What is Best and Worst Movie Theater Experiences?

  1. Best was taking my Dad, who’s a huge Lord of the Rings fan from the 60s, to see Fellowship of the Ring, with our whole family… and ten seconds into the Prologue, looking over and seeing that he was completely into it, on the edge of his seat.. he gave it a standing ovation at the end.

  2. Best: Snakes on a Plane. Packed theater, opening weekend, and we all knew what we'd gotten ourselves into. It devolved into almost a call-and-response type situation by the end of it. People were yelling at characters on screen, the whole theater was laughing out loud, and everyone ROARED when Sam J said the big line. I've never had another movie experience like it. Truly memorable.

  3. Best - Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Midnight release, theater showed part 1 right before, was a very excited tween and saw it with friends. The theater was noisy but it was full of people reacting at the right times; nobody wanted to miss too much. And it was an awesome sequel.

  4. Best: Blade Runner 2049 - Had the entire theatre to myself. I was the only person in a massive screening and have never been so immersed in a film in my life.

  5. Best - was Top Gun 2 in the brand new landmark cinemas that opened near my house. So comfortable, clean and nice.

  6. Dude, Jackass is the best for me, too! There was so much energy and excitement before and during the movie. Guys doing dumb things in line waiting to get in and I've ever heard so constant of noise and chatter in response to what's going on on-screen in the theater.

  7. Best was probably seeing The Last Jedi on edibles, and giggling like idiots at how dumb it was. Worst was getting swung on by a single mom, because she brought a 5 year old to see 28 Weeks Later, and I asked her to either keep him quiet or take him out of the theater. Poor kid was freaking out, and having a full blown panic attack. Like, I don't care about your dumb kid, but don't ruin my movie experience because you can't afford a baby sitter.

  8. Well, one worst that stands out for me is the lady a few rows behind me that was taking duckface selfies with a flash during the movie.

  9. Most memorable: I’m not a Star Wars person, but when The Force Awakens came out, our office Christmas party was that all 20 of us got the afternoon off and went to a matinee together. There were two youngish guys not with our group sitting in front of me, and every time something that was a callback to the originals happened (like the reveal of the Millennium Falcon) they would grab each other and silently freak out. It was really sweet.

  10. Best: Cabin in the woods. I saw it with some classmates and friend of friends, which probably made it the largest group of people I’d seen a movie with. Just the whole set up and twist and turns, we were just all having such a fun time. I’ll never forget it.

  11. It's kind of ironic because I'd say seeing Infinity War for the first time was simultaneously the best and worst theater experience I've had. I saw it opening night and the hype and excitement was unreal. However, that same excitement led to sustained bursts of applause during every cool setpiece or character entrance and people screaming at the top of their lungs when characters got killed. If anybody's ever watched some of the opening night reactions on YouTube, my theater was 100% just like that 😭

  12. My favorite theater experience was seeing RRR with a super invested crowd!!! Everyone cheered at climactic moments and it was just magical, you could feel the energy in the room.

  13. Without a doubt, my worst movie theatre experience would have to be seeing Battle Los Angeles. Cinematography was so disorienting that my grandpa & I had to leave the room before our nausea was met w/ a disgusting outcome..

  14. Best - Breaking Dawn pt 2. We were a bunch of teenaged girls who knew exactly how this was supposed to play out, and then they throw a surprised action scene kicked off by the death of a beloved character. Sorry to all those who cheered when Cap picking up mjolnir, you’ve got nothing on teenage girls.

  15. Out of the past year, best was top gun. Older crowd, filled theatre and everyone was into it and reacting appropriately. Worst one was the latest spider man. Chatty kids run amok in the theatre. Actually my only two bad experiences in theatres lately were the last two spider man movies. It’s like cat nap for pre teens wanting to be noisy.

  16. I've been blessed with so many good ones, and few bad ones. I think the worst was seeing the second transformers. I like to be early to get good seats and wasn't huge on the movie to begin with, but then we got stick close up, craning our necks and having to turn our heads to follow the subtitles. Pretty sure I gave up and took a nap.

  17. Best: Top Gun Maverick and 1917 Worst: unfortunately the new Dune. I was so pumped to see it but they turned up the volume so much it was actually painful. Followed closely by Spider-Man NWH. So pumped again to see it only to be wrecked by a group of 5 obnoxious teenagers. Almost got into a fight.

  18. Worst was seeing the second Matrix movie in a theater (by the mall with a giant cowboy boot) in San Antonio. Where to begin. First off I noticed they had the exit doors chained. Second off beyond the usually obnoxious people talking a family with like four children, including an infant that cried and got changed right there, was sitting in front of me.

  19. Can’t think of a best, but there’s countless times where people have eaten obnoxiously loud and commented constantly to whoever they came in with. But by far the worst was Scream (2022). I live in Canada, and the film was rated 14A. (What most R rated movies get here) I booked a 10PM showing on a school night because I had the day after open, and to my surprise a group of 4, 14 at the oldest kids came in. They proceeded to speak through half the film, and constantly scream and moan “comedically” during any point of tension.

  20. Best ones for me were Children of Men, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and District 9. Children of Men was the 1st R rated movie I saw in theaters, it was so gritty and incredibly well made, I was just stunned by the end of it. The intensity of watching that in theaters was almost indescribable. The Broly movie was completely packed, which I wasn’t expecting, and we were all freaking out at all the cool scenes in the movie, it was one of those movies where the hyped crowd really added to the experience and made the fight scenes even more intense. Just a really fun time. And District 9 was one that I’d been looking forward to, the marketing campaign was great and I actually had almost no idea what the movie was going to be like aside from the fact that there were weird aliens that were stuck in the slums. Was surprised how much action there was and how fun the movie ended up being, the kills were gruesome and I really loved the characters by the end of the movie.

  21. Hannibal. Film melted at the beginning never got to see a film do that until that point movie was great gets to the end scene where Ray Liota is having dinner the 2 couples that were the only ones in there besides me one of the women got up puking I was already laughing and started laughing harder making her group laugh too.

  22. Best was Sylvain Chomet's L'illusionniste. Very few people in the theater,a beautiful night in general, went with a girl I was dating at the time, knowing nothing about the movie (other than the director, same guy who directed Les triplettes de Beleville). I ended up literally crying... one of the most beautiful and underrated films I've ever seen.

  23. In terms of pure excellence in an audio/visual experience, probably Dunkirk in 70mm IMAX on the lincoln center IMAX in NYC, which I believe is the second largest screen in the world, with the first being only a few feet larger. The sound system there is also incredible, the room is so big it feels like rock concert style dynamics and impact. It was a good time.

  24. Best: Top Gun Maverick or The Joker. Those both made me feel something after leaving the theater (inspired for TGM and mind numbed with The Joker).

  25. Best: The Avengers on May 4, 2012. The energy in that room is still something that has not been matched, okay I guess Infinity War and Endgame came close but thats it. I LOVED the reactions of Iron Man arriving in Germany, All the comedic moments, Hulk vs Thor, Coulson getting stabbed, the Avengers Assemble moment, and of course "Puny God". When Coulson got stabbed a lady shouted "Damn you Joss!!" I laughed, and the laughter by everyone when Hulk grabbed Loki was so loud I could not tell what Hulk said LOL.

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