Blonde Viewers Slam Netflix: The Most Detestable Movie Ever Made

  1. That's honestly a great movie that I didn't enjoy and don't want to watch again. I think about it all the time. But also I think Assassination of Jesse James is one of the best films ever so maybe I'm just a fan of the director

  2. Killing them softly is one of my favorites from last decade, might have to give Blonde a chance now

  3. One of my favorite films too. Blonde is gonna get a slight bump some day because he'll make another good film, but it will hopefully remain his worst. He's certainly loves audiences not loving his films. Jesse James wasn't general audiences cup of tea either.

  4. Haven't seen the movie yet. But honestly, what kind of article is that? Slap together a handful of tweets, summarize a few more, and done?

  5. It really is and it's crazy how journalists come up with tweets to write articles. You could have 5,000 people tweet praises for a movie and about 20 people blast that movie and you'll get an article based on the 20 people hating it. It's frankly ridiculous and its in other areas too, same story with football journalism

  6. It’s the LadBible and TikTok art of journalism. Why older generations are worried about the younger ones because they’re consuming a lot of misinformed news

  7. I know right. On top of that, I read the whole thing and I feel like I'm right back at square 1 in trying to understand what the film actually did. All I know about is the antibortion scene and that's it, nothing more.

  8. Most journalism nowadays is written by fresh-outta-college types who are trained to write clickbait titles with filler, with a ridiculous article quotas. With newspapers dead and that stable subscription income no longer there, true journalism has died as well. Now it’s all about quick bursts of eyeballs so the most sensational it is, or how well it aligns with the echo chamber is where the money is. Journalism will probably come back, but not in the format we were used to.

  9. I don't necessarily mind a good aggregate of something if it's showing a measurable and common trend. If it is masking as a review or journalism however that's a problem.

  10. Yup. I used to write for a few places and there’s a certain number of articles you need to publish per week, and some places have certain qualifications on pieces that needed to be met so if you had a longer think piece article that was going to take up a good amount of time to write, you fluff out your other articles by making a tweet listicle like this. Or, if you’ve already hit your target on articles, you use these to pad the paycheck since these are EASY MONEY.

  11. It's cheaper than hiring actual journalists. Why do that when you can hire bloggers for dirt cheap. It's not great, but it's reality.

  12. I feel the same way. Another title that bothered me today was an article about a protestor that was killed in Iran. This woman gave her life to fight for women's rights and was described as "Tik Tocker so and so." I would hope that if I gave my life for social justice, I wouldn't be described as "Tik Tocker."

  13. What’s happening, is Netflix is experiencing market share decline, and they’re paying PR firms to help their larger releases find more success/bump their numbers.

  14. I may just be getting old and bitter but I find this kind of use of the word 'slam' to be a sign of lazy writing. it sounds so violent and forceful but really people are just voicing opinions and critiques.

  15. I mean, that’s what journalism was always meant to strive toward: relaying information without editorial input. The real problem is the identity of those tweeting and if they are even credible voices/sources to use.

  16. Burnette, but yeah i felt so depressed after. More depressed than I am after murder docs.... so that's something. I did think the filming style and sound design were beautiful though. So I will give it that

  17. For a movie that according to the director is supposed to leave you "shaking, like an orphaned Rhesus Monkey in the snow, howling in pain and rage."

  18. The JFK scene still pops in my head almost two weeks after having seen it. Disturbing. A couple other shots from a visual standpoint, but that's it really.

  19. I’ve seen so much fucked up shit on the internet. Calling a Netflix movie the most detestable movie ever made seems like a bit of a dramatic overreaction.

  20. People often complain about bad reviews. The film reviewer Mark Kermode once wrote that the best way to damn a movie, is to call it average or middle of the road.

  21. Mark Kermode actually really likes this movie too in his review, although he states it is a horror movie whilst reviewing it.

  22. Bad Reviews are the sole reason I watched Morbius when it came to Netflix. If I recall it was in the top 10 of watched content for a few weeks. Not sure if I will watch Blonde tho. Probably not for awhile. It’s a Netflix original, it’s not going anywhere.

