Official Discussion - Where the Crawdads Sing [SPOILERS]

  1. I did enjoy her house representing the 2 different ways the men treated her . Tate was invited over and didn’t enter until invited in and even then still just observed respectfully. Chase barged in with her nervous the entire time as well as touching things and throwing them down with out any reverence to their Meaning to Kia

  2. It really demonstrated how uncomfortable the common “romantic” trope of grabbing someone who is walking away in an argument really is.

  3. I noticed that right away. Chase just did what he wanted to do, and he never wasted any time about it. Either she lacked the experience to realize where that was likely to go, like what's going to happen when they disagree on something important, which is likely as I once did as well, or she thought this was normal because her father did that too, and he wasn't drunken or violent. She failed to listen when Tate tried to warn her as well.

  4. I was curious how they were going to pull this off since such a large majority of the book takes place in Kya’s head (she hardly talks to anyone - even the lawyer).

  5. Alligators were hunted to the point of being endangered. In the late sixties when the movie was set, alligators were close to their lowest population numbers in history.

  6. On the gators point, you do hear of alligator attacks but the vast majority of times gators are scared to death of people. If you jumped into the water with an alligator generally they’re going to flee instead of attack. I used to work in the reptile section of our local zoo and had to feed / move the gators, they were usually really calm.

  7. Also wasn’t chase from wealthy family, of course they’d make her look like a whore to protect their precious baby boy. And he was popular in the town or implied and from a “good family” while she was the marsh girl.

  8. Gators are by and large peaceful creatures that want nothing to do with humans... the under representation of mosquitos on the other hand...

  9. Just watched it. I enjoyed it. I didn’t particularly like the ending, it felt a bit of a stretch for her to be able to pull it off all by herself.

  10. For what it’s worth, in the book the author explains it like she was able to use the tides to her advantage to pull it off in an hour

  11. I thought it was kind of weird that she went from a shy, smart recluse girl into a sly, plotting murderer. I get that she wasn't exactly innocent given her upbringing, but she goes from zero to 100 pretty quickly

  12. The lawyer did a good job of explaining how in light of the facts presented she could not logically have killed him. So the ending where she seems to admit she killed him doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I think Tate had the good sense to leave it alone, as if she did kill him she would have had to have had a very good reason, and he would have realized that, and he also realized at the time Chase was up to no good, but it just doesn't go into that.

  13. I knew nothing about this film aside from the fact that it was an adaptation of a book that my sister read. I ended up enjoying it though. I was way too confident that Tate would’ve been revealed as the killer though.

  14. The little fight scene between Tate and Chase was definitely a misdirect to make it seem like Tate could/would do it.

  15. Yeah for anyone who didn’t read the book, they made It really difficult to know who actually did It, other then the necklace.

  16. I just watched the movie and I thought that Tate would end up being the killer, too. He knew that Kya was being abused by Chase and that he conned her, he was the one who gave her the hat, he thought that she couldn't defend herself...

  17. Same. I knew nothing about it and thought it was really good. I also believed it was going to be Tate because of the hat. I was definitely surprised at the end

  18. Agreed - same situation for me. S/O who had read the book really enjoyed it, and I surprisingly did too. Quite an emotional trip and the cinematography was brilliant. Would watch again in a few months.

  19. Why didn’t they do a flashback and show her murdering him at the end?! Even in the book, as Tate is getting rid of the evidence he imagines her getting off the bus, luring Chase to the fire tower on her boat, and taking the shell necklace off his corpse. That would’ve been the perfect ending!

  20. I didn’t read the book. After watching the trial and the explanation of the timeline showing it was impossible that she could have killed Chase, the movie audience was definitely in need of an explanation of how it could happen. That was my biggest complaint.

  21. That's supposing that that complete nitwit of an investigation correctly identified when Tate died, and that she had to lure him anywhere.

  22. There was only one rape scene. And it wasn't completed, she hit him with the rock before he could get very far. Don't know what its like in the book as I havent read it yet...though I suspect it's much worse. The other sex scene in the Hotel was completely consensual. I kept expecting to see her pregnant, but I guess thats too much of a cliche.

