There is not enough nudity in movies these days.

  1. A few different factors. One is that studios focus more than ever on tent pole movies intended to make a billion dollars. PG-13 is how to do that, nudity and sex doesn’t translate across cultures the way a giant fighting robot does, and international markets are basically what those tentpole movies are made for. Also, since home video and later the internet started to offer more “niche” content, major releases no longer had the pressure to deliver nipples.

  2. There's a podcast series that is doing a season on the erotic 80s and then in a month or two they start the erotic 90s. It's called "you must remember this."

  3. High jacking the top comment to add something. Another huge factor is that actresses have started pushing back a lot harder agaisnt nude scenes than they used to. A lot of actresses used to feel pressured into doing such scenes and in todays climate that just isn't going to fly so actresses have more power than ever to refuse to do nude scenes if they aren't comfortable with it or if they don't feel it serves the plot in a meaningful way which makes the scene just seem like an excuse to get very popular movie stars naked.

  4. Exactly. With internet and online porn ready and waiting at any time, there is less need for nudity and sex in mainstream movies. That and if you want to make a shit-ton of money from your movie it has to have broad appeal which means adults and kids.

  5. The latest season of The Boys (Amazon), Mike Myers new show The Penatverate (Netflix), Future Man (Hulu), or the new season/reboot of The Kids in the Hall (Amazon), and Jackass 4.5 (Netflix).

  6. Or “Infinite Storm” having a random naked bathtub scene. I guess if your movie is already rated R for profanity and intense scenes, might as well add boobs to the mix.

  7. Not only dick, but butthole too. Pretty much just every inch of the male body was on display in that movie. I was literally sat there thinking, if these were woman no way would they be able to show this much.

  8. More actors are less willing to expose themselves, but the culture in previous years made actors feel like they had to to get work. That or sleep with Harvey Weinstein?

  9. A while back I watched a docuseries about horror in the 80s, and they said that because the vast majority of writers, directors, producers, etc were men, they just didn’t see a problem with adding nudity in for the fun of it because it’s what they themselves wanted to see in a movie. It was basically “hey, we gotta amp up these kill scenes. Any ideas?” “What about boobs?” “Yeah that’d be sick, let’s do that”

  10. Or Harvey Weinstein would pressure actresses to do nude scenes. He infamously had to pressure Gwyneth Paltrow to go topless for Shakespeare in Love and Salma Hayek to go nude for Frida, if they ever wanted future work. Lots of similar stories from the women of the Game of Thrones cast about the producers there.

  11. Just to extrapolate on this, before the widespread use of the internet in the mid-90's, I feel like actors probably felt a little safer, because it wasn't so easy to just spread the nude images/videos around, especially out of context, which I think is probably a more unconscious thing.. Seeing a nude body in the context of the art/film is quite different than seeing it completely separated from the medium and turned into something more... pornographic. /shrug

  12. I'm pretty sure you won't get that is since studios want their movies to stay PG-13 for commercial reasons. Maybe if they become ok with a higher rating you might get more nudity.

  13. Even R movies have moved away from nudity. I think it's because nudity is so easily accessible today, with porn and cable/satellite that it isn't needed as much anymore to push movies. It sounds juvenile to think that actual good movies might lean heavily into nudity for that reason, but it does seem that has played a role, especially in action/thriller/horror films where it was so prevalent in the 70s, 80s and into the 90s.

  14. I think viewers also just aren’t as…thirsty for steamy scenes in their movies as they used to be. Like, not even in a pearl-clutching way, but sex scenes in movies just make me feel uncomfortable now.

  15. I think back then it was more acceptable to market films towards adults, maybe even to the extent that throwing in a tit or two for an M rating was commercially viable as it meant that it held more appeal with the target demographic.

  16. Yea that first episode is really out there. Nudity and decent bloody violence. Of course the rest isn't like that at all so I sometimes would tell friends to skip that pilot if they want to try to get a feel for the show.

  17. I won a DVD of that season from a library reading challenge, so of course I watched that first episode with my parents, none of us knew it was coming.

  18. The best part is if you watch the series on Netflix every other episode has the "nudity" warning just because of episode one...

  19. I was going to say this. I'm trying to learn Spanish at the moment so I have been watching a lot of Spanish TV and Movies.

  20. Late 70s early 80ss Italian movies is where the good stuff is. If the actress is attractive (usually brunette), there's 90% chance she will get a full-frontal scene, sometimes sex scene. Especially in comedy movies.

  21. Yeah, this is a very non-European issue. A lot less hang ups about nudity in general society over there, and that carries over into their movies.

  22. Literally anything with Ewan McGregor. That cheeky Scot is known for it. Who knows what will happen during the season climax of Obi Wan.

  23. You wanna see male ass? Theo James shows his naked ass roughly nine bajillion times in the new HBO series The Time Traveler’s Wife.

