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  1. Her not dying her hair really bothered me. Did she not do it because she wanted to still be famous or did she not do it because of her mental health state, getting death threats, maybe she thought she deserved to be found?

  2. Spoilers also: I was really glad that it ended this way too. They made it clear that she wouldn't get a redemption arc, and thankfully they stuck with that.

  3. Dylan O Brien has all the qualities to be an A list Star he should be getting pushed by Hollywood as much as Tom Holland and Timothee Chalamet

  4. I think he’s become more selective with his roles after the accident on the Maze Runner - he’s mentioned feeling pushed to do American Assassin when he wasn’t quite ready, then had to go back to finish the MR franchise. So it seems like he’s trying to pick films that interest him more.

  5. When I watched Teen Wolf years ago I always thought he was incredible and that he had to become a more well known actor someday

  6. Think he was in the running for Spider-Man and at the time I would have prefered him over the more unkown Tom Holland. Glad it didn't went his way, think O'Brien is going to have a far more interesting career because of it.

  7. I liked it. She is likable to watch but I think the end does a good job of reminding you of the damage she did.

  8. I agree that she was likeable ( though i think they made her more likeable and kinda tried to insert some genuine moments in the second part, cause her character was just excruciating to watch in the start, which I hated, but also loved and it felt right) and that's why I have a small problem with this movie. Maybe it's just my bias towards the actress cause I like her, but I definitely think they could and should've kept her as cringe and unlikable throughout the whole movie.

  9. I think the idea for this movie is better than the execution. The movie is predictable in alot of ways but what saves the movie is Rowan. Every scene involving her shows the contrast with Danni. Rowan is showing the effects that trauma have on someone(sometimes for life) while in those scenes Danni is happy and trying her hardest to manipulate her supposed friend further for her own gain. The one eye roll I had was when Harper catches Danni out by looking through her laptop. I seriously doubt anyone who is committed to that big of a lie is leaving her laptop around or at least having it password protected.

  10. I’m surprised Danni didn’t get herself a lawyer immediately and have that coworker arrested and fired. Maybe Rowan sees this all happening even hears the coworker’s wild accusations. Then Rowan starts asking Danni about those claims guilt tripping her into admitting the truth after they’ve built a sister like kinship. Rowan tells her off and tells Danni to never contact her again, the situation gives Rowan the inspiration and courage to give that speech at the end Danni has to watch over YouTube or in a disguise

  11. What I loved about that coworkers character, is that she represents so many of the performative activists/social media hall monitors these days. While their intentions are to try and “do good”, they actually don’t realize that they’re just as harmful as their counterparts they’re trying to “hold accountable”. Like going through your coworkers laptop is alone, a huge no no. In addition, we find out that the coworker clearly wants to expose this person not so much for the “greater good” but for her own personal agenda. Only, she ends up giving her a chance to expose herself which she probably didn’t expect was actually going to happen. Ultimately, she is not the social justice hero she thinks she is, as many people on social media as well

  12. That was a rough segment to watch. When Colin started to discuss her trauma and vulnerability while they had sex, it highlighted what his character represented. It made me think about the sex scandals we've seen with social media platforms over the last few years. You have this internet personality, who you think you know, turns out to be a creep when you're finally hanging with them 1 on 1.

  13. It was honestly the only reason I had to watch this film lol! As soon as I saw Rocco and Shawn posted on IG that they made a cameo in this movie, I initially didn’t believe it until I saw a few clips online featuring them. Overall, the movie was decent with a very poignant ending, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t grinned when the boyz dressed up as Todd and Aaron were on screen. I hope they discuss this on their podcast on how they got a role in this movie.

  14. This movie was way more serious than I thought it's going to be. I was expecting a comedy about social media and instagrammers (maybe with some stalking, depression and burn out on the side) but it took a completely different turn. And it's actually a great movie!

  15. I think it would have been more fun if it had been a comedy throughout. Although the final scene was amazing.

  16. the group therapy session with all the other cancelled celebrities at the end…were these supposed to be reminiscent of actual cancelled influencers? thinking jeffree starr, sofia franklyn, etc.? anyone else notice this?

  17. I was confused by that - surely she's just a millenial? - how can 9/11 a defining experience for "zillenials" when they were like 6 years old.

