‘Batgirl’ Film Axed By Warner Bros., Won’t Be Released on Any Platform (Confirmed)

  1. A minute after this story posted got a call from a rival studio exec who was floored by move. "Worked in this town for three decades and this is some unprecedented shit right here."

  2. This guy who’s in charge has all but admitted he plans on running WB into the ground to make money in the short term.

  3. This is all the more frustrating when I think about how Marvel has branched out its cinematic universe into mini series on a streaming platform.

  4. I have an idea on building a big business, why don't we just skip the stage of building good will, customer base and brand loyalty. And the part of the business that does have all that, lets burn it to the ground and start from scratch.

  5. Just thinking the same thing. Expect other high profile directors to declare they're no longer working with WB. Even though Denis' has had a successful relationship for the most part, I bet he moves on after DUNE 2.

  6. I grew up on the Justice League cartoon and all I ever wanted was a halfway decent shared universe. Every decision WB has made outside of a handful of movies have been awful. At this point throw it all out and start new with Pattinson.

  7. So they don’t want Direct-to-Video Batman or Scooby Doo movies, despite the fact that historically, people love Direct-to-Video Batman and Scooby Doo movies.

  8. There's rumors that HBO max will be merged in to Discoveryplus. Not the other way around. When I started hearing that I thought it was completely ridiculous and now I'm wondering if it ends up being true. It would be so fucking dumb I'm starting to believe it.

  9. Close Enough was cancelled? Fuck me I have been waiting for season 3 to drop on Netflix for a while now. Love that show.

  10. The Joe Pera thing stings. His voice and whole persona is remarkably calming while being incredibly funny. It's also hilarious to see all these big productions on this list and then him sitting in the middle of it. Just smiling, waving, and saying something encouraging. It's a warm apple night

  11. Filmed, had test acreenings, and probably almost finished considering it was supposed to come out within the next 4 months

  12. I remember finding the bootleg pilot of the Birds of Prey TV show online in the early 2000s, with Sherilyn Fenn (instead of Mia Sara) as the psychiatrist who would later be identified as Harley Quinn.

  13. I just refuse to believe a movie with JK Simmons, Michael Keaton, and Brendan Fucking Fraser is somehow worse than Morbius.

  14. Remember when Warner Brothers released the DC movie 'Steel' ? How on earth could this possibly be worse?

  15. Studio insiders insist the decision to axe “Batgirl” was not driven by the quality of the film or the commitment of the filmmakers, but by the desire for the studio’s slate of DC features to be at a blockbuster scale. “Batgirl” was budgeted to screen in homes on HBO Max, and not for a major global release in theaters. The budget for the project, which finished principal photography earlier this year and was in post-production, reached $90 million due in part to COVID-related delays and protocols.

  16. We can't cancel the flash movie, did you see how well Sonic 2 did in the cinema? Kids love fast stuff. Bats, nah I don't see it. Maybe if she was some kind of vampire I could maybe see it working.

  17. At this point I wouldn't be surprised, if WB is willing to yeet out $90 mil worth of film what's another $200 mil? Okay there's an obvious difference but you know what I mean.

  18. Because Batgirl only cost 90m and wasn't deemed a "blockbuster" whereas Flash cost 200m+ and is very much the definition of a blockbuster movie.

  19. I think this is a precursor to whatever axe they're taking to The Flash. It featured Michael Keaton's Batman instead of Ben Affleck because of some time/space hijinks that would happen in The Flash film. If they don't put out the flash film then Michael Keaton Batman and thus the entire setting of this movie makes no sense.

  20. If they can spend 80 million on the Snyder Cut, essentially just a "what if" type movie, they could spend 90 on this. Surely...

  21. Considering Affleck is now back in the DCEU in Aquaman 2, I wouldn’t be shocked if they scrap Flash altogether and ignore it existed. They can probably do a similar tax write off with it and collect on whatever insurance they can since the lead went insane.

  22. My guess is they are looking at a few million dollars of post-production left to bring it over the finish line, and do not think throwing it onto a streaming service will result in enough new subscribers to cover a few million.

  23. Warners had no say. The twats at AT&T made the deal after buying WB. Honestly thought Discovery couldn’t be worse than the guys the bright into head Warner Media. Boy was I wrong.

