Official Discussion - Three Thousand Years of Longing [SPOILERS]

  1. Nope she just called him Djinn or my Djinn the entire time. Someone so invested in story, you think would ask and would try and humanize or form a relationship with him

  2. As I understood it, we were being shown the film as she told it to others in a live reading of her narrative. For this reason, I thought the name of the Djinn was intentionally left off.

  3. wasn't there a thing in the movie where Salomon learns Sheeba's Djinn mother's name and gains power over her? maybe a Djinn is supposed to never reveal their name.

  4. My husband and I all the way home were thinking about things we'd wish for, and how the genie would grant those wishes.

  5. haha - such a good point - i was distracted by that for longer than i shouldve been while watching, like, 'hey, i have to WORK for this wish I'm asking??" that changes everything...!

  6. I was thinking about the genius girl the most afterward, I think he tale is extra tragic. Her last wish is that she wished that she forgot ever meeting him. Part of that would imply her forgetting the magic bottles that he created for her, so she won't know that she has all of the knowledge available to her in that room if she does whatever to "activate them".

  7. I was thinking that too. My wish would be to be a great musician. So he would just be my tutor and I still gotta practice nonstop >.>

  8. It's just a reminder that Djinn (and Fairies, who never technically lie) are, basically, lawyers of supernatural world. Expressing a wish or getting into contract with Djinn? You have to be extremely specific in describing your wish in details, perhaps putting it in full written form, instead of going for traditional "I wish" and suffering misinterpretation :D

  9. I think it's because the Djinn didn't actually know that stuff himself, so he couldn't just pop it into her head

  10. Anyone else think it was all her imagination? Similar to her story about her imaginary friend towards the beginning, a filling of a void within her, her greatest desire being to be desired. Like when she told the Djinn that Sheba went to Solomon according to all known texts and the Djinn saying no he went to her, it kinda strikes me as something her imagination would conjure. Then also her childhood imaginary friend being bound to this journal she’s writing making him real in her head, and her writing the Djinn’s story at the end. It also kinda explains the visions during the lecture where she tells her colleague sometimes her vivid imagination takes over, or something to that effect.

  11. So, for me, you can't read it as anything but three simultaneous possibilities. I saw it last night, I loved it, I've been thinking about it since I left the theater.

  12. So remember the white figure she sees in the audience at the conference? I’m 90% sure he was standing to Sheba’s left when Solomon was playing music to her.

  13. I think it’s imaginary. There are many things from her real life that are recycled into the djinns stories

  14. I loved the first 75% of the film, but something happened toward the end and it just felt strange and rushed.

  15. Exactly what I thought. I wrote this somewhere else but how I described the "stories" told by the Djinn were like magic. Very well made and told. However when she travels home that magic is gone.

  16. I thought the movie was fantastic when we were just listening to the djinn tell his stories, and getting swept along with the characters and their troubles. It had the rhythm and feel of a lush set of fables or bedtime stories, which felt appropriate for the context.

  17. Yes! I’m relieved to see this is a popular opinion on here. My partner and I agreed that we loved the movie up until Tilda’s character made her wish, and then everything from that point was much weaker. I would’ve rather just had another 30 minutes of a Djinn story and the movie end in the hotel room

  18. I love fantasy novels, so this movie was right down my alley. I enjoyed the stories the djinn shared. However, did not particularly enjoy the ending. It felt a bit cheap? Like, since when did the main character evolve into a person who craved love? The second part of the film could have been so exciting or at least more poignant if it was at least consistent to the MC and the themes of the movie which there was plenty of them to choose from.

  19. I think there's a fairly decent explanation to "when fid thr main character evolve into a person who craved love?". I feel like it was fairly well established that she lived by stories, she FELT through stories. So listening to this master storyteller, weave these beautiful tapes of love and loss, she wanted thar. The stories and their power, are what influenced her decision for that wish.

  20. During the story of Sheba, they were careful to zoom in and show the moment Sheba falls for Solomon, when she swallows hard. This happens to Tilda Swinton's character at the halfway point of the movie, they zoom in so much her throat fills the screen and Tilda gulps.