  18. This was definitely an interesting movie. Zoey Deutch just has so much charisma, that even when she plays an unlikable protagonist - there’s still something likable about her. I started off thinking this film wanted to highlight the issues that social media is having on mental health and our need for validation and popularity, and the lengths people will go to get it - but then it takes a turn. It felt at times as if this was two different movies. One, a satiric comedy about the depths people can sink for notoriety, the other, a powerful reflection on tragedy and trauma and how our nation is disconnected from it. And something just felt off about these two themes being combined in this bright quirky satiric package. Maybe it’s the tonal shifts between the bubbly protagonist played for laughs, and the PTSD survivor of a school shooting. It felt too close to home and so far away at the same time.

  19. I agree that it felt like Rowan was living in a different movie than Danni, but I think that was sort of the point. Rowan IS in a different movie, - one that tells a story of legitimate pain and trauma, whereas Danni is TRYING to be in that same movie and failing. I think it’s meant to be clear to us that Rowan’s shit is real and tragic and important, and Danni’s is…not. There’s definitely a theme of privilege here too - for Danni, it can be a quirky, satirical comedy where she has the luxury to put on this whole facade, but for Rowan, it’s anything but. I think the tonal shifts are jarring as fuck, but they’re what make this movie work so well!

  20. This movie was a diluter version of Ingrid Goes West. That movie by the end hit the “main character is psychotic narcissist” much bette than this!

  21. Your first paragraph summed up perfectly how I felt. Weird tonal shifts definitely took this movie down a point or two for me.

  22. Does that mean that both Todd and Aaron are both Disney characters? Is this is what Rocco dreamed of since he is a huge Disney fan?

  23. Ngl I think Dylan O'Brien's attractive and have enjoyed some of his previous roles like Love and Monsters, but my god his character here was the worst lol. Totally believable and he sold it (we've all met that kind of guy that seems like a parody of himself with zero self-awareness) but in a way, the audience is supposed to think they deserve each other.

  24. It definitely doesn’t do it better because these are two different issues involving social media, Ingrid doesn’t learn her lesson, she is the privilege white girl that Hulu makes about.

  25. The ending ALMOST saves this but it's honestly pretty dull. The director never really finds a tone to stick with, making it come off muddled and hamfisted.

  26. There's something about Zoey Deutch... I've been obsessed with her since I saw her in Vampire Academy. And that movie was trash.

  27. Flower was so bad 😭 it was a pretty decent 7/10 movie up until the last 20 or so minutes, when it destroys anything it wanted to say about mens sexual assault and ended with step sibling incest

  28. Cast was really great. It did take me out of it when the director was playing herself at the final support group, per the credits. Could have gone harder and deeper

  29. I didn't know who directed this movie or that it was a woman but when I saw a woman wearing a "THE FUTURE OF FILM IS FEMALE" and delivering a really preachy line of dialogue, not like an actress who auditioned but someone who just plugged herself in, I knew that I was looking at the director.

  30. Not the biggest fan of this. I think the movie struggles to walk the fine line and ends up make Danni too likable (she's still not mind you) which takes away from the end of the film. Familiar "liar revealed" territory that wants you to root against the hero, but then also throws in too many reasons to make the end result justifiable (she was about to be fired, she genuinely cares for others in her own way, etc.) Ingrid Goes West and Eighth Grade were far sharper, but this certainly isn't The Circle bad or anything.

  31. The about to be fired thing didn’t make me feel any sympathy because she literally was like “Hey can I take some time off?” “No—“ “Okay thanks!” I think her genuinely caring about others in her own way also was set up to show that intention doesn’t matter when you’re being such a horrible person and hurting others.

  32. There are always reasons and a million excuses in real life. I think that's what was portrayed here, it's that she DID have reasons. And people who do it irl DO have reasons and sometimes very strong reasons. But it never makes it right.

  33. I think the issue with her being too likeable can be chalked up to Zoe Deutsch being incredibly likable and attractive

  34. Anyone who isn't a sociopath is capable of caring for others in their own way. I don't think that makes her too likeable. It would be unrealistic to make her 100% bad.