  23. Interestingly Mark Kermode actually liked Blonde. He said viewers that go into it expecting basically a horror movie will have the better experience. Anyone looking for a biopic will hate it

  24. I watched it. I don’t think they’re trying to stir up controversy. The movie is a grim three hours and would be a very tough watch for the merely curious.

  25. Yeah but there are two levels of bad.. “Tommy Wiseau bad” which is fun and bewildering, and “Netflix bad” which is boring and frustrating.

  26. I, too, have become so cynical about (native) marketing that I no longer trust articles such as this to be anything more than an advertisement rather than genuine reporting.

  27. I'm sure it was around the time they released the trailer for their adaptation of Dear White People, Netflix definitely learned that controversy marketing sells

  28. You're betting that Netflix is shitting on their movie in the hopes that people will waste their time watching a bad movie? The Room is one thing but a random bad movie isn't going to cut it for me at least (and I watch at least 5 movies a week).

  29. 100% It's a fantastic tactic in the streaming era - most people won't pay over the odds to watch a film in the cinema that's been roasted by pretty much everyone. But when it's on a service you already pay for you might as well watch it just to join in on the conversation.

  30. I read some reviews and the wikipedia synopsis just now and I'm booting up Netflix at 5:22 in the morning to watch it before work. You're not wrong.

  31. Let me explain some things from the movie to the people who have not watched this movie. Don’t read if you don’t want it spoiled I guess.

  32. I actually couldn't stand the film not because of how it portrayed Maryln's life but how desperate it was to be a piece of art. It was so pompous. Unless you know her life inside out, half the time it isn't clear what the hell is going on. In particular the weird blender baby model that just flashes on screen like 2001, it is just garbage.

  33. I'm of the same opinion, but I verge toward liking it for that. I knew it was a piece of fiction and I don't know anything about marylin, so it was hard to follow...but it was nightmarish enough in showing MH issues and took its time to explore and let scene cool down before moving along.

  34. Im not going to watch it but what actually happens in the movie that makes it detestable? I dont know much about her life other than her looks.

  35. These people have obviously never seen anything made by Uwe Boll or Dinesh D’Souza. That said, I’ve got zero interest in watching a woman go through trauma for nearly 3 hours.

  36. I haven’t seen the movie, but reading about how she was sexualized, tortured, and abused her whole life, isn’t that the point?

  37. The fascination with Monroe is that she was quite a complicated, conflicting figure. She was exploited and victimised, for sure, but she was also an artist in her own right, and one who often asserted an unusual amount of agency for her life and times, and at odds with her persona.

  38. She was also brave, at a time when supporting gays and black people was a risky career move, she stood up for them. She rejected McCarthyism. She had her own company and took on studio executives to get better pay and conditions. She had many long & deep friendships with women. None of which was explored.

  39. THANK YOU. FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT!! I have said this since I first watched the trailers of this film and knew EXACTLY what we were going to be getting. Ive made my iwn long and lengthy post abiut the movie but as a person who has lived through similar personal trauma shown in this fictional movie baises in a fictional book I can stay with a 100% clear heart that THIS film depicts what kiving in a personal hell is really like. that is just what it is. and for anyone that has never lived there in that hell of trauma of mental health without help can not appreciate it. thats my opinion on why all the nasty reviews and comments anyway, it is not being seen for what it is or understood by most of these that have seen it. Moat who still are living in the hell of trauma or the PTSD if trauma don't get many chances to watch Netflix or comment about what's they watch. I am lucky enough to have survived and made something from my own personal hell and can be a voice for those who cant give theres anymore for one of many reasons that the system still fails mentaly ill people today.

  40. The title is vague and making people think the backlash is just from people who don't like seeing bad stuff. The article is specifically referencing the abortion she had, and how it seems like an anti-abortion message because of the scene where she dreams of the baby after the procedure.

  41. This is what happens when your brain has been programmed to only enjoy cookie cutter, generic, inoffensive products. Anything outside of that appears so extreme that it's detestable. There's some horrible stuff in the film. Horrible stuff is often a part of adult life. Why can't art reflect that? Why must it be "nice"? These people need to grow the fuck up.