  23. The rape scenes were done perfectly in my opinion (weird thing to say, I know.) I was worried they were gonna be too gratuitous with them.

  24. I have not read the book, so I'm not sure how it compares. The movie felt incredibly rushed to me, which is often a problem with film adaptations of novels. Surviving after her father left, the company trying to buy her house, the first day of school, and the trip to Asheville are all things I was quite interested in seeing, and they all ended up being glossed over incredibly quickly.

  25. I thought the most unrealistic thing about her appearance was that she is WHITE. LIKE ALABASTER. she should have had leather like skin from growing up basically outside.

  26. I'm in the opposite boat at the moment but yeah, the book is actually kind of slow instead of rushed. Normally I only feel that after first reading the book so watching this will be interesting.

  27. I totally agree with you on the last point, the first time we see "the marsh girl" hiding behind a tree her hair is freshly shampooed and her clothes are crisp.

  28. I agree the majority of the film felt unbelievably rushed, but I actually do think some of those scenes you mentioned went rather quickly in the book. I think the book mentioned the developers but she paid the taxes fairly quickly after that. The day at school seemed very true to the book, too— it was very brief. And the only point to the Asheville trip was to show her losing her virginity, I can’t remember any other details about it. You did point out the number one missed opportunity though— Kya’s survival after her father leaves. She has to cook, clean, pay for her own survival, and she really struggles because she’s only 9 or 10 years old. It really drives home the crippling loneliness she experienced, which in my opinion was the focal point of the book. They touched on it, but it didn’t feel as impactful as the novel, especially when her relationship with Tate felt so rushed, too.

  29. I too thought when they were talking down about her calling her "marsh girl" I turned to my wife and said ...wouldn't down talk and call her marsh girl might call her cut girl in marsh or chick in marsh I would want to get with was stupid she was far too good looking to be living this way. The worst was they showed her mom, who was even more beautiful and I said to wife are they the best looking mother daughter marsh combo? I said to wife can't mom find a husband with a decent job to get them out of there...then he slapped her and I joked at least find a guy who doesn't beat her....COME ON HOLLYWOOD these good looking people don't exist...

  30. Movie was subpar compared to the novel like most movies are. Left out some key elements and some of the time line was off but it wasn’t too drastic. They did hit all the main points. Acting was decent. Thought kya and Tates characters were played really well but chases and the lawyers were sub par. Was hoping that at the end they would read the poem of how she killed chase and would actually show kinda in a flashback how she had done it and finished with Tate finding the necklace and the screen then go black

  31. Chase was so boring but that's probably the point as well since he was wealthy and that's probably his only personality trait and it shows how little chemistry they had pointing to tate being the better partner

  32. I knew something was off by Chase being costumed in dark colors and his constant reference to her as “marsh girl” instead of her name. Then he mounts her on the first damn date. And then that absolutely AWFUL taking of her virginity with what, five thrusts IF THAT? Motherfucker deserved death for that shitty performance alone.

  33. Also in NC. Were people annoyed with the Asheville references? I loved the book but it made me chuckle because Asheville is not convenient to the coast, especially in the 60’s. I took it in stride though since the author lives in WNC. But in the movie they still name dropped constantly like it was just a couple hours away. The Asheville motel even had a palm tree!! When she went to Greenville my husband said “ok that one makes more sense.” Otherwise pretty good movie.

  34. So what did you think when Tate felt guilty because his mom and sister went to Asheville to the Western Auto to get him a bike? As you know, Asheville is in the western part of North Carolina and this took place on the coast. There had to be numerous medium-size towns between the marsh and Asheville that had a Western Auto. I did find that curious. But maybe I’m just nitpicking.

  35. I can’t be the only one who thought that Kya looked way too clean for someone who lives in a shack with no running water. Aside from the one scene of her in the classroom, she never wore dirty clothes or displayed any sort of unkempt appearance. Her hair looked perfectly conditioned as well, and there were no blemishes or dirt on her face.

  36. All these can be explained with genetics.. bugs don't bite me, though they go crazy on most people I know. I also have perfect teeth and have never needed braces / a dentist. So it's not impossible that she did too.