  35. Thought I'd really dislike the movie, nearly quit after 20 minutes. Glad I stuck with it, good acting all round, good plot and a fun and meaningful watch.

  36. Satire, and I also bet test audiences (likely young women) criticized the movie because they did not like or sympathize the main character, so the filmmakers had to spell out that was intentional at the top

  37. Before watching, I looked up the genre and google said it's a 'satirical black comedy film.' So yes, I think that's what they were going for. I thought it was weird, too. Tbf people do get heated about unlikeable female protagonists lol and might not get that it's the point which can interfere with the overall reading of the film.

  38. Kind of strange that with all the topics of trauma and school shootings and terrorist attacks .. that this is a question....

  39. I liked how Harper kinda represented “cancel culture” and was presented as a villain. But your comment makes me think how much funnier it would have been if she was a genuinely good person that was unfairly hurt by Harper’s lies, and wanted to right Dani’s wrong, but Dani just perceived her as villainous.

  40. Harper was jealous of Dani before the discovered truth, which says a lot because Dani was the “terrorist attack victim”. The whole company they seemed to work for just seemed full of snooty people lol.

  41. She was pretty unbearable, I think the parents were just as bad. As much as Harper thinks she was the good person, everyone of her motives was selfish. She had no right to go through Dani’s computer, and then to blackmail her is ridiculous. Her saving grace was the fact she let her tell the world herself. The parents only cared about themselves too, they gave a shit about their daughter when they realized THEY wouldn’t be with her, when Dani gets caught instead of compassionately talking to her asking why she would do a terrible thing they spoke about how it affected them.

  42. I LOVED this movie. Rarely do I see jokes on-screen that feel relevant to my generation, and the Caroline Calloway / diet coke / "hahaha I kissed a girl at NYU once!" jokes landed instead of being cringey. However, I wanted more buildup to her secret being outed. If they showed Harper discussing it with her coworkers instead of the slightly cheesy hooded man with countdowns in French, it would have been more satisfying for me. Amazing performance by Mia Isaac though and that saved the ending.

  43. I actually really enjoyed this movie. Personally I saw that Danni could’ve been struggling with some mental disorders? All she specifically mentioned was depression though.

  44. I really enjoyed this movie. Mia Issac and Zoey Deutch’s acting is incredible. Unfortunately, Dylan O’Brien’s character explicitly reminds me of a fuckboy I recently got over— but, hey, that just goes to show how strong of an actor he is. Comedic timing was on point and you’re essentially cringing with the main character in real time over her various disappointing choices. Give it a try, it’s worth one.

  45. The movie just didn't really work for me. It started out as a pretty over the top satire and then gradually morphed into a very dramatic story, but it pulled off neither tones very well - I didn't find it very funny but the emotional beats also didn't land for me. Although the movie was well-made and had good performances, it just came off as confused to me.

  46. Mega64 being in this movie, and not just once but multiple times, as two of their established sketch characters is such an odd choice lol! The director must be a fan or something?

  47. Maybe unpopular opinion but I found myself really liking Danni and wishing her a happy rest of her life?? I guess I just relate to her experience, not as in I want attention but from being hated by lots of people

  48. I don't think she was a good person, but it did seem like she was starting to improve through her friendship with Rowan. I'm a very depressed and lonely person, so I guess I related to her a little in the beginning when she was depressed and completely socially isolated.

  49. The second part of the movie showed how brutal cancel culture is. What she did was bad but not exiled from society forever and given literal death threats sort of bad. The part were they showed her address on the internet... I felt sick.

  50. I think it's sad that everyone is saying she is irredeemable and a bad person. What did she do that was bad? She lied to get attention, and enjoyed the attention. But she also used her platform for good and genuinely cared about those issues.

  51. Zoey Deutch is too likeable of a person/actress to have us hate her. If they had made her shallow and maybe even dim-witted throughout, Zoey would have nailed it but the writer seemed interested in making her a "strong female character" too and the whole thing just felt tonally mismatched.

  52. First comment I finally agree with. Yes it is 100% wrong what she did but the fact that they push this narrative of hate as okay, is not okay. People are redeemable at the end of the day if they truly learn from their mistakes & move forward to never to do something like that ever again. This is human, people do fucked up shit but having her wiped off as a 'bad' irredeemable person sends the wrong message in my opinion. But I do get what they were trying to for this movie and it was good and Rowan persona and final speech is so valid in so many fronts.

