Official Discussion - DC League of Super-Pets [SPOILERS]

  1. Consider any further weight on the rocket slows it down even slightly, and that they barely made it out ahead of the explosion wave.

  2. Total highlight! There were quite a few fantastic segments but I think their batman/hound intro at the end was my favorite

  3. This was one of the best jokes of the whole movie had me and my gf rolling. She slept through a lot of it because she was sleepy and enjoys sleeping during movies but she cackled out loud for this one. Thanks for your contributions to that particular scene!

  4. Really laughed with that one! Amazing job - and, obviously, that goes for the whole team of animators as well :)

  5. Wow that’s amazing. Congrats! I am 5 minutes in I will look forward to your scene :) (gonna exit the thread now for spoilers)

  6. Saw it this afternoon with my kids. I think there were maybe 6 other people in the entire theatre so GL to it box office wise.

  7. We took our kids to see it Sunday, granted I didn't expect a full house for a 1:05 show but I was surprised there were roughly the same number of people there as you mentioned.

  8. Paw Patrol shout out was freaking hilarious. Adults laughed more at that joke than kids at my screening, at least it felt that way, lol.

  9. Hated that my children were confused by that and asked me what she was saying. I thought is was funny, but I'm 50.

  10. Movie didn’t take itself too seriously. Fun family movie with some pretty hilarious adult jokes tossed in. Really enjoyed the film!

  11. Watched this with my girlfriend’s uncle and he’s currently going through a nasty divorce. The lil “prenup” line from the turtle had us CRACKING UP

  12. The restraint on Hart and Johnson was super refreshing. I had this bad view of Hart due to overexposure but he fit perfectly within the script.

  13. The cat scene had me rolling. Not sure why it’s not getting more love! “I’m a cute little purr baby.”

  14. Just got out, took my little bro. It was fun, grew up watching krypto the super dog show, so it was fun to see a theatrical adoption. John Krasinski as supes was something I didn’t know I needed to hear, he was great, Keanu as Batman superb, and Natasha Lyonne was the standout from the pets league. Story was straightforward, lots of heart, I honestly teared up, really deep themes about abandonment and sacrifice, letting go, and friendship. At it’s weak moments some jokes fall flat, which when you’re throwing out so many it’s gonna happen. Also could’ve had some more Easter eggs from the dc universe thrown in there. Big action moments and pretty gorgeous cinematography. At the end of it I did want to see more due to not focusing more characterization on the other members of the team. Overall should be fun for kids, and fans of DC. 9/10

  15. Idk if it needed more Easter eggs. The entire film about Superman’s pet dog payed more respect to the DC Universe than most of the DCEU films. We got Superman’s origin, a tertiary variant of Kryptonite, Krypto flying into the sun, a better Justice League than Justice League, Superman getting married!!, a believable Metropolis setting, idk man, they really didn’t have to do anything, but went above and beyond.

  16. Honestly my favorite Easter egg if you wanna call it that was at the post credits. Krypto being dog shamed. “I put the neighbors cat in the phantom zone” I don’t know why I died so bad at that.

  17. almost wanna say at this point just straight up fire whoever made the trailers, they ONLY put the unfunniest parts in it. Not to mention how cheap and awful the trailers VA sounded. Still not a huge fan of the Justice League designs, did kind of like Wonder Woman's though.

  18. The news headlines when the Justice League members were being defeated were great too. I loved The Flash’s was something like “Fastest Man Alive Now Just Man Alive”

  19. Kids animated movie trailers have been awful since at least the 2000s. Even as a kid the way some were edited legit pissed me off. That being said I still saw the movies and liked them

  20. Ace losing his family broke my heart. I wasn't expecting to be crying in the theater going into this movie.

  21. This movie was better than I expected. I think I liked it more than Bullet Train. Ace's scene was so sad but then the Ace/Bruce montage at the end killed me. My favorite part was probably "Wealthy person actually goes to jail." LOL. Of course I loved the *coughPRENUPcough*. Whiskers was funny. Was this movie for adults or kids? hahaha this was good shit

  22. The Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch voice cameos were an awesome surprise... I recommend everyone to watch their improv special on Netflix. I wish it was more than 3 episodes!

