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  1. Lee Pace being a veterinary tech instead of a war vet was by far the funniest part of the movie for me. Rachel Sennot’s delivery and the realization that everyone had just jumped to that conclusion after they iced him was so god damn funny

  2. I love the end scene of them more worried about reaching for the Phone then the actual Gun . Perfectly encapsulates the tone of the fear of being outed for your true self is scarier then facing death to them

  3. I like to watch those boat videos on YouTube with people taking boats through this choppy as fk inlet in Florida and I saw a girl fall overboard into hella dangerous water with a lot of current, no life preserver, speedboats going 30+mph through it, etc. Rescuer comes up to her on a jet ski, reaches out his hand, and she gives him her phone.

  4. I had this same thought. This movie was impressively clever and everything was very strategic but not so in-your-face obvious. I really enjoyed this one!

  5. Jordan playing her character from Industry basically lol no complaints tho she does it very well

  6. The whole sequence in the gym of Greg going from ‘haha were still playing the game, right?’ to full on self-defense mode was legitimately nerve wracking. I enjoyed this a lot, was just surprised how it managed some legitimate tension in addition to the humor. I also laughed multiple times which is pretty rare.

  7. That scene and the scenes of Bee walking through the house in the dark with only her phone and the sounds of the storm we're incredibly tense to me

  8. Favorite sequence of the movie. They were so convinced it was him that his legitimate self-defense was perceived as threatening to them.

  9. Exactly my thinking. It was either gonna be a Scream remake thing or it was gonna be a misunderstanding of events, which was more in line with the theme of the movie.

  10. David being outside didn’t mean the murder happened in the rain. Actually, I don’t think the murder did happen in the rain if I remember the video right.

  11. To be fair, it only rained when it was convenient. Best the end when it was quiet the rain had completely disappeared from the background.

  12. I mean that’s where the whole Max thing came in to play, we didn’t see him until the very end and so based on what happened “last night” it could’ve been him.

  13. I can’t stop thinking about the scene when Sophie tells Alice that Jordan secretly hates her podcast. Specifically the part when Jordan, moments after telling Alice that she loves it, physically cannot restrain herself from rolling her eyes at Alice describing the podcast as “hanging out with your smartest and funniest friend.” I died.

  14. I was actually pissed when Alice died. She was mesmerizing. The first person in history to have the character trait of playing both sides yet somehow make it endearing.

  15. I get that the final twist is that there were no real murders, only self-defense and accidental deaths… but I still think Sophie was full of shit and actually pushed Emma.

  16. I don't think Sophie pushed Emma. I think the whole movie is about people jumping to (dangerous) conclusions. Every one of the deaths was caused by drug-fueled delusions.

  17. Bee straight up killed an innocent man. She was the most guilty one of the group. And you can’t even say self-defense because Greg was the one trying to defend himself against a group of girls wanting to kill him.

  18. Next to Lee Pace's character (Greg) turning out to be a vet tech and not a military vet, and Pete Davidson's character dying because he's a dumbass, one of the best jokes for me has to be that Greg didn't have a paper map with the location of the house circled for nefarious reasons. Dude's in his 40's and probably just prefers figuring out how to get places with a map instead of using GPS, and these coked out 20-year-olds couldn't come to that conclusion.

  19. "You're upper middle class" is literally a "hard truth" I've had to pass on to my friends from my hometown that never left (and claim to be poor in their massive family homes).

  20. I was trying to understand the vibe of this movie but it all clicked once you see Jordan after she fell to the bottom of the stairs and points the gun up saying "Check. Her. Texts." and starts shooting.

  21. Yeah agreed. They think that they're being hunted and killed but really they're all just obsessed with the smaller concerns like who's lying vs who's being truthful.

  22. I think a big part of “check her texts” is that a lot of the movie is also about toxic relationships. Like literally before he dies David is unfairly accused of gaslighting but then completely lays into her with some incredibly hurtful shit.

  23. I had no idea who Rachel Sennott was but I still knew exactly who you were talking about. she was so fluffing good on her last scene

  24. Unfortunately a big sprawling house environment to play in with a bunch of people is hard to find. Then you’ve got the real challenge of keeping a bunch of 20 somethings drunk or drugged up with an extreme lack of attention motivated enough to focus on finishing a multi round game before they get distracted by something stupid and just quit without saying anything.