  53. i think the way the movie handled the dark satire is so interesting. The way they addressed the fact that people are in fact privileged enough to get away with this shit with the public just moving on a month later

  54. For me, in order to truly satirise social media (and the way we view it), it should have started with her "at the airport" in the wake of the tragedy. We, as an audience, should never have been in on it with her.

  55. I disagree. It would have been very easy to guess how badly the lie would end for her, so since they already revealed that, we as an audience have to say "ok we know this backfires but what comes after that?"

  56. Overall I thought it was good. SPOILERS My main things is they introduce the idea that the alt right go after Rowan being fake and how much worse that would be after this. So it’s weird that she said “I may forgive her”

  57. I think Rowan’s declaration of “I may forgive her” is more about her letting go of that anger and less about making Danni feel good.

  58. Sometimes it is better to left things unsaid than spell it. I like it this way better. Though sometimes it is idiotic all the racial topics in the USA like making all the "good" characters in the new batman as minorities (even the ones in the gang) and make all the bad characters as white.

  59. Am I the only one who felt compassion for Danni? the lie she told snowballed into something out of her control… but I genuinely thought she had found a purpose in her life.

  60. I think quite a few people felt at least some sympathy for Danni. She's the protagonist after all and low self esteem is something people can relate to.

  61. Who else hates the Danni's coworker who threatened to expose her? She's more pathetic than Danni, she does everything in her power to make Danni's life worse just because she's jealous. I also hated the actress's acting because it was so cringe when the camera shows her subtle suspicions in between scenes. It is so cringe my whole face shrivelled. And the way she followed Rowan and Danni to the glass room in the office is extremely cringe, she's acting like she's done something spectacular (nodding her head). The reason I'm so angry is because it just reminds that people like this actually do exist. THESE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!

  62. Having watched it, I feel like it's a direct mocking of DEH, especially since DEH is all about how the protagonist is actually a soft and likeable boy with problems (nope, lol) and this movie doesn't shy away from how horrible the protag is. Hell, I'm shocked to see people in this thread saying they found her too likeable and that she "redeemed" herself.

  63. Very nice and funny, always entertaining, good technically as well and good acting. I liked the not happy ending but I wanted something more for her maybe, not a real closure and to open for her after everything that happened.

  64. I liked it. Sure it had no overarching lesson and the character didn’t really grow or change, but I liked the concept - I wanted to hate it as it’s a similar concept to something I started writing, but something about the tone just got me, I really enjoyed it and thought the spoken word was especially authentic and well written. There were few surprises along the way, but I enjoyed the predictable ride. A good, easy watch for a hungover Saturday morning.

  65. i think she'd try to rebuild her life and maybe continue going to the support group for online hate victims. i think she'd either move or get a job through her dad or mom or something and just lay low.

  66. Why did my wife and I walk away from this with more despise for Harper than for Danni, Logically I can't justify it.

  67. Same, I think for it's because when it comes to social media and "virality", very often consequences don't match the actions in today's world. Being hated by the whole world anywhere you go and getting death threats, being attacked by wild strangers, and reduced to being a mistake you made instead of being seen as a full human..maybe for the rest of your life does not match what she did, even though what she did was very wrong, it's not even close. (And Harper's character is aware of all of that.) It also helped that Danni just wasn't as bad of a person later in the film and had grown.

  68. I just started NOT OKAY and the first scene of Zoey talking to Dylan has BAD editing. Pay attention to his hands and what he’s smoking.

  69. The continuity is horrible throughout. I saw so many continuity errors (at one point they walk past a poster twice) that I almost felt like it was a high school student editing.

  70. You will be able to study this in college because it has social/political necessity positioned for representation and lessons

  71. You know people thought that in Pose they used the white characters, Evan Peters mostly as a sort of Trojan horse and bait to get audience to pay attention.. but the actual main characters and stories that mattered were obviously the queer and marginalized people.. that’s what they did with this one.

