Official Discussion - Easter Sunday [SPOILERS]

  1. This movie had too much going on, unfortunately. It’s a bummer they strayed so far from the family dynamics with the stolen merchandise subplot. I think it had a good thing going with the father son angle, but it swerved too hard into a wanna be action comedy.

  2. It felt so choppy. The story, the dialogue, the jokes all felt like they tried to intentionally write something bad. Like I can't believe they storyboarded this and was like....Whoa that's pretty good.

  3. I'm disappointed no one said "hella" once. That can't be accurate if this happened in the Bay Area. Anyways that move was hella cringey.

  4. This movie used Tubi exclusive . The way it was acted just seemed like I was watching at home . I expected a 15 second ad to play mid way through

  5. Feels like it’s written as a TV sitcoms... which is interesting, given that at the end, they did turn his family dynamic into a TV sitcom

  6. The love interest is also a notable Broadway Star, not to mention has movie of her own. Eva Noblezada.

  7. She seemed older than a high school senior which through me off. Just from an emotional standpoint. Though could be biased from my immature sisters when they were growing up.

  8. I went into this blind just wanting to see a movie. I hadn't seen any trailers nor have I seen any of Jo Koy's stand-up or even knew who he was until I heard of this movie.

  9. caught it tonight, paid extra for the fathom “live showing” with special intro. kinda wish there was more to it than the intro, he just spoke for like 5 minutes and they started the movie 20 minutes later

  10. This movie was exactly as I expected. Mediocre at best. But you know what, I’m damn proud. This movie isn’t going to get great reviews or any awards or any big hype showings, but as a Filipino American, I’m so happy to see a mostly Filipino cast in a movie released in theaters all over. I wish there was more to showcase a little bit more of our culture, but I’ll take this win as I doubt there will ever be something like this again for us. Plus, look at most of the cast. All their IMDB credits are for background characters such as receptionists, nurses, nanny, maid, etc and now, because of their heritage, we can showcase their acting talents. The only thing I am disappointed in is how Jo made such a big deal about not selling out by doing an over the top accent, but some of the characters did in the movie. Kinda hypocritical, but I guess it was more to sell the story than make a joke.

  11. I’m Fil Am also and yeah some of the accents were cringe lol, but I get what he was going for. He’s said in interviews and standup that he doesn’t want the accent itself to be the joke but he wants his mom / relatives to be accurate. It would seem weird if his mom has the accent but the aunties and uncles didn’t, but maybe the actors probably either didn’t know how to do a “lighter” accent or were told to do it that way

  12. I liked it. I’m Filipino so I was gonna watch it anyway or else they’ll never make another big Filipino blockbuster

  13. The script didn't even feel like it was written by Filipinos. Part of me thinks they just took one of those ready made family-comedy scripts studios have sitting in their vaults and then asked Quora what some funny Filipino stereotypes were. There was a lot of cheap comedy and all too cringey crowdpleasing moments.

  14. Kind of ironic that Jo Koy was going to actually have a TV show that was sort of based on his family in real life, that ended up getting cancelled. That aside, I thought the movie was less than stellar. I found maybe 10% of the jokes funny, while the other 90% I was laughing at the movie. I respect Jo Koy for at least trying to get some Filipino representation on the big screen, but we can do so much better than this. 4/10 for me. I would have given it a 3, but I give it an extra point just because I had fun laughing at the movie with my Filipino friends.

  15. It's sad that this is the first wide release pure comedy we've gotten for a while and will get for the foreseeable future. I haven't seen it yet but based on the trailers it looked dreadful and the only thing it had going for it was Koy's popularity. Looks like that is pretty much exactly what it is.

  16. No kidding it looks dreadful. I feel really fortunate that I'm 31 and had countless comedy classics that were coming out around my high school/university years and how many had come before so I could still enjoy them.

  17. I couldn't wait to see this movie so I saw it in theater 8/4. It's only ok. 😏 I REALLY wanted to like it more bc I love Jo Koy (and feel there isn't enough diversity in lead roles) but I felt like I had seen the funniest jokes in the previews. It's a lot of "Josep" from the mom (who played the part of "mother guilt" well) and the food looked so good. The sub plot of "stolen merchandise" was ridiculous as was the "car chase". Jo Koy struggled to get his one liners into the dialog. Tiffany Haddish was good, as was Lou Diamond Phillips. I gave it a 6 out of 10. I'd prefer to just watch his stand up routine. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  18. It a fun watch but the story and acting is really lacking.... it’s not bad and definitely has lots of laughs.

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