  21. See, I thought it may be all in her head but felt like Djinn kicking the soccer ball to those kids at the end, kind of “confirmed” that he was real and it was all real. Obviously it’s up to interpretation in the end but that is the implication I got from Miller

  22. I do feel like their lack of chemistry was somewhat intentional, particularly on the Djinn's end, since he never really seemed happy in London and that was kind of playing into how she trapped him. But I never really bought that she was in love with him either, and then the finale kind of indicates we were supposed to buy the relationship between them the whole time, so I'm not really sure where it lands.

  23. Well they are playing a non-human Djinn with complex history and a loner human who is more interested in stories and emotionally mute. Why would there be chemistry between them? Their awkwardness compliment the story and differences between them.

  24. Really felt like a definitive COVID movie. Almost the entire movie is just two people in a hotel room. Every other scene felt so limited.

  25. Also why did the girl who wished for knowledge read the books and shake her leg like Tilda? Also in pretty sure the red thread Solomon's and found was the string for her basement light. What's up with that?

  26. I felt like that with the airport scene lol I was like “wait so she doesn’t have to wear a mask but everyone else does?” As much as I go to the movies I can tell now which movies were made with strict covid rules now . I always say “that was a very covid safe movie”

  27. I don't know if that white pale scary fellow was a djinn, or maybe he was some kind of spirit? Same as the unsettling man at the start. My dad and I were theorising in the car last night, maybe they were spirits who knew the Djinn was trapped and hoped she would be the right soul to help him??

  28. Is it dumb to think the head TSA guy was a throw back to one of the princes in the stories ? Idk he just looked familiar to me

  29. I really, really liked it. If it was about 10-15 minutes shorter and paced a bit better (especially toward the end) I would feel comfortable saying I loved it. Regardless, these are exactly the types of movies that I hope keep getting made. Interesting stories that actually have something to say, rather than cookie-cutter blockbusters. I love those too, but mid-budget stuff from auteurs like this was is true cinema.

  30. I’ve watched some interviews and Swinton has said that the movie does have some inspiration from the pandemic. Our stories stopping as we isolated and how that made many of us figure out who we are outside of our stories. That made me suspect the masks were intentional

  31. It started so strong. I have no idea what happened but once they got to London it just fell apart. I feel like the edited chunks out or just didn’t film 20 minutes of the movie.

  32. It all fell apart for me when Alithea went from mega suspicious of the Djinn to asking for his undying love within the span of 15 minutes.. felt really out of the blue and sort of sidelined what made this movie fun.

  33. This year's Last Night in Soho for me, all the pieces were there and starts real strong... And then goes in an odd unsatisfying direction. Pacing was weird too, especially once they transition to London

  34. I wouldn't say it fell apart, but I definitely feel like it overemphasized the stories compared to the relationship. I think they could have intertwined those elements better

  35. I liked that detail, it suited her character as being a little absent-minded and obsessive. Her fixation on the bottle was more important to her in that moment than considering the unhygienic-ness of cleaning it with her toothbrush.

  36. I’m sorry but does turkey not have signals? Is there no tv? Internet? Satellite dishes? Why is it suddenly too much in London??

  37. That bothered me too. Istanbul is a bigger city than London! The only thing I can think is maybe it was about longevity, not location, and if they had stayed in Turkey it would've started impacting him as well.

  38. Classic colonialist mindset. "Turkey (and istanbul) = old, underdeveloped and just third world in general" when in reality, istanbul is a modern city of millions.

  39. I loved it. I think it's going to find an audience with time. Possibly the most experimental thing Miller's done so far, and it isn't for everyone - but you can feel the passion for storytelling in every frame, and the fact that this is a film by a keen Narratologist in his own right. It's use of mythological archetypes is incredibly well-researched, by the way.

  40. Love this. Yes, there is some mess with the plot toward the end, but it was already a fantastical tale from the start, and this movie did something that all others try to do: swept me away into the world. I was wholly involved in the Djinn’s plight, and Idris Elba’s delivery of every emotion was haunting.