  37. In the book, Chase isn’t quite so much of a dud. He’s still a bad guy in the end, but you can at least see why Kya was attracted to him. That was one of the more subtle changes. (They also aged Kya up a bit- in the book, the Tate romance is a bit of an age mismatch.)

  38. The book sets up the timeline defense the same way, but during the reveal it says that because kya was such an expert at the marsh, she knew currents better than anyone to speed her boat more and was able to time it with a minute to sore

  39. I have to agree with your point about Chase. I just did not see her being interested in him after being destroyed yet again by Tate. Also, the whole scene where she first meets him on the beach. Like, come on! She was invited to the Beach Party??!! Give me a break. That's the last place she would have been.

  40. Yeah, I'm not a lawyer but the prosecution's argument seemed insanely weak, to the point where in real life I'm not sure charges would even be filed

  41. nah i loved that she actually killed him. a normal person would be unbelievable yes but someone who knew the land as well as she did could pull it off. anyone else killing him would have been weak because she's not a character who needed saving.

  42. In the movie she narrates that she doesn't know how she feels about Chase, but it was nice to not be alone anymore. I think that was her main attraction to him. He was the only one who made an effort to go out to the marsh and spend time with her. He was also the only one she could share the good news about her book with.

  43. I thought it was decent but definitely pretty derivative and predictable. I just felt like with every character you could tell their motivations and what kind of person they were within like 30 seconds of them being introduced and there were really no surprises, they all turned out to be exactly what you'd expect. Highlight was definitely the lead actress she was great.

  44. In the book, once she finds out about the back taxes, she’s already made the money from publishing. She pays them right away. That made a lot more sense.

  45. IIRC in the book, Tate sends off her drawings to the publisher and surprises her with it, so the whole title thing wasn’t what made her decide to publish.

  46. I read the book and loved it ! The movie was fun , it stayed very true to the book . Daisy embodied Kya perfectly . The outfits she wore where absolutely adorable ! They really nailed kyas personality and love for nature . The movie was so aesthetically pleasing .

  47. Agreed. It was a joy to the senses - everything and everyone was so attractive. The home, the clothes, the marsh, loved it all.

  48. This yes!! I was like this is trippy, she has someone’s face I know but it’s definitely a movie from a while ago..THANK YOU for commenting this it was driving me nuts I couldn’t figure it out

  49. I really enjoyed the book and enjoyed the movie. I do want to comment that my husband, who was just humouring me coming along for date night said it was “a lot better than [he] thought it would be.” He enjoyed the legal drama of it and thought the scenery was beautiful.

  50. I really enjoyed the book too. One of the things Iliked most about the book was the pace: the story unfolded organically, at least until the end. Kind of like Jim Jarmusch at his best. If the movie doesn't respect this, I probably won't like it even if the visuals are good and they mostly stick to the story.

  51. Just got back from seeing it. This is very true. But, beyond that, I think she did a fantastic job in the role as well.

  52. I loved it, I can see how it’s definitely not for everyone, but I loved the twist at the end; i think it was what Kya deserved (the town to finally accept her), how the town abandoned her her whole life, which lead to her biggest role model being insects, which lead to the murder cause to her, there was no other option. I think it’s interesting.

  53. I don't think the town ever "accepted her". At least it didnt show that in the movie. She continued to live out her life peacefully and happily on her own terms, which is its own reward. She never wanted the town to accept her.

  54. I read the book only a couple of weeks back and became totally engrossed in Kya’s world whilst on holiday, I loved it!

  55. This was my big takeaway too. The beach scene bothered me so much. She looked maybe a little awkward and uncomfortable, but not scared or lonely. I know not everything in a movie can match a book, but I think many plot points would have been better explained had they shown her reclusive nature (for instance, Tate did come back but viewed her fear from a different perspective, or how her alibi was suspicious because she was never around people). You make a great point too about how much better they could have shown her loneliness. Her 5 years between Tate and Chase were literally just a quick mention, no evidence of how hard that must be emotionally.

  56. I actually loved that they showed her growing old, with Tate. Her dying before him, thus ensuring she spent the rest of her life with someone and not alone, felt like such a lovely reward.