  72. One of the most interesting things about this movie is that while Danni was a horrible person, the masses seemed to get so caught up in the spectacle of an attractive white woman surviving a bombing, then admitting to lying about it, and then being consequently shamed for lying, that by the end of the movie everyone seemed to forget why they were drawn to her in the first place. The whole catalyst for the movie was that someone set off a bomb in Paris that killed 30+ people, and the fact that the media never seems to find out who the bomber was was very telling of what the movie was trying to convey. While we see an individual person who makes horrible decisions facing the consequences of her actions, the movie’s also about the culture that enabled her to lie in the first place and then tried to distance itself from her when it turned out to be a sham. And it’s also about a culture that knows it’s easier to shame (and even doxx and send rape threats to) shitty people than it is to hold mass murderers accountable, but also doesn’t seem to want to do the work or reflecting to change that beyond paying lip service to people like Rowan who are trying to do the work.

  73. I hated the movie. I cannot count on one hand how many times I’ve had secondhand embarrassment. Danni was so cringe, not just the way she dressed (2021 TikTok micro trends ) but the expressions she mad and what she said “slay queen” was just all over the place. It felt like a 30 yo trying to aggressive fit into the genZ trends (that are already outdated) The plot was so dumb... she could just easily said that she took the pics 2 days earlier but she haven’t got time to post them yet and she’s already at home... that’s it. So much unnecessary drama with zero logic.

  74. I overall liked the movie. There were some parts in there that I could’ve done without but I’d still recommend it to someone. I really like the whole ‘unlikeable female main character’ path that they took. I think what made me keep watching was constantly thinking well they HAVE to redeem her!! But they didn’t. And I appreciated it along with the spoken word at the end. People were saying the ending is so predictable but I actually was surprised! For some reason I was like ‘ohhhh I know what they’re gonna do! They’re gonna have her use her super photo editor skills to uncover the face of the bomber and save the day so she’s loved again!’ NOPE! The bomber counting down basically represented everything blowing up in her face, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was sad she wasn’t around during 9/11 now she’s in the middle of her own disaster!

  75. I love how nearing the end, Dannis dream where she is following Rohan into the crowd, leads perfectly into her waking up to the reality of Harper being at her door prepared to confront her with the truth.

  76. I kinda low key really enjoyed this lol. It's like a mix between Ingrid Goes West and Dear Evan Hansen (if it were played straight) and I loved the Rowan storyline/character.

  77. This movie legit sucked, Dylan O'brien played fantastic, all the actors did to be honest. The writing was absolutelt terrible, the ending was cheesy. They tried to take the "cliffhanger" style ending that has gotten so many classic movies 'stuck' in your mind. This one however, sucked. Terrible approach.

  78. Weird alternate reality where the modern notched iPhone still has a headphone jack for an aux cable.

  79. so, she had the same acrylic nails, for two months straight?! as someone who was obsessed with trendiness? just something i noticed.

  80. Honestly I'm surprised that people are impressed with this movie, I felt really underwhelmed specially the ending was just out of no where felt unfinished. am I the only one that feels that way?

  81. Mia Isaac was incredible. I was looking at her IMDB afterwards and can't believe this was her first movie. Zoey and Dylan were great too.

  82. I really liked the im not okay article she wrote. If she had never made up the paris story and had just written it as a relatable piece saying I’m not okay I think people would still relate to that, I did! I felt that was compelling, I was like so this girl does have some depth to her. I like how even though she lied about the bombing, she seemed to realize how there was a experience bigger than her surrounding other peoples traumas with violence, she seemed to be astounded by Rowan’s trauma and she fell into a sisterly forming relationship that despite Dannie lie I felt was good for both of them. If the world could understand the sentiment I’m not okay, I would have liked to see a world where they accept what danni did so she could forgive herself, Rowan could forgive her and she could learn and grow from it. But the ending felt dropped out of nowhere as if there was a missing scene to bring closure to the story. The story kind of ended with: you fuck up, you get cancelled. I wish it showed what danni then did with being cancelled

  83. The funniest part of the movie was Danni crying while getting in the elevator and Colin saying," What I miss?". Cracked me up.

  84. To be honest...Not Okay wasn't very impressive. There were a lot of little things I enjoyed, and themes that were outlined (but not explored). Check out our review on Film Noggin (inserts self-plug)

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