  24. Don’t worry, there’s a handful of other films who’ve used Glasgow as grimy backdrop. We’ll get our kicks still pal haha

  25. It is really sad seeing HBO Max go down the drain. It was my favorite streaming platform before this awful merger.

  26. Same. On the one hand—yeah it’s just a streaming platform, but on the other hand…it’s really upsetting seeing things that you enjoy and/or look forward to being gutted, cutback, slashed and cancelled day after day.

  27. From what I understand, Zaslav's the Discovery CEO, who got promoted to WB/Discovery CEO post-merger. From all I've heard, he's out of his depths and he wants to run Warner/HBO into the ground.

  28. This is legit insane. They already sunk $90M (probably more) into this production. Is it so bad they can’t even dump it on HBO Max or VOD to recoup their losses?

  29. 94 FF4 was made as cheap as possible to prevent the studio from losing the film rights. I don't believe it was ever intended to be released.

  30. It can't be worse than that Marky Mark reincarnation movie that Paramount (or Peacock) released last year (or this year?)

  31. This has a domino effect on how talent views a studio. WB was one of the most prestigious film studios to work for and now it's a reality shit-heap run by a talentless moneygrubber. These decisions don't happen in a vacuum.

  32. Christopher Nolan must be glad he isn’t working with them anymore. But what a load of bullshit, I feel awful for the cast and crew, they deserve to finish their work

  33. 100% this. After Disney dropped Black Widow onto Disney+ and got sued by Scarlett Johannsen, nearly all talent contracts now have built-in residual agreements to make sure they never get fucked the same way.

  34. WB owns Mad Max too. Everyone's favorite movie of the 2010s, and they couldn't capitalize on it because they fucked George Miller around on the rights.

  35. I genuinely cannot comprehend this. They spend four months filming a 90 million dollar movie for streaming, it features the return of Keaton's Batman, Simmons' Gordon and the big screen return of Brendan Fraser, its so good they bump it to theatrical, screenings have apparently gone well and...

  36. I’m also a little bummed for Brendan Fraser. I assume this was going to be a big deal for him and now it’s gone. He still got paid, but, his performance won’t be seen

  37. Cancelling it because its smaller in scale is so stupid. Joker was literally one of the cheapest DC movies and yet managed to become the third highest grossing DC film. The audience doesnt give a fuck about scale as long as you make a good movie.

  38. So they cancelled the movie after spending $90 million on it and it basically being finished because... they realized they wanted to spend more on it?

  39. "Some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."

  40. Warner's decision to no longer release the Batgirl movie, either in theaters or on streaming, sets a chilling precedent. Any director, producer or writer working for Warner/HBO Max must be scared right now.

  41. I really hope The Batman franchise is okay. There are at least two spin offs in the work with more planned and Penguin was set to start filming early next year.

  42. It they are smart they wouldn’t be scared, they should all be looking for the nearest exit and gtfo.

  43. This will certainly have repercussions about how talent views working Warner. If it can happen to Michael Keaton, it can happen to anyone

  44. HBO/HBOMax was the best service going and this guy seems to be trying his hardest to drive HBO/DC into the ground. I don't get it.

  45. Well this is the man responsible for turning Discovery, a once respected channel with educational content and high quality documentaries in to a dumping ground for the reality tv shows that TLC rejected.

  46. Gut and flip is the long term plan. They have $56 billion in debt and no longer have access to all that sweet AT&T check-book to bail them out.

  47. The phrase “penny wise but pound foolish” comes to mind. So many of these guys are just pump and dump chumps.

  48. Saw that they are basically focusing on unscripted entertainment (reality tv primarily as you discussed) instead of scripted shows and movies.

  49. Discovery is fucking delusional and stupid. They think the budget reality TV tripe that fueled Discovery Channel for the last 20 years is a guaranteed formula for success. They fail to realize that cheap af unscripted shows only work on cable. With streaming all that shit is already oversaturated by youtube and social media because turns out it's so cheap to make literally anyone with a camera can do it.

  50. Closest thing I can think of is Disney buying 30+ episodes of the George Lucas produced animated Star Wars show Detours and just not releasing any of it.

  51. Even if it’s bad, why not release it anyway? would make back a bit of the 90 mil and might reach cult ‘bad film’ status. It can’t be any worse than suicide squad lmao. This is a slap in the face to everyone who worked hard on and acted in the film.

  52. Could always act like you're going to can it, then the announcement acts as a lightning rod for fan support, and you release it to a much larger audience than you would've gotten initially for what is almost certainly a mediocre film.