  41. Found it visually stunning but ultimately disappointing. The Djinn's stories and everything up to Tilda Swinton's wish was great but then the film just grinds to a halt. The ending is dull and a complete tonal and thematic shift from the rest of the film.

  42. It was stupid! She was absolutely horrible to him & so selfish! Very disturbing for me to see that type of indifferent behavior displayed by her towards someone of Idris's skin tone, made me very uncomfy & took me out of the movie. You're telling me you just heard all these stories about how he's been used, had his heart broken, & was ultimately trapped by other women, & your first wish is to basically force him to love you?? Didn't help that Tilda & Idris had basically no romantic chemistry whatsoever, they played better on screen as platonic friends who respected each other's backgrounds, it's shocking to me that both the casting director & the film director overlooked this.

  43. She comes to a moment of realization of basically this which is what leads to her next wish...that he should go where he is meant to be. Voila big reveal is he is actually in love with her as well and stays there free of the electromagnetic problems. I thought it was sweet and he he seems happy at the end getting to visit her and do his thang

  44. Yeah, my main takeaway after watching this movie was that her wishes were lame. The movie definitely derailed after her first wish.

  45. She did try to make 3 simple, fool proof wishes after the first story but the djinn wouldn’t accept it.

  46. She's delusional! I think this would have been great as a sad story of rejection, you can have anything in the world and she could have companionship, or she can find love, or some bs to make her feel adequate towards getting replaced in her divorce. but no, she goes for the tortured ass man whos literally begging her to make her wishes so he can bounce. I don't know wtf she was thinking, but I laughed so hard when "I'm here to love you" came out and did not think they'd let that element play out so long.

  47. Thank you! That's exactly how I felt. That really was some slaver shit and I'm not surprised tbh that it's a book written by a white woman and adapted by a white man. There's a current of feteishization and colonialism through the whole thing.

  48. I enjoyed this movie, but it's not at all what I expected it to be. Based on the trailers, I thought it would go harder and embrace the adult fairy tale aspect. I figured it would end in some unexpected tragedy, as she had predicted regarding cautionary tales. I thought maybe he was some sort of trickster spirit and she might end up taking his place in the bottle. Or alternatively, maybe she had imagined the whole thing, similar to the boy she created as a child. In the end, it seemed a lot lighter than that, so it probably won't stick in my brain as long as I hoped. Idris Elba was fantastic though, and it's a lot better than most of the dreck that's come out this year.

  49. Really thought that little djinn from the airport was going to come back in some way. When Idris was having a meltdown in London I really thought the stress was going to cause him to turn into the airport djinn and reveal him as a trickster. But nope lol.

  50. Agreed - I wish I had avoided the trailers, they made it seem much different than it actually is. Still enjoyed it, but probably would have liked it more if I didn’t have any preconceived notions.

  51. I went in avoiding most trailers so I assumed it would be more fantastical then it ended up being, tilda going through a magical land with Idris as the guide, or that they were lovers lost in time.

  52. I was sooo disappointed that this movie didn't turn out to be an adult fairy tale, I love those kinds of movies because they're more realistic to the source material but they aren't made enough!

  53. Overall I agree, it was a beautiful film and the stories that were told and shown in Istanbul were great, but the London portion just dragged the film down a bit. Would watch again.

  54. Man I'd watch a whole movie about Murad and the old storyteller. That was the most compelling part of the whole film and it lasted like a minute.

  55. Seriously, it felt like the movie overemphasized romantic love, while never spending a moment focusing on platonic or familial love, even though platonic love would've worked way better as a dynamic between Alithea and Djinn. They literally bond over a shared love of stories.

