Hellraiser | Only on Hulu Oct 7

  1. There is a TV show in the works at HBO, with David Gordon Green and Michael Dougherty set to direct and write respectively. This was in the works before that.

  2. I remember being on some random video stream like 10 years ago where someone was playing all the Hellraiser movies. The chat made the bad movies so much fun! When

  3. During the first Hellraiser in like 87 or whenever it was I was tripping my ass off with another couple of 15 year old kids in the movie theater. One of the dudes had a retainer than he kept clicking like chatterer. Good times!

  4. Pleasant isn't it... We'll have to watch to see if we like it or not and learn all the parts. I wish more movies were as opaque.

  5. Cautiously hopeful and optimistic about this one. I'm a diehard Clive Barker fan and I'm excited this movie will adhere closely to The Hellbound Heart. Don't get me wrong, 87 Hellraiser is my favorite horror movie and Barker himself directed it, but it'll be nice to finally see his novella properly adapted.

  6. What can they change to make this closer to the novella? I recently read it for the first time and the only thing I can think of to change are the cenobites. I haven’t seen the original movie in awhile, but I thought it was pretty close to the novella already.

  7. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good. I watched a Hellraiser/Fly 2 double feature yesterday. Fly 2 has it in gore and violence, but Hellraiser is just demonic lol. They don’t make em’ like they used to.

  8. If they did a simillar job with what they did to Prey, this is going to be great. Hulu is stealthily climbing up the ranks as one of the best streaming platforms for original films and tv.

  9. They’ve gotten some really good low key indie films too, as well. Not originals, but definitely stuff I haven’t seen on Amazon or Netflix.

  10. Given that 20th Century Studios posted this, and they've only said it's a U.S Hulu exclusive, fingers crossed on an international Disney+ release like Prey. 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  11. I'm super excited for this one. Doug Bradley will always be Pinhead to me, but I love that they're finally trying something closer to the book and not trying to be Doug Bradley with a really shitty script or replacement that looks nothing like him Doug Bradley.

  12. as an explorers, in the further regions of experience. This kind of looks like a demon to me, but I could also see how it is an angel to others.

  13. Lol this is gonna blow like ever other movie these days. These kind of Movies are finished. Only cgi blockbusters that please everyone make any money.

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