Reservoir Dogs - Mr. White’s unlit cigarette

  1. I always read it as Mr. White trying to quit smoking. I think that’s supported in the dialogue somewhere, but I’m not sure.

  2. It’s ironic because in that scene Mr. Pink was the one that said he quit smoking and then proceeded to ask Mr. White if he had one. At that point Mr. White leaves the room and comes back with the cigarettes and lighter. There could definitely be another part of the movie where Mr. White said he quit smoking.

  3. If you recall it also takes him a few tries to light the zippo. Could have just been an oversight but knowing Taratino he did it on purpose to show how tense White was.

  4. yeah, i always figured that it was the lighter, and that he was just so in the moment of talking about what just happened, that he just loops back to actually lighting it once he’s finished saying what he had to and can relax and enjoy the drag

  5. That’s a good point, it was taking a while. I also found it to be odd that he didn’t have the cigarettes and lighter on him. The shot makes it look like he left to go grab them (maybe off Mr. Orange) and then came back. Possible that his struggles with the lighter were because it wasn’t his.

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