don’t cry. Just went to bed after watching it cos I couldn’t stop feeling down about what happened it, and it was only like 6pm

  61. There's no value in watching human centipede. It's just fucked up for the sake of making a fucked up movie. Tusk as well but to a lesser degree.

  62. Wolf Creek. "There is a line and this movie crosses it. I don't know where the line is, but it's way north of "Wolf Creek.", Roger Ebert.

  63. I was scrolling to see if anyone else saw that movie. I remember it being batshit crazy. The Happiness of the Katakuris is another crazy Miike movie, but more fun crazy.

  64. Rivers Edge seen it probably hundreds of times had it on vhs as a kid it’s pretty simple but not at the same time.

  65. Vanilla sky - watched that when I was 16 really screwed my brain. Couldn’t really put my finger on it. Existential stuff I think. Haven’t dared watch it again

  66. Wait until you see what Ari Aster made for his grad film before he made Hereditary/Midsommar The Strange Thing about the Johnstons - the guy has a pretty unique mind to put it bluntly

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