  56. One thing I was confused about and this might be because I’m not familiar with actual history but the old storyteller was speaking Russian with Murad. Did Murad know Russian? I’m a native Russian speaker so I was a little taken aback when I heard him lol

  57. Very well put. I thought it was a beautiful film as well. One of those rare experiences where I left the theater feeling very touched by the experience

  58. I just watched it and i may process it a bit more. I think that i'm a bit unsatisfied by the lack of "love connection" but she said it, she forced this by her wish so it cannot be really here, he needs to have his freedom to love her, so it's when he can returns when he does have a choice that it is really of a meaning, a choice to connect to her.

  59. Yeah, this felt like a beautifully personal, concise story that was embedded in a world with a rich tapestry of history. Seeing people in this thread talk about how they feel like the movie needed to explain the specifics of how the Djinn worked or coming up with theories about it all being in her head feels like they're really missing the forest for the trees.

  60. Honestly I thought this was a pretty cool movie. Some pacing issues ended up undercutting the emotional resonance of their romance, but I had a pretty good time nontheless. Definitely one to watch on the big screen but maybe wait for a $5 Tuesday.

  61. Same, this movie could've been fantastic, but several "okay, NOW it's over" fades to black really killed it. I think it was about 10-15 minutes too long and it should have had just one definitive ending instead of a bunch of fake outs.

  62. I was sooo captivated by the story-telling in the hotel I never wanted them to leave. Then all of a sudden they bring me back to reality when she randomly asks him to love her. That was bizarre & I wish they never left for London :( still enjoyed the movie but wish it took a different turn

  63. The way I see it. She fell in love with her storytelling and not him. Hearing these grand tales of love, makes her realize THIS was her true desire(in spite of the fact that they all end in tragedy, it doesn't after because I'm her mind not all stories have happy endings) the entire time, to have her own story. So she makes one by trapping him. She now gets to live in her own story. Her truest desire.

  64. Yup wish he had one or two more stories and the movie ends with her saying my wish is cut to black 3 stories were great then wtf was the London part, rushed, one mention of him feeling weird with the signals then dead a few mins later.

  65. Yeah, some bits stand out negatively (Swinton's confession is a bit abrupt) and there's some pacing that could be improved. But I could watch Elba tell stories for days. Wonderful performances from the 2 leads, excellent voiceover from Elba, fantastic music and audio design (saw in an AMC dolby theatre and the little things like hearing his breathing just slightly before he approaches the neighbors is magnificent).

  66. I’ve seen quite a few comments about how flat the sound mixing was but I agree, in Dolby it was AMAZING. When the seat speakers kicked in for the bus ride right at the beginning I knew I was in for an audio treat

  67. I think she has to be a descendant of the woman from the final story. She has the same fidget, she can sense djin like the young sultan, she's infertile, she could hear the radio waves, and she's heavily attracted to stories. Everything lines up!

  68. I think the weird airport djinn might have called her to the bottle the same way Djinn called the Sultan's son to the stone? Idk why since he's never mentioned again, but the other djinn seemed too angry to be helpful.

  69. Enjoyed this movie overall, although more so for the mini stories (specifically the first 2 parts) rather than the overall Tilda/Idris story.

  70. I think I'm going to have to rewatch it cause I have no idea what I just saw lol Like, I felt the first half was setting up for something that never came and the ending was... confusing (?)

  71. About a mid 6/10. Strong lead actors, generally good visuals and an interesting modern version of a djinn story. Just too much strange pacing/lack of tying up some loose ends from the start of the movie for me. Being in that hotel room felt like it went on endlessly, even with the stories intermixed.

  72. " I wish there was a strong fat character along with the bumbling harpy we see whose butt cracks the stone when she slips."

  73. I loved this! It's definitely not for everyone, and the last 1/3 wasn't totally satisfactory for reasons other commenters have discussed, but I'm perfectly fine with that and already know this is one of those movies I will rewatch on rainy days. I absolutely loved the fantastical and occasionally disorienting visuals. And man, I could watch Tilda Swinton in absolutely anything - she's a perfect ground for such an unusual story.

  74. This is pretty much how I felt. I was excited for the movie a new George Miller movie! Yet I left feeling the movie was mediocre. I enjoyed the visuals and the acting but a movie about stories lacked just that...a solid story.