  25. The opening scene with the two leads kissing for about a minute straight got a family to get up and walk out. Funniest thing ever.

  26. I thought the kissing scene was going long, and then I remembered that A24 allowed Rooney Mara eating a pie to take up several minutes of screen time, so I was prepared for it to go longer than it did.

  27. That shit is wild to me. You see that it is a rated R movie, which from the trailers has people making out, and the rating itself includes sexual content, and you go anyway just to walk out? What the fuck were they expecting?

  28. “Check her text messages.” as your last words is one of the most depressing existential things I’ve seen on film in years.

  29. I truly thought the twist was going to be David and Lee-Pace pretending to fake David's death to get a Tik-Tok reaction from the girls. There's a shot or two where they cut to the vehicle and I thought this might come out as the twist where we see David has moved and hid.

  30. Lots of folks will discover Rachel Sennott this weekend. Well deserved. She’s also great in Shiva Baby, recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

  31. The first person in history to have the character trait of playing both sides yet somehow make it endearing. It takes a true star to be able to pull that off.

  32. Apparently people were annoyed/hated the ending/reveal but I thought it was perfect. The fact that male hubris gets Pete killed and it leads to already partially-unraveled threads between friends to become full-blown vindictive paranoia is hilarious but also weirdly believable. We hate all of these characters but it’s so fun to watch them run around and stumble through the darkness.

  33. Something I appreciate is how they were able to get good shots in the film despite next to no lighting for most of the movie. Added to the suspense, and wasn’t hard to make out what was happening.

  34. They did a neat trick with the girls using their phones flashlight but also having the phones screen lit up white to illuminate their face

  35. Definitely! The direction and camera work was top notch for a movie mostly lit by flashlights and glow in the dark necklaces.

  36. On top of all the other Gen Z thematic elements, I thought it was so on brand for so much of the lighting to be iPhone flashlights, lol.

  37. I appreciate that after The Suicide Squad they continue to cast Pete Davidson as "dumbass who gets himself killed".

  38. The big reveal that he was just a legit dumbass had the whole theater dying. It makes everything that happened even more hilarious.

  39. I assumed that max being a bit older excused himself from the drama and survived the night. Greg also excused himself even when Pete Davidson was being a dick. Idk, but I feel like that was some symbolism there

  40. I thought she was gonna be the Zendaya before Zendaya. Hopefully she gets more work. She was phenomenal in this movie.

  41. I fucking loved this movie. The twist of "the real killer was the friends we killed along the way" if not done right can be very unsatisfying, but they actually stuck the landing.

  42. I thought it was from her mom personally, because it was established that her mom texted her a bunch at the beginning of the film. But I think it was both.

  43. I think that is meant just to illustrate the shit hitting the fan and every text they sent asking for help finally went off. So they are about to have the cops called on them

  44. I interpreted it as showing their dependence on social interaction and technology. The glee on Bee's face when she has reception again is telling.

  45. I interpreted it as her being in such shock from processing that all that she went through was over a TikTok fuck up. She could barely speak, and the only thing she could get out was something relatively meaningless. Like how some people start focusing on small unimportant details like their shoelaces being untied because their brain can’t process whatever they just witnessed.

  46. The irony of Pete Davidson’s character hating the veterinarian guy but then dying by trying to imitate how he opened the bottle earlier..

  47. I knew from the first 5 seconds of the movie that something was off with Sophie when she had her eyes open during the makeout, straight up sociopath behavior

  48. Sophie was meant to have BPD right? I haven't seen anyone else mention it but the way every one talks about her and her behaviour (6 weeks for a relationship being good, falling off the face of the earth without saying anything, drug use, giving other people ptsd, eyes open kissing, love bombing but giving up on her when they accuse Bee) and the way she cheats on Bee with Jordan right before the film. And the fact that Bees mum has BPD. Was I reading too much into it?

  49. I will say this whole movie made me look at my own behavior, I've been a horrid boyfriend in my past, with lovebombing, getting into relationships for wrong reasons, and generally bad communication. I have ALOT to work on myself 0.0.

  50. For me what’s notable about that is despite Jordan’s orientation towards “facts”, she gets caught up much like the others do in her own interpretation on events. She’s quick to accuse others, and (in my opinion) far more driven by feelings than she’d like to admit.

