Julia Roberts: We Didn't Appreciate the 1990s Rom-Com Boom Enough

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who was thinking about the way superhero movies have affected the market share of other genres outside of the obvious ones

  2. and court room dramas. I miss a good court room drama. Which Legal Eagle would tear apart easily in one of his videos.

  3. Superhero movies were played out 5 years ago. At this point, it’s just obnoxious. That being said, I love the Batman movies.

  4. While Sandra is over here doing The Lost City getting $20 million so it isn't about the market, it's just she's not putting stuff worth that much I guess?

  5. Its funny, I watched Notting Hill last night, and there's this scene where she completely predicts the trajectory of her actual career, as she plays a version of herself.

  6. I mean it's funny that someone at the center of the most successful genre of the 90's feels that the most successful genre of the 90's wasn't appreciated enough...

  7. Her "disappearance" from hollywood could be because she had plastic surgury that changed how she looked and didn't look like Meg Ryan from her earlier film roles.

  8. Meg was my 1st crush and always will be. I fell for her with "Addicted to love", "You've got mail". But "When Harry meets Sally" is the classic of romcom. Julia Roberts was fine but Meg Ryan is the icon of this genre, and the movie industry late 80s, early 90s. I miss the old days

  9. Meg Ryan fell victim to Hollywood ageism. She was absolutely everywhere during her twenties and thirties, and then after You've Got Mail she wasn't wanted as much anymore as she was now in her forties.

  10. That’s like Brett Michaels saying we didn’t appreciate the hairspray rock boom enough in the 80’s. No, Brett, we appreciated it just fine. Until it became a formulaic and stale parody of itself.

  11. And then gets pissy and hurt when authentic music like Nirvana knocks them off the charts. Like you’re really that surprised nobody wants something young and fresh that doesn’t smell like old AquaNet and eyeliner?

  12. The other problem is that for a couple of good and enjoyable rom-coms there are hundreds of generic boring copy cats.

  13. Given how many times my wife and I fall into watching one of these movies again I'd anecdotally agree.

  14. ‘Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts are getting a divorce. People close to the couple say the reason is because he’s Lyle Lovett and she’s Julia Roberts.’ - Norm MacDonald

  15. You butcherd it. "Julia Robers said yesterday that her marriage to LylenLovett has been over for some time. The key moment, she said, was when she realized she was Julia Roberts and she was married...to Lyle Lovett."

  16. I tried watching a new rom com on a plane called Marry Me... It was unwatchable, unredeemable. The writing and premise are so bad. I made it halfway and had to turn it off.

  17. I'm a middle aged man, and I actually miss the genre. They were just light-hearted films that made you feel good. When done well, they promoted great dialogue and acting. They were also so easy to re-watch, as they required very little investment from the viewers.

  18. I think you exactly hit the nail on the head with your assessment. There are most definitely classics like When Harry Met Sally that were super strong in the dialogue and acting skills department that will always be good but yeah it just became a formulaic money suck and they just went downhill.

  19. Julia was so popular. Younger people might not know how radiant and singularly dominating her celebrity was. People would wonder who the next Julia was and she never emerged. Entertainment weekly’s sales would go up by 40% when she was on the cover in the 90s. She’s the gold standard and she spent many years after Pretty Woman struggling to find a hit. And I think it’s agreed that her comeback movie My Best Friend’s Wedding is the peak of the 90s romcom, maybe even the greatest of all time. It has a 70s style downer ending, it’s a meta-critique of the genre itself. A protagonist in a romcom is a bit of a crazy person.

  20. I've noticed that a lot of things people complain about in romcoms were popularized in the 90s. Stopping someone from getting on a plane, only hearing an unflattering part of a love interest describing you, these weren't mainstays in romcoms at one time but with how people talk about the genre you'd think that's all there ever was.

  21. More like those techniques were used in a lot of successful rom-coms, then endlessly parroted by knock-offs to the point that the formulas because ubiquitous. They get used in some way, shape or form by any and all comedies, dramas, and action films and feel comfortable to a wide range of audiences. That being said, a lot of those techniques are not new to 90s rom-coms either, some go back to Shakespeare or earlier.

  22. What are you talking about? She was the biggest actress in the world and consistently racked in record-breaking pay cheques at the time. Couldn't go to a grocery store without her face plastered on every magazine for like half that decade. You were probably just born afterwards and don't remember but she was everywhere.

  23. I love watching the trailers for 90's rom coms. "Jimmy French is a BIG TIME BUSINESSMAN, who's unlucky at love." Reminds me of the South Park episode with "RoB sChNeIdEr Is A sTaPlEr"

  24. every time I see the trailer for that new movie she’s in with George Clooney I can’t help but think to myself “this is a movie my mom would rent on Redbox.”

  25. Julia Robert’s should look at her past box office success to see we did appreciate them. Also she wasn’t in every rom com and we got so many. Kate Hudson was in a shitload of them.