  53. Same guy axed a tv show a few hours before it was due to air. Not only was it complete, it was already marketed.

  54. I supposed the actress portraying Batgirl punched several people, threatened other people while drunk, then kidnapped a minor and provide her with drugs, then sheltered a family in a property with guns and drugs, and ended up grooming one of the underage kids.

  55. Haha such a bizarre and unlikely series of events, happening sequentially over the course of a few weeks, would never happen! Even if something that strange did happen, the studios involved would surely cut ties with the person(s) involved and black ball them.

  56. Jesus, all the money they could have made if they just had competent people involved. Feige and Marvel must be chuckling away to themselves at the $25 Billion their movies have made. Warner haven't a fucking clue.

  57. What rumors are those? Everything I’ve seen there not changing the name of hbo max which was thought to happen post merger to something to include discovery in the name.

  58. For now. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if that gets canned soon as well. They might just start over completely with the DCEU going forward.

  59. what a shock. idk how they can be okay with $90M down the drain. makes me think about The Flash. makes canceling that film much more plausible

  60. I’m sorry but even if this was a bad movie, I see no reason why they can’t even release this on HBO Max for the simple fact that so many people involved in the project put in a lot of time and effort to get this movie made. This isn’t even a situation where shooting didn’t begin, it’s literally almost done with post production. Those involved in the project deserve to get their efforts recognize and I will never understand the rationale of this decision

  61. Wtf, what happened? At least stream it, Jesus fucking Christ, what a waste. Not a great sign for WB, especially with the Flash movie potentially getting the boot. Everyone’s still gotta get paid too, what a fucking shit show.

  62. How bad did the test screenings go? I’m sure worse movies have been made and released as intended. This is actually so wild. DC cannot catch a break.

  63. Wait, wait, lemme get this straight: The movie other people made for you... that you own OUTRIGHT... and ALREADY BLEW $90 FUCKING MILLION ON... is dead and will never release because YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT?!?!?

  64. Every decision made regarding the DCEU just gets increasingly more batshit, I swear it’s been an inside job to tank the whole film franchise from the very beginning.

  65. Someone, somewhere is keeping Ezra Miller docile until The Flash is released because cancelling two major projects within a year is disastrous for any studio, let alone one of the biggest in the world.

  66. I'm not so sure it really is safer. He clearly thinks he's a radical genius to bet everything on the "just make blockbusters!" strategy, but that's basically what DC has been trying versions of for 20 years and look where that's gotten them.

  67. Yeah HBO Max had so much going for it too.. It quickly became my favorite streaming service but the second Warner Bros. Discovery was established the Discovery leadership took a shit all over it. This is a massive escalation though.

  68. This does not give me hope for flash releasing on hbo max also going to be really shocked if we get a dc fandome this year

  69. I’m assuming The Flash is canned at this point, which is crazy considering it’s a 200 million dollar movie. I’m assuming they have insurance and can just use the disaster Ezra is to recoup some of the costs, not to mention they won’t have to market the film which would’ve been around another 100 million on-top of the budget. I mean nothing was shown at SDCC and they seem to just be pushing Black Adam and Shazam, along with holding back Aquaman because of the re-shoots.

  70. Soon it’ll just be 100 channels of Property Brothers and whatever claptrap they bought from Scripps because it’s cheap and junk food for the mind.

  71. zaslav wanted to a media mogul so badly that he over leveraged discovery to buy warner bros only to cut everything because of the debt. hiring alan horn can’t save this man from making idiotic decisions

  72. That poor actress must have been so psyched for having her big break and now it all comes crashing down.

  73. Its gotten so hard to be a DC fan movie wise. Apart from the Batman and Joker (which arent even DCEU) everything else has been a mess, some films have been okay but for me personally, I have no idea what DCs plan is universe wise. They seem to want to make a cinematic universe, but dont have a Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman comes and goes as he pleases it seems like, Ezra Miller is legit crazy and Cyborg is MIA. It is a fucking mess tbh.

  74. My crackpot theory? They’re positioning to yeet the Flash movie. Ben Affleck has now been seen on set of Aquaman. That movie was supposed to have Keaton by multiple reports. Now another movie that has Keaton is not coming. They might be trying to get rid of any signs of the Flash and then pull it.

  75. “There’s crazy stunts, crazy drops,” Grace said of the film. “She’s a biker chick, so you’re going to see her do a bunch of badassery… There were a lot of long days, but it was so worth it.”

  76. So I worked on this film, it was a tough job qnd I'm actually truly gutted I won't get to see it. I'd lovefor everyone to see it if it ever comes to light

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