  75. Was pretty cool, I enjoyed the trippy visuals and I like the modern fairytale style approach. That said, I can't get over how unbelievably cliche the overarching plot is for such an otherwise original and weird film. How many times have we seen "This person thought they had it all, until they realized the one thing their life was missing... LOVE!"

  76. It is a little cliched in that aspect, yes. But I think the larger message of the movie is about the power of stories in general as a way for humanity to figure out their heart’s deepest desires. Stories answer what science cannot. That’s why I feel the movie keeps plugging in scientific/technological advancements every now and then.

  77. TY for being the first to ask. This is the only reason I am searching this thread. Hoping someone would post a recipe. And they did. I can't wait to make.

  78. I wanted more stories. Hotel room and London sucked. I love this director, and honestly I’m really upset at how bad this movie was compared to his others.

  79. Yeah once they left the hotel room and went back to London the whole movie slowed to a halt and I lost interest. The whole last act felt very out of place

  80. This movie has some problems but goddamn was I invested hard-core during his stories. And the use of magic throughout each one tickled something in me.

  81. Something that really bugged me, the Djinn says he can hear everyone in London and it seems to damage him and make it unliveable for him. But they spent at least 24 hours in Istanbul which is a city of 15m, most people have cell phones and its the major Eurasia airport hub?

  82. Yeah I know that made no sense to me too. It smacked of western racism viewing the east as being undeveloped. Istanbul is a major population hub.

  83. I wanted to like it. The concept has potential, the visuals in the story telling section are outstanding, but I found myself bored. The stories themselves don't have much narrative heft, since their characters don't speak, and the actions can't affect the ongoing story since it's already brought him here . The actual plot itself in the hotel room is undercooked, and didn't really go anywhere.

  84. This movie has so much going for it. Incredible leads in interesting roles, a great director doing something he wants to do, insane visuals and production. It's an honest shame the pacing pretty much kills it. And I hate to discount all the good work that went into this movie because of a few issues, but man this was just not as much fun to watch as it should have been.

  85. The trailer was for sure just a way to reel in the Fury Road crowd. Movie had no type of vibe that the trailer gave off.

  86. Easily 10-15 min could have been shaved off at the beginning to make the end more cohesive. Per interviews Elba’s stories were filmed first and you can tell the effort into those seemed more than the bits with Swinton.

  87. I couldn't help thinking of a manga/anime called Oh! My Goddess, in which a college student accidentally summons a goddess who grants him one wish. Naturally, he wishes for her to be his girlfriend. She races for his kart team, among other things. It's cute.

  88. Iblis. Like Satan in Islam. The djinn also mentions that he’s a Godfearing person. In this story, djinn are kind of like a class of supernatural being above humans but aren’t necessarily demons and God and devils exist.

  89. This was not a perfect film — far from it — but it was a hell of a good time in the cinema. Tilda did her thing as one of the most reliable actors of our lifetime, Miller’s style was relentlessly fun, and, damn, Idis Elba was just fantastic. Not sure when or why I will revisit this one but don’t regret it in the least. And let it serve as one (of many more than people credit) of those prime examples of some originality in film that should be recognized as such.

  90. I feel like I watched a different film from everyone else, I loved the romance angle with Tilda and Idris. Idris floored me with his performance and Tilda was great as always. I loved the take on the genie/djinn and how it had some “tangibility” and was set in reality. I see a lot of people found the film to be “meh” but in all honesty I thought this movie was even better than Fury Road. Actually am eager to see this again, will most likely end up buying this one. Made me feel something I haven’t felt in a movie in years

  91. Come on, you can't compare this movie to Fury Road. It's like comparing Black Hawk Down to Matchstick Men. I really liked it but the pacing and fake-out endings kept it from being truly great.

  92. Man for a movie about stories it didn't really have a good one to tell. There was some pretty interesting visuals but I feel like they couldn't back it up that well with interesting stories. Definitely fell apart for me when she just admits her love and they go to London. I felt like it should have ended once the stories stopped but it tacked on another 20 minutes that didn't seem to go anywhere?

