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  1. I like the idea of having more of the Cenobites than in the original, but I agree with you. They’re way less interesting if they’re basically just going around murdering people like in a typical slasher. I like the notion that they have to be summoned and are basically like a punishment for people who choose to solve the puzzle.

  2. That's my favorite thing about the cenobites if you follow the novella, first two movies, and any of the 90s-era comics. The cenobites were more or less doing their jobs, clocking in whenever someone solved the box and clocking out as needed.

  3. This is one of my most anticipated releases of this year. I'm a massive fan of the Hellbound Heart Novella, and it has been so long since we've had a quality Hellraiser movie - more than 30+ years!

  4. The Night House FEELS like a Hellraiser movie without Pinhead. It's fantastic and he's the perfect choice for the franchise.

  5. Had no idea until this comment that The Night House was directed by the same guy that did The Ritual. The Ritual is top five horror of the last decade for me and The Night House really surprised me! Liked it a lot.

  6. I watched The Ritual on Netflix tonight and liked it a lot, I’m about to put The Night House on now (it’s streaming on HBO if anyones looking for it). If that’s at least as good as The Ritual, I’m gonna have really high hopes for this new Hellraiser, which the trailer already makes look pretty great.

  7. I really need to go back and re-read the Hellraiser comics from like 10ish years ago. It was set in the world of the original movie (kind of), and did a lot of lore building. I think at one part someone tried to make a new The Lament Configuration, it it took them to a different world

  8. I agree. That theme was my favorite part of the Hellraiser. They’re messing with forces they don’t understand in pursuit of extreme hedonism. It just doesn’t feel like Hell if you don’t have to be demented already to find your way there.

  9. Off to an encouraging start if only because it Looks like the first installment since No. 4 that had a budget of more than 7 bucks and a dream.

  10. I really enjoy all the labyrinth type stuff in Hellbound, always wished they explored it more. Few scenes in the trailer looked very similar, this could be good!

  11. I'm pretty sure the difference between the little girl (on the sequel I think) and the monkey on the comics is that there was no desire involved. In the trailer both dudes looked like they were in for something.

  12. Yeah, it doesn't scream "This will be the next great horror movie" to me, but considering the state of the franchise, I'm happy for it to have its shot.

  13. Looks great. Needs more horny but hopefully they’re saving the horny as a surprise and just keeping it out of the trailer.

  14. Game of Thrones showed the studios how twisted and thirsty society is, so I'm sure they'll lean into the kink element

  15. It feels like in horror, and Hellraiser in particular, there's a very fine line between genuinely disturbing and gory silliness that has to be walked with subtlety, and I can't tell where this is going to fall...

  16. This reeks of care and attention, I particularly like the new Box, and it's very weird but visually plausible manipulations. It looks like what it's meant to be; a magical machine.

  17. Im intrigued. The director made The Ritual and The Night House which I both really enjoyed so I will look forward to giving it a chance.

  18. Wow this is quite the pedigree as far as I'm concerned. I thought the Ritual was great and Night House is one of the best horror movies I've seen in years.

  19. Hopefully it's just an issue with the trailer and not the movie itself, but this didn't look horny enough. Hellraiser is supposed to be BDSM taken to the extreme and it looks like it's leaning more on the torture than the sex.

  20. All those clips look like they were from one or two sequences, the mook at the beginning getting tricked into opening the box, and the girl meeting the Cenobites for the first time. We have no idea how that girl meets them, and it's likely because of the horny degenerate rich guy. I bet anything that there is a whole bunch of horny waiting in between those two scenes.

  21. I mean in the original, the only horniness came from Frank and his sordid relationship with Julia, the Cenobites themselves didn't do anything particularly horny.

  22. I really like her voice. I hope she vacillates between comforting and horrifying the way Bradley did.

  23. Could be a different box. The book states, and Hellraiser 2 visually confirms, that there are at least a handful of different puzzle boxes out there.

  24. They have shown it to be in multiple modes before, such as a knife in Hellbound, but the idea of six specific configurations might be new (in the books though the configuration could be disassembled and reassembled, not just shift into different shapes)

  25. Bruckner did a great job with The Night House so not totally surprised by how fantastic this looks, but I’m impressed by the footage nonetheless. Love how fleshy the cenobites look.

  26. Honestly looks better than I could've imagined. I love how it's able to balance that tone of seduction and disgust that a Hellraiser movie should, and the new Pinhead is absolutely chilling.

  27. I'm cautiously excited. I am more concerned with whether or not the main human characters will be interesting enough during the expositional moments.