  23. Just saw this today and did not expect to like it so much. It was hilarious and the representation of the justice league, Batman especially had me dying. As a pet owner I really felt so many scenes.

  24. I took a little umbrage with Ace's backstory as well — yeah, not all bites or nips are aggressive (I have a heeler mix, so I'm used to it), but there are a lot of dogs in shelters who are absolutely NOT kid-friendly and cannot be rehabilitated in a home with young children. Ace was helping, but he also drew blood. It's a dumb worry, but I hope no kids see this and think it's okay to excuse away aggressive dog behavior out of fear that their dog will be sent away because of them.

  25. I don't know, Ace feels... Normal? In comparison to other versions of him. Like the Batman Beyond Ace, and it's kinda weird seeing a character in the Batfamily having powers. My only exception has been Duke but he walks a thin line, I'm not even 100% sure with him. I love when he's included but I don't care much if he isn't.

  26. I got dumped on Monday so I did NOT NEED the break-up/being left for someone else storyline in my funny kids superhero movie :/

  27. Honestly, a pretty fun and well voiced little movie. I was having a pretty good time and the plot didn't feel like some garbage thrown together to get to the action. The characters felt whole, the action was fun, and the jokes were landing most the time. What more can you ask for in a movie aimed at children?

  28. I might actually appreciate Johnson more doing voices than live action, I still hold Maui as one of his best performances.

  29. I was full-on tears down my face during the Kevin Hart backstory. My daughter did not know what to do with me haha

  30. God, Ace origin story was heartbreaking. I loved the movie, it was a fun with the kids. Many adult jokes that made us louder than the kids hahaha

  31. Someone in my theater ripped ass so bad that I gagged and threw up in my popcorn just a lil. I thought it was funny so I started giggling then puke came out my nose. Ended up leaving but funny experience

  32. This was a fun movie. My kid liked it. I enjoyed how it was emotionally resonant and had a high rate of jokes. The animation was probably the weak point of the movie but the strong writing and voice acting more than made up for it.

  33. My favorite character was the foul-mouthed tortoise. Natasha Lyonne's delivery of "Where the #@$% am I?" sent me. (Also, "Prenup!" when Supes proposes to Lois.)

  34. Really enjoyed this one. Thought it could have been packed with more jokes but it was pretty good overall. Kind of hoping for a part 2.

  35. Green lantern is usually depicted as a man, however, with the idea of the multiverse green lantern could be anyone, or anything. So they made green lantern into a black woman. I had no problem with it because at the end of the day, she was still green lantern and that was awesome! It bothers me when they go over the top with changing gender or race of characters and make it about woman empowerment and inclusivity but I didn't get any of that here. She was simply green lantern. I thought it was kind of neat.

  36. Hey, WarnerDiscovery! You just RELEASED a DC movie about a talking CGI dog and it was awesome. It sure would be great if we could watch another DC movie and another CGI talking dog one. If only you had two perfectly good movies that fit those criteria that were almost done you could very easily finish and let us see. Just an idea.

  37. I did not expect to like this movie. My gf tends to like animated movies and movies you could call kid movies but after seeing the trailers this one just seemed like a movie I'd watch and then forget about completely in 5 seconds.

  38. 100000% go see. Very good for kids but has a lot of adult humor. I was laughing hysterically

  39. Super enjoyable movie, with some hilarious jokes for all ages and some nice Easter Eggs for DC fans. Kate McKinnon was an absolute highlight as the villain, which is definitely saying something when you consider the stacked cast.

  40. I just watched this with my GF, I loved the Krypto tv show when I was a kid! I loved this movie just as much now as a 22 yr old. It was hilarious and got both of us to shed tears (if you’ve seen it, you know when)

  41. Im not reading any of the comments because I literally had to pause the movie and take a moment. I’m at Ace’s backstory and about to SOB. I just… I can’t y’all. He looked so fucking happy and proud of himself until he didn’t but all he was trying to do was the best thing and the result just broke my heart so god damn much

  42. I thought it was great. I was surprised that they put the opening scene where Superman's planet blew up, and it was a lot darker and more adult than I thought. I expected it to be pretty cringy, and I don't care for Chip or PB, as they are kind of cringy, but Merton and Batman were the best parts of it. Although, I don't understand why they had to do it, but the part where Ace is telling the story about him getting taken away, so far has made me cry every time, and it probably always will. That scene was so heavy for a kid's movie, and that shocked me even more than the other stuff in it.

