Russell Crowe to Star as Detective With Alzheimer’s in Crime-Thriller ‘Sleeping City’

  1. I’m betting he is a retired detective that knows details of a cold case he was invested in. New murders start happening that resemble the old case and the current detective has to turn to him for details. But he’s probably not very helpful.

  2. Since they are saying what's up before anything I presume the movie isn't about a twist involving the condition

  3. I recently read a 40k short story about an Inquisitor doing this huge investigation, noir tropes and all, and at the end the twist was that he was experiencing a degenerative brain disease and hadn’t been an Inquisitor in years and was just acting on his last tangible memories. It was super sad.

  4. That plot line - an older detective losing his observational and deductive powers due to Alzheimer's - has already been done by the Swedish tv series Wallander.

  5. Wtf Ted was literally joking about a Memento style detective movie where he kept forgetting everything in last week's Triforcr podcast....

  6. Dad died of Alzheimer’s. Sucks. Not exited to see it again in the movies. Hope they don’t make a joke of it. It really sucks. 0/10. Do not recommend.

  7. Isn’t A Brilliant Mind kinda the same story? I mean he saw hallucinations but still dealing with mental illness.

  8. It's not Alzheimer's, something terrible just happened to him in the past and he's been using alcohol to cope- recently he pawned his sidearm and drove his vehicle into a river after trying to jump a canal.

  9. Hmmmm, I would think when it comes to people that you would want to stop working as soon as they started showing signs of Alzheimer's, those with the legal authority to carry guns and arrest others would be pretty high up on that list.

  10. How about a movie involving a detective that keeps forgetting all the info about the crimes he's investigating, brilliant

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