  51. The community took an assumption and ran with it, eventually tearing each other apart as secrets came out, people were burned based on stereotypes, the fake surface level face put up for their circle was torn away, people were outwardly allies of each other but behind their backs trashed them (you have this sometimes real, but often performative "I'm an ally" thing you're expected to put forward in most areas of social media, but much of it's only there so the mob doesn't turn on you yourself). Then you have the mixture of people pretending to be concerned about others just to make it about them and insert their own attention-grabbing trauma card into the mix, instead of making persuasive counter-arguments they'd resort to trying to label others or use buzzwords to nullify actual arguments.

  52. Agreed. I think a lot of the humor came from how these ppl are all about social justice online but they’re miserable to each other in real life.

  53. This movie nails the fact that Gen Z has very much evolved to be more aware of social issues and mental health, and that’s largely a good thing. But at the same time, selfish and conceited people still exist, and they will 100% co-opt these phrases and ideas as a way to play the victim without actually doing the thinking and research to care about or even really know what they’re talking about. I’m a member of Gen Z myself, and I love that we’re more inclusive as a whole, but assholes still exist. I think this movie did a great job of showing how people can be ignorant and misuse causes without resorting to the old person “Kids are too whiney nowadays!” critique.

  54. This is a really great take. I love that they also played with friendships in this movie. The line of “the crushing weight of our shared history” stick out to me to. Recently ive let go of a friend of mine because i realized i didnt like them and the only reason we’ve stayed friends together is because of our shared past and friends group that we hangout in.

  55. They also made assumptions about Greg based on what they wanted to believe. They didn't even think "vet" could have another meaning and they ran with the one that allowed them to finger him as a killer, this group of self-proclaimed allies stereotyped a guy based on something he never even was. Basically every interaction where someone is fingered as the killer people are swayed by emotional appeal and eventually peer pressure to turn on that person.

  56. I found this really fresh and fun. I thought it worked effectively at being both a horror and a comedy. I wonder if this'll be able to find a very large audience tho, it seems directly aimed at the people it's satirizing. That's not to say the intended audience will be offended - I actually think they'll get a kick out of it - but I do think a shortcoming of the movie is a lack of depth across the board to the characters.

  57. Some people are disappointed in this movie, but if you look at it as a completely bonkers satire, it's pretty good. Also view it through Bee's eyes in that "these people are fucking nuts".

  58. I really loved that they never called him a vet. They said “he just came back from Afghanistan or something.” Because that’s what Jordan told them when she was gossiping I guess. Then Alice corrects Jordan specifically.

  59. The third act dragggged on, but they did such a good job nailing GenZ dialogue. It was way more fun than I expected.

  60. Interesting, I didn’t find that it dragged at all. It was pretty short and I found it to be paced really well, one of the shorter movies I’ve seen in theaters in a while

  61. It's pretty funny. Not doing anything revolutionary but Rachel Sennott made me laugh everytime she talked. Fun time, bet it's a fun date movie

  62. The scene between Sophie and Emma in the hallway was some intense stuff, Chase Sui Wonder needs to be the lead in her own horror movie. Her mannerisms would make Florence Pugh proud. It made me hope she’d be the villain of the whole thing.

  63. Wish they hadn’t shown us from the beginning that Bee didn’t kill David, would’ve liked feeling the same suspicions as the other girls throughout

  64. I think it works because she so clearly kills someone second so to have her be prime subject twice, would be too much, she would be the obvious killer to the extreme.when they kick her out we’re able to feel bad for her although she is psycho to me still.

  65. I thought this movie was going to be a “You’re Next situation” with Sophie bringing her innocent partner to a gathering where a massacre is bound to happen to make herself seem innocent. They also mentioned getting her trust back like it was supposed to be some huge motive.

  66. The best subverting of the slasher genre is that there was no slasher. The best joke is the final one. It was a series of deaths set into motion by the stupid act of a self-centered Gen Z jackass. Because the rest of them were also the same, in so many ways.

  67. It's such a classic premise, so simple: The true villain isn't ghosts, vampires, monsters, demons, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc... It's simply just the paranoia, fear, guilt, and delusion that can occur when multiple people are locked in a room together. It never gets old.

  68. I did enjoy it, but I also kept thinking the dialogue and mannerisms are going to make this such a time capsule movie in 10-20 years.

  69. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing... especially when it comes to horror movies, which thematically make statements about the social and cultural issues of the time when it was made more often than not.