  93. Yeah once they leave the hotel the movie lost me. It went from her not trusting him to making the love wish really quickly. Idris Elba killed it though.

  94. I thought it was just a lessened version of the trailer to be honest. I got more excited watching that than I did the movie. The movie lacked excitement. I liked the story telling and the fun visuals but without the paired soundtrack it just wasn’t as good. I was disappointed, but it’s not bad.

  95. Although not great, I loved going to the movies and seeing something different and seeing something where I wasnt sure where it was going. Maybe not go where I hoped, but that was a fun and intriguing journey none the less.

  96. I enjoyed it although for me I supposed that isn't saying much isn't I like almost every movie I see but I also get the kind of meh rating too.

  97. I loved this movie. First, it was something different which was refreshing. The Djinn thing was incidental to the interesting ruminations on love and stories. Lastly, it was just plain fun to watch. I’m sad that so many others were lukewarm on it.

  98. I think I'm mostly gonna echo the common consensus, the first two thirds were pretty great, the final third didn't feel like it really knew where it was going.

  99. It feels so clear to me the entire story was in her mind. Her 'visions' at the start that she sometimes gets carried away with. Her admission of making up a boy in her youth. During the story, you recognise people from her real life (the spy lady was the British woman who met her at the airport, the 2 wives who didn't like the young bride were her elderly neighbors, and so on). The story was filling the void of her loneliness.

  100. I don't have a long writeup to say. I loved this movie. I think it made good use of visual effects to make a lengthy meditation about stories and their role through time. I enjoyed it a lot, felt like reading a novel, but I liked the themes and the inventiveness.

  101. Did anyone else cry a little at the end? I did and my boyfriend thought I was mental! ‘Why are you crying at an old lady trying to get the D from Idris?!’ It was that it was sad that in the end it kinda showed he wanted to be with her and didn’t have feelings for her just because of a wish.

  102. Dhd anyone ehde notice the similarities between her leg shaking while studying and the Djinn's fhrst true love when her leg likewise shakesvehike studying?

  103. The movie sucked plain and simple. Weird editing that didn't make sense. Unrelatable character in Swinton. Intro of spirit characters at the airport and speaking engagement with no purpose. Swinton's sudden motivation turned on like a switch. So now you need something after getting turned on by the genies stories in the same day? The story took a long time to tell but you're still in the robe when you told him you didn't need anything to suddenly desiring something. Swinton's character's actions did not make sense. Probably she is imagining this for her book and everything was in her head. Worst movie I've seen this year. The only interesting parts were when the genie was telling his story and when it came back to Swinton, it sucked.

  104. Just saw it. In my mind, it's Donnie Darko all over again: a film with very interesting ideas but so many loose plot threads that people will make their own theories for years to come.

  105. Y’all are being too nice. There’s a reason this movie came out at the end of August. This movie absolutely fell flat, how does a movie with magic and wishes fail to inspire awe more than once? The exception being the music scene with the crazy instrument.

  106. Absolutely loved it. Everything, the visuals, the storytelling, the sets. A beautiful, well crafted movie. Now, does anyone know why he wasn't set free by the woman inventor? She made three wishes. Was it because it was made while he was disappearing into the bottle?

  107. He was putting himself into the bottle to give her some space and a sense of control. She was supposed to let him out when she was ready, but she forgets him in that moment, likely forgetting how to release him too.

  108. I feel like too many comments here are simultaneously ignoring how awesome the cinematography is in this movie, the sound mixing is great, and also a ton of people blatantly misinterpreting the plot of the movie.

  109. The biggest joke was the ending. "3 Years Later." I thought we were about to get some type of twist or something. Idris just appears and they walk hand & hand into the fucking horizon. 😭😭😭 Give me a break.

  110. So disappointed with this movie. I was intrigued by the first half, and I enjoyed the Djinn’s series of stories (though some notes felt off to me). The instant Tilda used her wish to make him fall in love with her, I was like oh, okay. I guess this is what we’re doing now.

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