  57. I highly recommend reading the book if you're into that, the character development is much much much better. IMO the movie fell way short (the book is fantastic)

  58. I understand the ending is the result of Kya's childhood, but I think the movie would have been better without the last few minutes.

  59. My best friend had read the book twice and kept talking about how badly she wanted to see the film so I left work early and went to the 10pm showing last night. Note: I have not read the book, knew literally nothing about the book, had not seen the trailer and went in completely blind. I also live in North Carolina is that matters at all.

  60. This is it for me. Like how does she look so clean, beautiful, and put together in the dang marsh and I look absolutely horrid in a developed home and city.

  61. I went into this one blind, knowing nothing but the title and the image on the poster. I just needed to get out of the house and distract myself from my thoughts. I'll say the setting of this movie and the poor plight of Kya absorbed me immediately. I think she's such an awesome character, self-sufficient and just living out alone in the marsh (I guess it also helps that she's naturally beautiful). The 'young love' storyline really hurt, though, since it was always my dream to fall in love with a free spirit like that.

  62. This film was completely engrossing , at first just atmospheric then they slowly layered in complexities in Kya’s life. I loved it !

  63. Critics base films on filmmaking technique. For instance they LOVE Licorice Pizza because it is a glossy and fresh, but the plot is basically non existent.

  64. Engrossing? I actually walked out on it. It was just so treacly and I didn't find the girl behaved like someone who had a hard life.

  65. In the book it does explain that she used the tides in her favour to boat out quick enough for it to be plausible, and if I recall correctly, set up the meeting with Chase ahead of time so she just had to go straight to the fire tower.

  66. I absolutely believed in movie that she’d want to take him out. He tried to rape her FFS, vandalized her home, and was shown clearly stalking her. If she didn’t take action, he would’ve come back and finished her off.

  67. I totally agree. The movie doesn't really depict kia outside of the relationships with chase and tate, so the scope is kind of shallow. If I remember rightly, the book had a lot more non-romance themes, like grief, wildlife, man's impact on nature (like bit where kia goes to the motel and how unpleasant it is). I think the jody reunion has some conflict in the book as well, whereas the film just takes it at face value.

  68. One silly thing that bothered me/took me out of the story for a hot minute was that Tate's mom was going all the way to Asheville for a bike... That's a good 5+ hours from the coast of North Carolina. Idk just seemed excessively far and made me question if the author checked a map when coming up with that detail lol

  69. He thinks that was what she was doing. He could've been wrong. He didn't know for sure. And if it was true it was for a specific bike, 60 or so years ago when there weren't nearly as many bike shops around I'm sure!

  70. If they hadn’t fucked with the timeline, this movie would have been a pretty solid adaptation. Tate giving her the names of publishers before he left for college absolutely pissed me off.

  71. It breaks my heart that they didn't show the scene from his perspective where he comes back from college early and sees her hiding from the fisherman. It would've made his character so much more well-rounded. Yes, he loves her, but sees how incompatible she is with society and with his dreams. The scene in the movie with fireworks was great, so I guess they maybe thought they had to do one or the other, but it made him too flat. Like, why did he just randomly disappear? Then expect us to just be cool with it? Ugh.

  72. While I do agree that it is hard to believe that Kya forgives Tate that easily, I genuinely think it is not that impossible.

  73. Kya’s death scene was a little silly and I wish they replaced it with (or added) a flashback of her doing the murder. It’s not a big deal though, leaving it up to the audience’s imagination did work too. All in all a decent movie, the twist is weak when put right after the lawyer telling us that the murder is ridiculous but DEJ is a star and the cinematography is gorgeous.

  74. I saw an advanced screening of this and liked it quite a bit. I agree with the reviews that say it’s so faithful to the book that it’s boring. I remember thinking while watching it that people who hadn’t read the book would find it boring. But I read the book in a day and really enjoyed it, so I looked forward to story beats that came up during the film.

  75. Funnily enough I wanted to pick this book for my book club, but my mom wants to read it on her turn (even though she's already read it three times and her turn isn't until September!) so while I want to read the book now, I went and saw it with my husband while it's still in theaters.