  70. That's one of the best parts about. I love revisiting movies like Clueless that just scream the time period they are set in.

  71. I think it will be an overall good time capsule, except maybe the part of filming the tiktok. That's something a kid in 2035 will ask "Was that really a thing?"

  72. I enjoyed it, but I would’ve liked more Lee Pace. He was basically the only likable character (though I think that was by design) and he was clearly having fun in the part.

  73. Apparently he was added late to the script? You can feel it a bit, but I think they needed someone to be the “obvious” killer first so it would seem less ridiculous when the girls started turning on one another.

  74. It’s actually quite funny because as soon as they found the sword, I figured it out. I was like “of course that dumbass tried that trick”.

  75. I’m no lawyer, but I feel like Bee both being from a much less-rich family than Sophie and others and actually being directly responsible for killing two people puts her in deep, deep trouble. The wealthy families of all those killed are gonna want to get to the bottom of this.

  76. I thought for a second they were going to kill the guy at the end and pin the blame on him somehow but I'm glad the movie ended where it did

  77. I think it was the right choice making this a complete joke. All the characters are so selfish and idiotic that any attempt at genuine emotion would’ve rang hollow. But as a straight farce, it’s pretty good. I laughed consistently and the ridiculous slapstick and dialogue actually come off very natural. And the twist that

  78. Bee having trouble fitting into the group and telling Sophie that she lied to her about college and getting dropped off at the mall because she wanted Sophie to like her felt like genuine emotion to me tbh.

  79. Really fun Agatha Cristie style/ Among Us paranoid thriller/ horror. movie. A certain ending really locks in as the only satisfying way to end things, and then thats exactly what happens. All the actors play their archetypes very well, and a good movie about gen z panic/horror. Of the young cast, Rachel Sennot was the stand out, I pretty much laughed at/ the way she delivered every line. And Lee Pace was obviously great too.

  80. Basically Stan Twitter: The Movie. Rachel Sennott honestly gives one of my favorite performances of the year, it’s an instantly iconic and hilarious role. Everyone’s hot bisexual Film Twitter gf is gonna dress up as her for Halloween and I’m so here for it!

  81. I love how they’re constantly soaked with blood even tho the murders weren’t that bloody at all and not to mention they were in a downpour for a significant amount of time and all the blood did not wash off lol it just added to the ridiculousness of everything

  82. Yeah when they all came in the house after they found So and So, and they are all covered in blood and have it on their faces I was like 'WTF".

  83. Because upper body tattoos do not make sense for the character he was playing, which is an affluent rich kid who will likely get some nepotism office job or finance later on in life

  84. You don't have to digitally do that there's a very fancy make up most movies and shows use that cover tats completely

  85. I didn’t really vibe with the first couple of scenes of the film, however, it turned around for me exactly when Pete Davidson says “I just want… I think I look like I fuck, I want to out that vibe out there”.

  86. I thought it was very fun. It hit some really good critiques of Gen Z (saying this as a 24 year old) and didn't go overboard with it. I was really worried from the trailers it would be overdone and feel like some old person going "These damn kids." but the satire was paced well.

  87. The Gen Z vernacular used in this movie was absolute gold. There hasn’t really been a “And Then There Were None” type movie in a while so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  88. Honestly had a really good time with this. the ending was a good laugh (even though i was slightly suspicious the moment they killed lee pace), and rachel sennott was amazing. her delivery of "BPD IS ACTUALLY REALLY SERIOUS" killed meeee.

  89. Damn I feel like I need to see it again. I was too focused on the being right about the killer that it seems like I missed quite a bit of the jokes.

  90. I thought Sophie was the killer because she told Bee to go down the stairs, and right after we see Pete dying she went "I meant the other stairs." Then in the kitchen after Alice grabbed the meat cleaver she did a very loud exagerated "Oh my God." Then when they accused Greg she turned on a dime to being very aggressive toward him. Then she came down the stairs after Emma died.

  91. I adored this. I definitely think that the marketing will make a lot of viewers go into it with the wrong expectations and thus will lead them to be disappointed. But for me, the end product is exactly what I was hoping for from this movie. I genuinely think the TikTok reveal at the end is one of my favorite movie endings of all time; it perfectly encapsulates the gruesome but tongue-in-cheek tone of the whole movie.

  92. IIRC he slashed himself and then walked to the doors where Bee saw him, so the sword would have been a bit further back.

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