  24. ...a scene where someone is forcibly stripped naked in public and his very close friends literally choose not to help him at all. Not perhaps the greatest example to use.

  25. I’m all for normalizing non sexual nudity but most of the time sex scenes are not meaningful to the plot and as such they’re a waste of space inside a movie or show.

  26. Yeah that nudity in 80s movies is always almost female nudity. I recently watched fast times at ridgemont height with my boyfriend and we were both icked by the fact that the body of a 15 years-old character was showed in full frontal in such a blatant way. And no male nudity, only the girl is seen fully naked.

  27. Agreed. I often have this thought in the back of my head watching those scenes and that makes me uncomfortable, not seeing a person naked itself.

  28. thank fuck you said it, this is like the tenth comment down with comments sorted by "best", and I have to assume it's the correct one. Including nudity in a scene involves a lot more complexity on the production side of things, from contract negotiations to hiring people to protect the actors, reduces crew on-set for privacy reasons, etc. just adds time/money for little benefit, and that time/money is the result of actors gaining autonomy/protection. And that's a good thing.

  29. It's because of the internet. It used to be that if you did nudity in a movie, the only people that were going to see you were people that paid for a ticket.

  30. I find pointless sex scenes annoying, but not if they're integral to a relationship. Sometimes it would be impossible to know if two characters had had sex without showing it or using clunky exposition, and on some of those occasions it would be essential to the plot or character that we do know that.

  31. That long sex scene in Blue is the warmest color immediately made me think that the director must be a massive perv lol. It was so unnecessary.

  32. I find that it for the most part added very little, it seemed more like a trope to rope in horny teenagers than a writing tool half of the time.

  33. Whenever someone asks "Am I the only one?" the answer is always "No." Every time a mainstream movie has a sex scene there's a bajillion people complaining about how unnecessary it was. Just look at the big deal that was made out of The Eternals sex scene even though it was only 10 seconds long and didn't have any nudity.

  34. I think one of the best examples of this is Marvel movies. Early in the film Iron Man we see Tony Stark and a reporter make out on a bed, with her later waking up covered only with a sheet. Obviously as a PG-13 movie no nudity is shown, but it's still a blatant sexual reference.

  35. It's pretty funny that in a Disney world, Steve Rogers probably doesn't lose his virginity until he goes back in time at the end of Endgame

  36. Here's a thought, maybe Marvel movies aren't the best places that explore nudity and sexuality. There's not many couples who are really given a whole lot of chemistry to make the sex hot or interesting (Like Eternals) and many of the romantic couples come with lots of baggage (Avengers 2, Widow/Hulk)

  37. Ok but how would a sex scene enhance a marvel movie? On the flip side, I'd rather have no sex scene than every movie forcing some sort of love interest.

  38. the article is pretty dumb, comparing a movie like Blue Velvet; with an intended audience of adults and thus has sex, to a movie like captain america; intended audience centers around 12 and thus has none

  39. Fantastic share, I feel like a lot of the critics of the article in this thread are failing to grasp that the cohesiveness of the overall product is in its view of the body as a tool rather than a vehicle for the mind.

  40. Um….“And I defy you to find a mainstream film with a moment as horny and gay as the Sexy Saxophone Solo from The Lost Boys.”

  41. I posted this elsewhere as a reply to a comment but was surprised I had to scroll so far down to see it. It sums this all up beautifully.

  42. To each their own, but every day that I get older I just roll my eyes harder at any movie or show that wastes my time with nudity and sex. It's not that it makes me uncomfortable or that I'm prudish, but the vast majority of people have a device that we can find any type of nudity and porn on at any second so how about we get on with the story you're telling me?

  43. Lol FR people in this thread are complaining about how puritanical society is these days but I think they’re forgetting that there is a virtually endless amount of porn available for free online. People aren’t afraid of sex, there’s just a time and place for it and it doesn’t need to be everywhere

  44. My favorite part is how they don't even say why nudity is important in movies or anything like that. Just a short: "Nudity, I want nudity."

  45. I feel like this is directed at female nudity. I don’t see any petitions for more dicks in films though I would sign it.

  46. One of the many factors is that actors have more power in a good way. I once worked with an actor who had a kiss double. Actors don’t want to be nice on film and have the power to say no. It’s a good thing in my opinion.

  47. I think you’re seriously over-estimating how much studios are actually doing to protect actors/actresses from exploitation, or even pretending to.

  48. The heyday of movie nudity was in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, when movies could use it to differentiate themselves from highly-regulated broadcast television.

  49. This is the right answer. I grew up during that time, and the nudity, violence, and swearing are what differentiated a “movie” at the theatre from the stuff on TV. Like cinema was a higher and more serious form of art. I’m not saying many movies didn’t have gratuitous nudity, violence, or swearing…but the overall impression when you went to see a movie was that there would be fewer restrictions on what they could show and do.