  76. I had not read the book but did not find it boring. I actually enjoyed the slow pace compared to the frantic nature of most films. The scenery was beautiful. The acting left me with no criticisms. Every painful event in Kya’s life was so unbearably sad. I agree with you on the weight of the punches; it felt like I could feel the force of the hits. That one punch that left a character hearing everything muted and whining felt so real. Overall I really enjoyed this film, but I can see why some people don’t like it. I give it an A- and unfortunately expect to see it bomb at the box office.

  77. Read and loved the book. I went in very skeptical that they would do it justice. I ended up loving it. The storytelling was so clean. A ton of care went into picking and choosing exactly what to keep, what to trim, what to imply… I don’t think this book could be adapted any better than this execution.

  78. So many excellent points made here! What would have been a better ending? What if Jumpin, the store clerk, had killed Chase or, even better, Chase's fiance?

  79. Just finished the book today. I thought when Kya went to Jumpin’s funeral, she might find the necklace somewhere. Would’ve further driven home the fact that he saw her as a daughter and was protecting her as such.

  80. as an NC native, i was put off by the pronunciations of “Asheville” and “Greenville.” those both end in “-ville” not “-vuhl”. Greenvuhl is in SC. a little detail but it made me furrow my brow each time.

  81. I don’t understand why it’s getting the hate it is. If you can’t go to a movie and enjoy a simple story for what it is then I feel sorry for you. I went in not expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. I’d watch it again and I’d recommend it to anyone who asked.

  82. Feeling the same. I loved the book, but the beauty of the marsh and living a truly simple and fulfilling life alone make the movie beautiful to me.

  83. Yeah. This is late but people are seriously mad they didn't put in every single book detail. People should judge the movie asked off what was in the movie and not what was left out. They fit everything that needed to be put in.

  84. Hadn’t read the book prior to seeing. I went in expecting a murder mystery, but it’s much more focused on the relationships - it’s like The Notebook with a murder subplot. It’s fine, but there’s not a whole lot of intrigue to be had. I thought the slow burn actually worked and the ending was satisfying enough. Daisy Edgar-Jones is very intriguing and I look forward to seeing her in more things. I openly laughed the first time they call her “the marsh girl.”

  85. My only problem with the movie was that her forgiving Tate felt unbelievable to me. He left for 4-5 years!!! I don’t remember feeling this way when I read the book but it’s been years, maybe someone who has read it more recently can chime in.

  86. True but she also probably realized how good he was for her after seeing what a bastard Chase was. She probably craved the security, and never stopped loving him.

  87. I think in the book, it still takes her a year or 2 to forgive him. Jodie talks to her about it, the painting from her mom gives her pause, and other things for her to realize that she still loves him. I think the part that’s glossed over is that she’s totally fine and secure once she does forgive him. Like not freaking out when he leaves, etc.

  88. The "twist" at the end is what really lowered it for me overall. Without the twist, the whole arrest and court plot points are worthless, but that in itself makes the twist not a twist. Of course she did it. Why bring it up if neither she nor tate did it?

  89. Have not read the novel, the film feels like an adaptation of a novel from Kya's POV, and therefore everyone else is a bit thin. I enjoyed it, and suspect it is more of a "mystery" in the book, as the film makes it seem like she is being railroaded by the system, not leaving you wondering IF maybe she did it. I wondered when we would get the reveal that Tate did it at several points, and by the closing arguments it seemed so unlikely she could have done it that i can only surmise the book made the timeline much more nuanced.

  90. I enjoyed the pacing and I figured they were going with the "he fell" ending we don't need to spell it out for the viewer. It made sense, the scene were he rushed back to the house after the fiancee encounter, the other scene where he couldn't find her on his boat, he was a drinker. Tate never came forward because there was nothing for him to confess, it was wrapping up nicely. I liked the way the jury was also a reflection of the viewer with the closing argument by her lawyer.

  91. I don't get why everyone says they need to know how she did it. Her lawyer explained exactly how she did it. Sure it was a crazy and super intricate plan, but that doesn't mean it was impossible. Far more likely that he just fell. But clearly, he didn't!

