Stupid question about Licorice Pizza

  1. I feel so mean saying it but honestly at points she reminded me of the Nun from those Conjuring movies haha or that painting woman from the new version of IT.

  2. Her face reminds me of the woman landlord in kingpin especially with the flat stringy hair. “👅✌🏻this but backwards in a rear view mirror” that lady was also in something about Mary. I was also really weirded out by the almost 15 year age difference of the characters in the movie. PTA is a weirdo for choosing to put something like that out there in one of his movies.

  3. It’s funny cuz PTA did a similar thing with Joaquin Phoenix in The Master and Inherent Vice. Joaquin isn’t “conventionally attractive” per say, yet the woman in those films are all over him.

  4. It was really idiotic in "The Master". I can sorta see how the "Inherent Vice" character had off-beat charm, but his character In "The Master" is glass-eyed, charisma-free and devoid of any social skills.

  5. Can someone please tell me what is PTA? You all keep using it and I don’t know what it is. Oh wait Paul Thomas Anderson. Ok sorry

  6. She's not even the best looking member of HAIM. And yes this movie has a lot of the Tommy Wiseau thing where everyone's like "you're such an awesome guy Gary!" Everywhere they go.

  7. I get unconventional attractiveness, but Sean Penns character literally refers to her as Grace Kelly. I don’t understand if that was meant to be a joke or not. I too was incredibly confused by the amount of men in the movie who commented on her looks. Especially since in the 1970s people glorified much more conventionally attractive people. I found this movie to be pretty terrible in more ways than one, but this aspect bothered me the most and things like this usually don’t bother me in films.

  8. Hey man it’s ok to think someone is not attractive. Is this some kind of new PC thing to think someone is not good-looking? Haven’t seen LP, plan to, but have seen the trailer. And yeah, she is not very attractive. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  9. Such childish PC replies to a legit observation that everyone is thinking whether they admit it or not. No she’s not hot. PT was trying to be real with his casting and how kids see things so differently when they have very little real world experience. You might even go so far as to say she’s so weird to look at that you can’t look away—like a car accident. That’s reality whether anyone wants to admit it in a public forum or not. It sure doesn’t change her effectiveness in the film, though. Quite the opposite. She’s brash and flaunts her braless breasts to empower herself; to distract from her face, which gives her an edge that most girls don’t have. The way someone talks and carries oneself can be just as attractive as physical beauty. Who she is could be very captivating and provocative to an awkward young boy.

  10. I do kinda agree I guess in some ways it does feel kinda childish or something asking but it’s just a pretty major part of the plot and it confused me so I don’t think it’s a completely invalid question. I’m not asking just to try put down the actress or something. I guess the answer is just that it’s subjective and that to a lot of people she is attractive.

  11. You state that she's attractive like it's fact. It's subjective but if we were to approach this objectively, she is objectively ugly.

  12. I didn't have a opinion either way but my friend pointed out how she was attractive but in an untraditional way...which probably works for an artsy film.

  13. I agree that used her anti-hollywood looks as a hook. She looks like a friend you knew at some point in your life with so-so looks but a hypnotizing personality that makes her extremely sexy.

  14. It was not uncommon for men, especially older ones, to shower an average woman or girl in compliments as part of their manipulation. Yes, every man she comes into contact with. That was normal.

  15. I really didn’t like this movie. I’m confused how people “really enjoyed” it. Alana Haim’s acting was terrible on top of these plot lines that made no sense. Also I found those scenes with the Japanese restaurant owners extremely offensive.

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