  50. honestly i think there is a bit of a revival happening, it feels like half the movies i watch have nudity in them. You actually dont even have to step too far away from mainstream.

  51. I might argue on the OP's behalf that a lot of these examples you're giving are "art house" or at least kind of art house adjacent films. Maybe with the exception of Northman and Last Duel, but they both bombed so even then I think they might fall under the art house adjacent category based simply on audience reaction.

  52. It’s because the actress don’t want to do it (good for them) Also are those scenes really necessary for the plot?

  53. Absolutely valid imo. I’m pretty okay with the low nudity and/or sex in movies. Only exception is if it’s well implemented and with a purpose. Otherwise there isn’t a point and I could do without

  54. I think people are also missing the point that maybe women are more respected as actors today and do not need to whore themselves out to get a role. Many of these shots were entirely unnecessary and even today when they do show up unnecessary. The gilded age show for example. They did not need a frontal shot to cover the lone nude scene in the series. I would have let my kids watch that show if not for that shot. Even the gay sex scene was pretty tame.

  55. Nudity in movies back then was used as filler to distract from a bad plot or bad acting.... Or both. It's almost never necessary.

  56. what a fucking odd take. I mean sure I dont mind seeing nudity in media, but seeing less of it means ultimately less sexual tension on sets and in households.

  57. I'm going to be honest with you, I don't get this at all. I don't go to movies to see naked people, I have porn for that. If it's important to the story, sure, but I really don't need to see a naked person just for the sake of seeing a naked person. I'm not overly puritanical, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I just also don't notice it's absence. I'm fine with it. I don't miss it. Up until this post, I didn't even realize how much less nudity is in films these days. I don't even think it's prudishness, I think it's just people realize how pointless it is unless it's actually there to say something.

  58. Unless it's specifically needed to tell the story, nudity only takes away from the experience. You can go watch porn if you want that stuff

  59. I try to live by the saying "different strokes for different folks." This and strip clubs always confuse me, is the goal to get horny with a group of your friends or is there something I'm missing. It's always kind of had me baffled, like if you go to watch movies specifically for the nude scenes ( no judgement you do you boo boo) or going to a strip club to watch girls dance is there usually like an after party orgy or circle jerk?

  60. Because actresses now finally feel like they have the right not to get bullied into gratuitous nudity.

  61. It's almost like women got more control over their bodies and decided they were worth more than their nakedness in a movie. We also saw a rise in female heroes, and young girls with heroic ambition rather than just being used as sympathy cards.

  62. This is likely whats actually going on. Nudity in block buster movies always seemed like it was a young starlet showing the goods to get their first major acting role then they could move onto actual acting roles where they were more (sometime barely more) than just a pair of tits next to the male co-star. E.g Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) Margo Robbie (Wolf Of Wallstreet) Emily Ratajowski (Blurred Lines) Brie Larson (Tanner Hall)

  63. It is actually rare to see movies where the sex scene is intergral to the plot now, if most nudity can be skipped and the movie doesn't lose anything, what's the point? It used to be that the fact that you get to see stars naked draw people to rent the video or go to the cinema, But in the age where porn is a click away, what's the point?

  64. On the other hand, porn was not as accessible as they are today. People were jacking off to those nude scenes instead of typing in a link.

  65. From a Brits point of view, I think the American views I have heard I have been very squeamish regarding nudity. It’s ok to see someone’s head blown off but to casually show a nipple? Outrageous! Over hear we are a bit more casual I feel.

  66. It all moved into streaming service original shows since they don’t have to get rated for theaters. That stuff doesn’t make money in theaters anymore.

  67. Since the streaming services took over the market I watched an increase in nudity especially more in shows than movies.

  68. I'm not trying to sit through drawn out sex scenes that feel out of place and do nothing to push the movie forward just cause you never figured out you can see boobs on Google. You should watch Winning Time, there's so many sex scenes that they don't even get a coach until the fourth episode.

  69. I'd like to watch adult themed things without the nudity. As a dad it makes it a bit strange to have my teen daughter watching with us and her being fine but me leaving the room because she has had a great easy childhood compared to the monsters from my past. We can have options that have a lot or none. Just wish is wasn't so random.

  70. Just feel like the nudity in the 80’s was just uncomfortable in the theater. Straight to streaming great, but sitting next to a stranger in the theater while someone get’s hammered… eh just creepy… that’s my take.

  71. Back in the 80’s we didn’t carry around a device that contained free access to every second of porn ever filmed in human history.

  72. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like Netflix shoves that shut down my throat with their original content.

  73. You now need to hire “intimacy coordinators” so nude scenes are probably expensive now to make might be one reason.

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