  92. As someone who has read (and largely adored) the book, I had mixed feelings about the film. I thought most of the murder mystery element was interesting, with the last court room scene being probably the best of the film. I also felt for young Kya when we saw her, the scenery was stunning and I did like the ending (it's pretty much exactly as it is in the book). I also liked how they cut the courtroom scene into chunks, because it does go on a bit in the book.

  93. I don't know how all her siblings could just take off and leave her. And let's say we use the excuse of they were too young to bring along and care for a 5 year old... what about when her sisters and brother were in their twenties? At the very least her brother, he would have been big and strong enough to take on their dad if their dad was still there. I know in the movie the brother did say he didn't think she would still be there, but I can't believe if you really loved someone, you wouldn't come back just to make sure she wasn't there anymore. It just doesn't make sense to me! That was the illogical part that infuriated me the most!

  94. Just got back from a late showing, Never read the book and I absolutely loved it! The movie sucks you in and by the end you really felt like you were a part of Kya’s journey. Daisy really played the role well and I really loved her surrogate parents who ran the little store. Chalk this under guilty pleasure of the summer and a rainy Sunday afternoon movie. It will be treasured for years.

  95. I loved the shop owners. The wife conveyed so much warmth in that first scene, and the husband crying once he realizes that Kya has been attacked was very moving.

  96. I didn’t read the book but I am genuinely surprised the critic reviews for the movie were as bad as they are. audience metrics seem to be doing better which is good to see. It’s not amazing but I could definitely watch it again and thought it was all around pretty good.

  97. One of the big things that annoyed me about the book and movie was how often they traveled to Asheville...why? Asheville is at least 5 hours or more to the coast. What about Raleigh or Charlotte? Asheville was still a relatively small town when this book took place.

  98. The movie was very bland and the story of the film got a bit muddled honestly. Also, Chase was too cartoony villainous. I could tell by the end of his first sentence to her that he was going to rape and/or beat Kye. A very meh film.

  99. Idk if anyone else mentioned this but a thought came to my mind of the place she ended up killing him at. The one place he showed her and took her to, she said in the scene something along the lines of “it was like you know a friend for your whole life but you never saw their full face. Now I see it” her killing him there is such an ironic ending for him and quite fitting. She finally saw him fully; a horrible being in hiding behind insecurity and ego. When she saw it and knew there was no way he wasn’t going to keep taking from her she did what she had to do.

  100. Really enjoyed this film. I was hoping for more court drama and plot around Chase's murder, but I also enjoyed the overall direction of the film.

  101. I personally wanted to see more of the courtroom drama personally. I also felt like they picked pieces/subjects out of other things focused on the South and put them in the movie. The Atticus Finch like lawyer, the black shop owners who had absolutely nothing else going for them besides watching out for Kya, and Kya herself just comes off as a manic pixie dream girl.

  102. Very good movie. Not completely riveting but it successfully draws you into the setting and the characters. The score is beautiful and the acting is superb. I can't believe how poor the critic reviews are.

  103. Hello Guys. So I just watched the movie. And I loved the ending. I loved every single thing about it. Sure some of you are gonna get literal and analyze every single thing about it and I get it is fun for you. But I’m gonna explain why it works for me. And why it might work for the people that are like me. This is a quick summary.

  104. Her brother says the dad found the mom later on, so I think it's implied that this is where the dad went after leaving (and never returning). The timeline doesn't make it a certainty, but this is how I interpreted it.

  105. Worst film to have gotten a cinema release since the pandemic and probably including the 2-3 years before that.

  106. Entertaining enough for a low budget romantic drama. Where the Crawdads Sing is very basic, very by-the-book and has no definable characteristic or quality that makes it stand out in any way. The dialogue is quite hammy at points, and some of the acting is downright horrific, mainly Harris Dickinson. But the plot is fairly tightly paced, minus a sludgy middle portion that takes a tick too long to get going, and the story itself is pretty interesting and has a satisfying conclusion. And not to sound misogynistic, but I could’ve done without the overt feminist overtones that had zero bearing on the story in its entirety. The movie always felt like it was reaching for more than it could grasp, but I found it interesting enough to keep me entertained. I probably won’t think any more of it after this.

