Lady Gaga Confirms ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ Role Opposite Joaquin Phoenix in New Musical Teaser

  1. WB: Look…we are getting absolutely destroyed out there …can you PLEASE post this animation teaser for a 2 year out movie that we made an hour ago ????

  2. The movie will apparently mostly be set in the asylum so I’m interested in how they’ll approach this.

  3. It’s just One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest but with the Joker poorly green screened into the background.

  4. I would assume it’ll be similar to the DC Black Label book “Harleen” following Harley’s fall into insanity, but with some more focus on Joker.

  5. I’m betting he likes to listen to music. Gaga will be trying to help him with therapy and will “use music” to help him but end up becoming Harley by the end. I bet the music they sing will grow darker as the movie goes on. But I’m always super wrong on my guesses so who knows lol

  6. Well the story writes itself. We’ll be watching the seduction and gaslighting of one Dr. Harleen Quinzel. It’s a musical because this time around, she’s the unreliable narrator. Why would she be the narrator? Because it’s more a Harley movie than a Joker movie. All about how she has romanticized her relationship with the Joker, and we’ll only be seeing the best parts of their relationship for some time, this Bonnie and Clyde sort of fantasy. Then the “unreliable narrator twist” will kick in again once he’s free and she starts seeing glimpses of the reality of their relationship and how little he actually cared about her, but she’ll keep rejecting it anyway because the fantasy is always going to make her happier than reality after she helped break him out.

  7. My bet is that it is going to be in a similar vein to Von Trier’s ‘Dancer in the Dark’, basically an anti-musical, with the musical sequences being inside the characters heads.

  8. I would definitely be all for this idea, hopefully will be slightly less miserable than watching Dancer in the Dark though lol. Incredible film but probably the most depressed I’ve ever felt from a movie when the credits rolled.

  9. The director has already been quoted saying something along the lines of when you think of the muscial aspect “think of the rape scene with alex in A Clockwork Orange”, and that there is going to be a musical rape scene in this film as well I believe.

  10. Dancer in the Dark, despite it being pretty great IMHO, is the one movie that I couldn't wait to never see again. I don't even remember the specifics anymore, just that how crushingly depressing it was.

  11. My prediction is that we will learn at the end of the film that Gaga's character doesn't even exist.

  12. My high school marching band did a halftime show based on Dancer in the Dark. It was weird. Just replying because this is the first mention of that movie I've come across since then.

  13. Todd Philips actually hinted at this during an interview for the first movie. He said his version of Joker has a strong internal connection and feeling towards music, which explains the scenes of him dancing so much. This is the extension where we will see his inner music and the orchestra of his mind

  14. 🎶Joker be a Joker Tonight! Joker be a Joker Tonight! Do it for Batman, Harley and the Riddler! And all the other villains 🎶

  15. Lady Gaga’s Joker 2 press release: There can be a hundred people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but all it takes is one and we live in a society.

  16. I absolutely love that they took this edgy superhero movie and made the sequel a lady Gaga musical... what a choice. The crowds on opening night are going to be hilarious.

  17. After A Star Is Born and House of Gucci, I couldn't help but think Lady Gaga's acting career is just scooping up roles that would have gone to Brittany Murphy. This seals it.

  18. Who would’ve guessed the Martin Scorsese film Todd Phillips would rip off with JOKER 2 would be NEW YORK, NEW YORK?

  19. Well I hear Jared Leto is playing the tattoo gun so I hope you’re ready for the scene. 25 minutes, no cuts, full penetration on screen.

  20. Isn’t Gaga from New York? I really hope Gaga sticks with the “Brooklyn” accent that Harley uses in the 90s cartoon. I just wanna hear her say “Puddin” or “Mr. Jay” just once.

  21. I really hope they don't do this like Rambo... it was about a war vet's PTSD and society turning a blind eye to him. Then it turned into a generic action franchise afterwards.

  22. I love that Gaga gets to play to her strengths here, she has an incredible voice. It’s silly because she’s first and foremost a musician, but people forget what a talented vocalist she is. It definitely sounds way more interesting than the first Joker.

  23. That's how I feel. Everyone seems genuinely excited that it's a musical and I'm like "that's the worse idea ever". I hope everyone likes it but isn't my cup of tea.

  24. No, but who knows. Maybe it will be presented in an interesting way. I’m trying to keep an open mind anyway.

  25. I am OUT on this shit. Nothing against musicals, but for me personally I immediately get taken out of my place on enjoyment. Seen so many and it hasn't once been something I've enjoyed, no matter how well done it is. I can handle 3 5min musical scenes, but that will be my absolute limit lol. If it's being well received then I'll check it out but I have no interest

  26. Frenchie and Kimiko had several musical numbers in this season of the Boys and it actually worked pretty well. IMO this could be good.

  27. I didn’t initially want a Joker sequel, but I’m ngl a Joker musical with Gaga playing Harley has caught my attention lol.

  28. I’m excited for this but it’s soooo transparent that WB is trying to cover their bad press over the last few days

  29. God I hate musicals. I've literally never heard someone start singing in a movie and gone "Oh cool, cant wait to hear this!"

  30. Joker was already dancing lots throughout the first film and singing at the end of it, so it might be more like that.

  31. Seriously. I loved the first Joker movie but I can't stand musicals. I have tried to watch a bunch of them and didn't like any. I got roped into Sweeny Todd by my gf and noped out about 30 minutes in. I would be bummed if the Joker sequel is a musical.

  32. Can't wait to hear her do an interview where she brags about studying day and night to perfect a Brooklyn accent and then completely overdo it in every scene

  33. Same. Gaga in house of guci was fucking abysmal. She clearly knows someone to still be getting cast. She's a terrible actress.

  34. Joker was a great one-off movie. A sequel of any kind was a dumb idea, but making it a musical is beyond idiotic.

  35. I think if you make a one off movie that's not really designed for a follow up I think the best potential way to do a sequel is to really be creative and take chances IMO

  36. But Joker WAS a great one-off movie! So we MILK IT! We MILK IT HARD! Until it stops making those execs money. Then it's on to milk whatever else is doing well.

  37. I hope they all start singing Dancing Queen on a boat and all point in unison. Truely gonna be a cinematic masterpiece

  38. You know, I thought the first one was interesting, and a cool experiment, but it's not exactly a world I want to revisit.

  39. So the sequel of the joker is going to be a musical? Dang it… I don’t want to see a musical 😞

  40. I enjoyed how dark the first movie was , Not looking forward to joking 2 if it’s going to be a musical.

  41. Gotta hand it to Phillips/WB: They figured out just about the only way to get my ass in the theater to see the sequel to a film that I hated.

  42. Would kill for the next Batman film to have Joaquin in it as joker but it looks like they already have the guy lined up (at the end of the recent Batman film). Most people online seem to think he will do well though!

  43. I said ‘Gaga take my hand,’ because soon you’re gonna be a JOKER TOO, we’ll make the number one film in the USA!

  44. Where are they going with this universe? Why are we continuing to delve into the psyche of an iconic villain when it's not leading up to anything that remotely resembles the comics.

  45. I don’t think it’s supposed to lead to anything. Just a story of a mentally deranged man trying to make it in a messed up world, living in his own world.

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