  42. I'm usually an apologist for harmless big budget franchise stuff and try to push back against "things are worse than ever!!!" narratives, but yeah, I admit, the Blonde reaction has me a little spooked.

  43. Jesus H Christ, when will people learn. TWITTER IS NOT REAL! 99% of the population doesnt give a crap whats on twitter, these idiots base their reporting off it.

  44. Give me a break. Fine to hate the film but everyone’s so precious. This is not the first film to cross lines and be transgressive. To act like this is some abomination is a weird stance to have. (Not saying you can’t be grossed out and put off, that’s well within your right)

  45. Ok but why everyone is mad because it doesn't even focus on her as a person it's all about her being mistreated by men and not looking into her real life. It was made for the male gaze imo (no surprise cuz a weirdo man wrote and directed it) also they heavily lied about everything even about her having an abortion, she actually had endometriosis and struggled with fertility and always wanted kids. The whole film lies about her, it's disgusting and it is very much a abomination.

  46. This is a biography about a dead woman where they invented fake rape scenes pretty much just to get some sexual gratification for the director, completely unnecessary it’s all designed to let some sad old men wank off

  47. The article writer clearly hasn't seen 'requiem for a dream' This ain't shit. THAT film on the other hand.... Left me shaken.

  48. netflix has made some fantastic original movies and some of the worst movies ever made, I view it as a neutral thing, learn not to care about the shit ones.

  49. Well.. i saw the movie yesterday. Ana was performing very well.. and her looks where very good a like.. the movie was destroyed in the editor room.. or in the mind of the director.. It had so much potential but after seeing i was a bit numb.. the same way like the movie jacky..

  50. The only person whose opinion I might pay attention to is Karina Longworth's. Everyone else is a tourist on the subject.

  51. people are looking at this film from the WRONG lenses. If you are a women who has EVER been brutalized or delt with mental health issues that NO ONE around you can understand or know about you cant truly appreciate this films persepective. Being a women who has had bith been brutalized by men in the entertainment industry as well as struggled with PTSD from child abuse and not having a father figure or understanding of personal identify and living life daily while dealing with and struggling with mental health from the YEARS of trauma I 100% LOVE THIS FILM. It DOES SHOCK YOU it is SUPPOSED TO shock people. It is showing the very REAL WAY of the INTERNAL thoughts and feelings and experience a women that has this person trauma in her past does live and deal with it when she HAS NO HELP. This film should SPEAK to people that have ANY REAL similar experiences that which are depicted from Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe's perspective in this film. People are just to busy getting angry over what they see as anti abortion or exploiting her trauma. Instead try to put yourselves IN HER SHOES of these things and at THAT TIME in the 50s without mental health professionals to help and thank and understand how it would be for HER. Stop using it as your soeaking point for YOUR issues and OPINIONS about what's is happening in the world TODAY and look at it as a extremely real depiction of a women in extreme grief and sadness and struggling with her understanding of herself during a time that the shocking and upsetting points shown in the film were once a standard and ACCEPTED way of life. If anything this film shows the TRUE brutally and hardshios of women in the entertainment industry during those do called "golden age" of Hollywood. This film is great and sooke to me and moved me and I felt understood and like finally it showed an actual and REAL way of how it truly feels to seal with trauma and menatal illness ALONE amd WITHOUT help and how it can snowball when taken advantage of by those that DO RECOGNIZE the women in distress but INSTEAD OF HELPING HER THEY exploit her and further traumatized her. Its a great film and all these negative "critic" reviews are frim thise that CLEARLY have NO WAY to UNDERSTAND what that women in the film was living with. It was again NOT a Biopic. It was a work of FICTION and baised in a FICTIONALIZED book about her life. Yet if ANY of thise trauma did actually happen to Miss Monroe she likely DID deal with very similar ways.

  52. Honestly i think the movie is a gem, but is really really really really hard to swallow, as it fuses pure cinematography art with personal drama and that is the point of failure. We shouldn't put personal drama in a pictoresque way like that, in my opinion that is quite disrespectful.

  53. it's actually worth watching, at least for the acting and cinematography, even though it's very dark, disturbing and depressing

  54. Almost like there’s many different individual aspects that make up a film and people can acknowledge and appreciate those while still being okay with not liking said film overall.