  107. this movie is so awkward, front to back. like wants to be a Sparks movie, but stays in the forgettable middle. watched it for Jones, but she couldn't save it.

  108. I thought tate was the murderer. Then the store owner after seeing him wipe the beanie on his clothes. It was a red herring. I never expected it to be Kya. Really loved this movie. Better than I expected. Felt like a mix between fried green tomatoes and the notebook. Love Daisy and also the little girl who played Kya was great. It was hard to see the Dad pull her out of the water by her hands in the beginning.

  109. I’ve never read the book, and I’m commenting here since it was added to Netflix recently. I liked the movie. I think it did a good job of showing Kya’s struggles, her becoming an adult from a broken childhood, and finding love/pursuing a passion. The movie definitely led us to believe it was Tate and that she refused to talk to protect him, but Kya did smack Chase after he wronged her and had to pretend she was ok. It doesn’t seem far fetched that she could kill Chase and be able to deflect suspicion since the nature of the marsh was her escape. The shots of the marsh were beautiful and the coloration of this movie was extremely calming.

  110. I thought the film as a whole was just alright. The cinematography and Mychael Danna’s score were the two highlights for me. But dear lord, the first 40 minutes or so had some of the worst pacing i’ve seen in a very long time. I was constantly wanting to just scream, “Let the scene breath!” It felt like every scene was lasting a minute or less and the goal was just to get to the next scene as quickly as possible. Luckily it got a bit better afterwards, but even then, the pacing still felt noticeably rushed.

  111. This movie moved me to tears because I thought it was so terrible. For context, I'm a white 29-year-old woman in the midwest who hasn't read the book. After viewing the film adaptation, I definitely don't want to read the book.

  112. Not really sure where to start, but how you managed to find a story about an abandoned young girl surviving on her own her entire life “as a damsel in distress” is interesting to say the least.

  113. Id like to address your points too. For reciprocal context, I'm a white, 30-year-old man living in Colorado, originally from the Pacific Northwest, then several years in the Midwest as well who ALSO hasn't read the book.

  114. Agree with the part about the siblings at least. I mean, maybe they were too young to have taken Kya with them when they left, but none of them ever checked on her or tried to get help to her over the years until the brother came back? Just not believeable.

  115. A braver film would have aimed for actual grit more than the allusion to it, looked to the scabbier (and thus interesting) parts of Kya’s personality, captured a fundamental awkwardness to life outside of human interaction along with an idealized naiveté. Most of all, drawn out darker aspects of Kya’s story that could justify an implausible twist ending that undercuts almost everything that comes before, if you think about it for more than two seconds (this is also a book problem). But Where the Crawdads Sing never really had an interest in complications, or hardship, or racism as anything beyond wallpaper for its central nature girl fantasy of self-reliance. It would rather stay above the fray, gliding prettily along the marsh without actually getting dirty.

  116. Haven't read the book and it wasn't terrible, wasn't great either but just a tad above mid. The first third was alright, second third drags so hard, and the last third is actually damn good. I didn't mind the twist but it definitely could've been pulled off better. RT score is too low and should be like 55.

  117. I enjoyed watching this movie honestly loved how Kya made the house her own - independent working girl. And like idk her life is pretty ideal, got a large land a nice house with good bones and lives off of her books. Also I like Tate, Tate is such a sweetheart (besides leaving and not writing to her). I really like how they shower them even aging like what?! Adorable.

  118. This film was beautiful! Netflix advertised as a horror film. I hardly ever watch horror films, but was bored and looking for whatever. Stupid fucking Netflix! I may have never discovered this gem based on their ridiculous categorization.

  119. I don’t even know where else to comment this so I’ll just put it here. This is an honest review from a mid-20’s guy who is predominately into Tarantino movies.

  120. It was very dull. I left after about 75 minutes cause I was so bored and just not at all invested in the story or any of the characters.

  121. If you're literally leaving a movie that you spent money and time to watch, you got some expections issues lol

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