  43. Anyone else noticed how they modeled "Lulu" the villain after Mewtwo from Pokemon? Same body design, same powers...

  44. I hate to rain on the positive parade, but I found this movie to be largely boring. I say this as a person with no kids and no dogs, just a love of superheroes, so this movie definitely wasn't made with me in mind. I liken it to Toddler's First Superhero Movie.

  45. Were you expecting them a Justice League movie with mentions of their pets every now and again? You went to see a literal kids movie about super pets yet wonder why it is made for kids and pet lovers/owners?

  46. Funny you said this. My 6 year old is in love with the free comic that came with our movie tickets and read it immediately after the movie. Definitely a gateway to DC and superheroes. It was a trap all along! 😆

  47. So what would you have changed? Also, a squirrel in a cage is normal in this world. You have people flying through the air, animals growing to height of 40 ft and you question a squirrel in a cage?

  48. Though it may not reinvent the genre, theres still plenty to love about all your favorite superheroes’…pets. Built on the back of its spectacular all-star voice cast [chemistry is spot on top to bottom, though it’s a restrained, emotional Kevin Hart, a foul mouthed Natasha Lyonne, and a deliciously “evil” Kate McKinnon who steal the show] with a fun visual flair, there is both a deep reverence and irreverence for the source material that makes adventure all the more enjoyable, especially for DC fans. Stuffed with winking, meta multiverse nods, rapid fire gags (which hit quite a bit more than they miss), engaging action and a silly, undeniable charm the film champions friendship and the power of being yourself and while it never quite soars, this League flies higher than could’ve been expected. Pup, pup, and away! P.S. - You undoubtedly will want NEED a dog after this movie, even if you already have one.

  49. What was the "prenup scene" ? There was only French version screenings available to me and I do not recall anything about that.

  50. They did show the rainbow making pig in the end credits images. He was making a rainbow with the old man who kept getting caught in the bath tub.

  51. lots of common trope but explored in a good way, i like some parts of the movie where they explored the main characters, but did not really get in to it, because its only an hour and half long and also this movie is mostly targeted on kids but did have some adult jokes, that the movie did not take itself seriously, i think, because of how the comedy was delivered, just like in the dc lego movies, which was fun, it rekindled my love to these kinds of show which i grew up watching. the comedy did really well in this movie, because the serious tones of the movie felt heavier. just like how gintama did it(if you watch anime, try this one out). Gintama in a lot of ways was comedic so when things get serious ,it really does. overall i think this movie was very good, very entertaining, especially the turtle and guinea pig, i love them both.

  52. As I understand it correct, mostly, the cartoon is based on the Krypto the Superdog series. Here we have Krypto, Ace, Mammoth Mutt(but a pig, say hello to JLU fans), Snooky Wookums(but OVERPOWERED), one of Guinea pigs as maybe... Hot Dog and, of course, beloved Streaky! But a turtle. Oh gosh... They really just reboot classic roster. I enjoy watching the cartoon but don't think its would work beyond the animation. And we all know DC won't pass up an opportunity to release something on a new team. They already have...

  53. Not a good family movie. Beeped swearing and too much sexuality crossed with bad jokes makes it not optimal. I liked some it for sure, but I just wish Hollywood would make a children's movie for children.

  54. Was expecting a terrible movie, but it was decent for what it was. I wish some of the characters got more development though… 7/10

  55. Man finally saw this movie last night with my nephew. It was actually really good. Shame the trailers didn’t do justice

  56. Vanessa Bayer (PB) has the worst voice for animated movies. Every time she opens her mouth she sounds exactly like her role in the I Think You should Leave sketch.

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