  55. I watched it tonight and I am so so angry. This was a disrespectful garbage. If Hollywood has some decency, nobody should give this man another project. Unnecessary abortion, fetus scenes, unnecessary sexual abuse scenes, unnecessary naked scenes, unnecessary use of “daddy” over and over again. There is a reason this woman was loved, adored and became an icon. She possibly had her demons but that was not the only thing about her. I promised myself I will watch her movies and documentaries to honor her after this piece of garbage.

  56. "Unnecessary abortion, fetus scenes, unnecessary sexual abuse scenes, unnecessary naked scenes, unnecessary use of “daddy” over and over again."

  57. You would have to be the most sheltered person ever to think this. Go your whole life wearing blinders and watching only what is spoon fed to you. You can discuss the quality all day but it’s not some crazy thing.

  58. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really liked the movie. It felt more like a horror movie than anything else.

  59. I’m about half way through and I’d say it’s on more of an indie film level as far as cinematography, pacing and tone/mood goes. Certainly not a ‘happy’ film but I think it’s doing a great job depicting a potential perspective on her life, the evils of Hollywood and how unhappy she truly was despite her fame.

  60. Maybe the movie is brutal because her life was brutal? Why does everyone want to see a rose colored version of history? Hollywood was FUCKED up back then, and they truly did use and abuse the shit out of not just Marilyn but all young beautiful stars. She was abused, ended up with a drug problem, and died young and ? mysteriously.

  61. I bet that they would rewatch blonde before they would watch entourage the movie. There's probably plenty of French New Wave films that would curl these folks' hair.

  62. I’d rather see something crazy and out-there like this than any generic superhero movie or what have you. Atleast this thing made me feel something. But I think that’s too much for a lot of viewers. It’s better to just ”consume” and forget.

  63. It's not even a true story. It's a factualization based on her life. The source material for this movie was just a rag mag in disguise.

  64. Has anyone considered that these kind of horrific experiences happen to people all the time…so it’s good that it’s horrifying it was intended to be horrifying. It IS horrifying. Let’s work towards a world where nobody has to suffer like this.

  65. It seems like people are upset that the movie depicts the bad things that happened to Monroe in a period where these things were more commonplace?

  66. Think about it. She-Hulk (burnette), the little mermaid (redhead), and now blonde are all receiving so much negative hate. I think some very petty men have far too much time on their hands and it's being overblown in the press

  67. "While Ana de Armas’ performance has received universal acclaim, the film itself has ignited outrage for its non-stop harassment, exploitation and traumatization of Monroe".

  68. At this point, Marilyn Monroe is a mythological figure and I see this movie as sort of like a Passion Play of her life. I found it to be dark, depressing, beautiful, but ultimately pretty boring.

  69. More women seem to fetishize Marilyn, and it’s been that way for some time. Having become a golden calf to all the women who see her as some protest to the modern waifish ideal figure, they’re clutching their pearls at anything that challenges their icon.

  70. It seems they were expecting an "empowering" theme park ride, Marilyn as a total girlboss, yass qweening her way through hollywood, twerking with megan the stallion.

  71. Haven’t seen the movie but this article makes me think people don’t understand how film works. A film isn’t inherently sexist or misogynist for showing sexist or misogynistic behavior. That would be like saying the film Hidden Figures or 12 Years A Slave is racist. Highlighting societal issues from an historical perspective is an appropriate form of storytelling. If you feel uncomfortable with the film then it’s probably doing it’s job. Are people expecting a film with MM dancing through fields of grain under rainbows while everyone just throws money and movie deals at her?

  72. So a movie is detestable because it told the naked truth? This is a biography, not a movie to hype teenagers to be whatever they want. Grow up netflix viewers or just get out of your bubbles...

  73. It’s a phenomenal movie. Been a while since a movie hit hard, not that CGI robot-superhero crap or the force-fed woke shit

  74. I thought this was an extremely well made movie based on the sets and costumes and cinematography alone. Armas was incredible.

  75. dont agree with, the women did have to sex their way up the ladder of sucess back then, MM was a sucessful entrepreneur women after all, she had her own production company.

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