  28. I can't speak on Hellraiser as a series, as I've never watched any of them (though I did collect the Tortured Souls action figure line from Clive Barker back in the early 00s) but this director has my attention. Both The Ritual and The Night House had some of the best jump scare/horror reveals in recent memory, none of them cheap, all of them well shot while adding to the story. So I'm excited to see this!

  29. This definitely looks like they put more care and effort into it than the last 8 or so sequels, at least. As someone with a framed original Hellraiser movie poster on my wall autographed by Doug Bradley, I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

  30. The man is so dang charismatic, was really pleased to spot him in this trailer. He's no George Clooney, but I really wish he had a bigger career after his ER run. The only thing I remember seeing him in is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  31. i have no clue about how this new movie fits in the cannon (if there is any at this point), but definitely see at least the first one, it's a classic.

  32. Doug Bradly is a legend and will be missed, but I'm glad to see they went with a female pinhead with a breathy sexy voice similar to the novella

  33. God I love reading the comments of people who have never come close to the source material goin on about how “HELLRAISER WOKE NOW???”

  34. I'm actually really impressed how it's as accurate to the "idea" of Pinhead as the '87 version but with a way different vibe. The voice in particular is great.

  35. The prosthetics on the Cenobites, all of the brands and cuts in their skins, look awesome but the CG chains at the end look goofy.

  36. I’m still going to try and keep calm, as I don’t like to get too invested before I see movies but I’m very excited that they nailed the voice. Doug Bradley’s voice was just so sinister and they have accomplished that.

  37. I wasn’t excited about this honestly because I love doug Bradley and he will always be pinhead obviously but this actually looks pretty damn solid and i got feeling she’s going to be great

  38. That actually doesn’t look bad. Seems like it could be a little spooky, even! And I like the new Pinhead voice, it’s intimidating.

  39. I'm not too excited. Many modern remakes obsess over the grandioseness of their iconic characters and forget to be scary. This trailer reeks of that to me.

  40. I liked Pinhead’s look when they give a teaser a few weeks ago- I was worried about the voice though. A lot different from the legend Doug Bradley, but I really like this new take on it 👍🏼

  41. They certainly got the look of the cenobites down perfectly - it takes care not to fumble a design shift away from an iconic look (though thankfully they nailed the more book accurate look).

  42. you like driving to the theater, having to deal with other people, spending a ton of money on snacks, not being able to pause to go to the bathroom, not having your own comfy couch to relax on?

  43. This looks better than I was expecting. Pinhead doesn't pack the punch they did in the original. Doesn't look threatening enough. I'll give it a shot though.

  44. Looks pretty good. Gross and creepy. But is it just me, or does the final shot look really cheap? Especially Pinhead's hand looks very weird, like bad greenscreen.

  45. Definitely not torture porn. But very gory and twisted, it has some scenes of torture, but it's not the main focus. Hellraiser is kind of in a genre of it's own. Stories about people with sick, psycho-sexual fantasies and desire to push human experience to the very edge, leads them to open a puzzle box and a portal to an s&m hell dimension and the demons that live there.

  46. This looks okay? Maybe? This trailer isn’t good though. Nothing seems to mesh together to create a plot. A 45 second teaser would have worked better.

  47. Not too impressed. The first shot of the box, panning over to reveal it's actually not a cube. Is that supposed to be a twist? Who cares if it's a different shape.

  48. Dude, for someone acting as the gatekeeper of what is/isn't good Hellraiser you are very uninformed about this films production. Unless you really want to judge that this is a bad Hellraiser film off of one trailer alone.

  49. Well, in the original novella, Pinhead is described as androgynous and having a feminine voice, so it’s closer to that than the original.

  50. Pinhead(and all the cenobites really) dint exactly have a sex. In fact I THINK Pinhead was more feminine in the book anyway

  51. just because a character is played by a woman doesn't make the character a woman, i feel like it doesn't take a mastermind to deduce that. pinhead has no gender. none of the cenobites really do. in the words on donnie darko, they don't even have reproductive organs.

  52. Really excited for this. I appreciate they aren't just trying to reshoot the movie with more current actors/theme. I just hope the Cenobytes are from consequence, not random acts.

  53. I just want to see more imaginings of Hell. I like Hellraiser Judgement. It was fun to see the little surgeon guy and the weird nurses.

  54. I liked Judgement, but the first quarter of the movie held up the rest of it. Then it just did what all the other straight to DVDs did and wrap another movie in a Hellraiser theme.

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