  26. Wtf?! Julia Roberts is feeling under appreciated for her feminist take on hookin’ and shoppin’? What was really under appreciated was the 70s’ dystopic flicks. Give me more earnest social commentaries like Escape from New York and The Warriors!!!

  27. They’re not dominating the streaming services and Julia Roberts wants another ten million dollars.

  28. The human equivalent of a "live laugh love" throw pillow is hoping pumpkin spice season comes early this year.

  29. Rom coms of that era were terrible for sexism and setting up terrible expectations and ideas of romance, sexuality and relationships. I like my pre code romcoms the best.

  30. She should make her own rom com where the plot is about how she looks EXACTLY like Julia Roberts. That’s a clever premise for a movie, right?

  31. LOL "even though I made a bajillion dollars off of this genre, I wasnt appreciated enough and you should have enjoyed me to the tune of TWO bajillion dollars"

  32. ITT: Everyone dick measuring about who can be the most hardened, literal film expert. Nothing gets by them god damnit. You hear me? Nothing.

  33. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is my personal favorite. My buddies and I still quote the hell out of it nearly 25 years later.

  34. I've gotten tired of all of the nihilistic violence in recent popular media, so I've been watching romcoms that my girlfriend loves and it's been a nice break from serious people whispering at each other.

  35. Eh, I'd say the reason they're not as "appreciated" is because you could find just about any type of problematic issue happening in every one of them.

  36. Uh, yes we did? It was called the 90s? Rom cons were popular and heavily discussed and loved? And then naturally time went on and other genres became big?

  37. I did. I watched a ton of them. So many classics from those years. I miss going to Blockbusters with my mom as a kid and borrow VHSes.

  38. Probably because rom-come are usually not too good. At least, not good enough to warrant long-standing praise and that many rewatches

  39. I hated her and her stupid movies. I like her in dramas but to me she's not charming it pretty enough for rom coms like day Meg Ryan.

  40. How can you have a proper rom-com when people can’t even say what a woman is anymore? We need to get back to using logic before comedies and romances can ever be great again.

  41. I literally have seen every movie from her and I absolutely have loved her since I was a little kid,she has always been my favorite actress. Gorgeous and funny.

  42. after i began dating a lot i completely lost interest in rom coms. so the demographics for it cant be that big. it's like early teens-late 20s at most.

  43. Multi-multi-millionaire actress thinks people didnt appreciate the movies that got her there "enough". Yawn.

  44. Julia Roberts is a bad tipper and smells like patchouli. Source: used to live in a small city she also lived in.

  45. I'm liking the new ones with unknown players but I keep going back to the 90s romcoms because they're comfortable and now that I'm an adult, I understand them a little better.

  46. As a kid to a single mother in the '90s, Julia Roberts needs to shut up lol, she got plenty of screen time in plenty of houses and theaters across the USA and the world 😂

  47. I feel like if you’re going to include Julia Roberts and not also put forth Meg Ryan…you don’t know rom-comes. Kate & Leopold is my guilty pleasure when I feel sick movie. That and You’ve Got Mail because it makes me laugh at how far we’ve come.

  48. Uhm I think people do too much! Our whole life and romantic relationship standards are based on the toxicity from the 90s Rom Com boom wtf

  49. Hallmark showed you could do the formula on a shoestring budget and still make money. You don’t need a big budget to do a movie of just people talking while walking or eating a pizza.

  50. Who is honestly writing shit like this? I'm 33 and everyone very much appreciated this era, which stretched well into the 2000s as well. These articles are so fucking stupid. Next you're gonna see some bullshit about how we took Wedding Crashers and that comedy era for granted when literally everyone I know still quotes those movies.

  51. I feel like the millions of dollars people made in a few weeks of playing pretend disputes this claim

  52. I didn't give a rat's ass about her insipid films back when they were new, and I care even less now than I did decades ago. The Simpsons covered the idiotic wave of Julia Roberts fever very aptly with

  53. TV has more than made up for the lack of movies. Almost too much good tv to keep up with. In the 90's their would be 2 good movies a month. Now i can watch 2 good hours of TV a night.

  54. I think your bank account appreciates it just fine, Jules. Also - On Cinema At The Cinema continues to appreciate the 90s romcom popcorn classics on the regular in their retro reviews.

  55. They were in our face every single week... most of them starring her. I don't know how she thinks we didn't 'appreciate it' enough but she's a dinosaur doubling down by trying to make the only thing she's ever known for a thing again.

  56. Where we go from here: realistically unattractive guy approaches dating with the same level of confidence and bravado as a 90s rom-com male lead, ends up going to jail and shunned by society after months of failures on Tinder and OK Cupid. Gen Z would love it since they adore shitting on everything 90s (don't even mention Friends around anyone younger than 30, it has a laughtrack and fat shaming).

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