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  1. I liked this movie A LOT! Although I’m a Disney fan, I haven’t really been into any of their recent live action remakes lately. There was something about Cruella that intrigued me as I’m a fan of the late 90s live action “Dalmatian”movies.

  2. I loved the sound track, the glimpse into her life before she became famous....but wow, did those dalmatians look very freaky in most of their scenes.

  3. I went to see it and had low expectations, figuring it was another sob story for a villain type thing and while yes it technically still was. I actually enjoyed it much much more in fact for me it put suicide squad/harleys outing to shame for me. It was funny and the baroness was brilliant and I thought Emma stone played a bad ass. Looking forward to a sequel for the first time in a while.

  4. I was shit posting and texting my friends in a group message “I bet she hates Dalmatians because they killed her parents”. And now, here we are.

  5. Man the amount of pop songs used in this film is enough to rival that of suicide squad. Also is it me or was anyone was expecting this film to be a tad bit darker tonally with it being sit in 70s london around the punk revolution era and all? It felt pretty tame for being rated pg 13 considering films like maleficent 1 and 2 felt borderline like pg 13 films with the amount of dark subjects they tackle like with the genocide of a entire species and shit?

  6. Speaking of the soundtrack, I found the placement of the songs pretty good. However, for such a creative script, the song picks themselves were so generic. I kept finding myself rolling my eyes every time a song played.

  7. I really enjoyed this, despite not having seen 101 Dalmations for likely 25+ years. Or maybe because of that, because I had barely a shred of memory of the animated Cruella and treated this as if it were detached.

  8. I always think that if a movie was based on a book then we should base the story from the books and not the first movie you saw. Obviously it's Disney and there's connections but also in 101 Dalmatians cruella was 30-40. And in this film she is in her 20s so for all we know in the next 20 years she gets an obsession with fur and decides to go on a dog killing spree.

  9. I can forgive the garden. Like they are a solid 100ft back. She clearly gets pissed if people aren’t quiet. And you know adrenaline from getting ready to murder.

  10. The garden bit I can understand; the establishing shot for that scene is the waves slamming against the rock, showing how loud the sound is. I think that--besides reminding us of what happened to Cruella's mother-- they were suggesting that anyone near the cliff edge wouldn't be able to hear much behind them

  11. I literally said, "Oh, I guess when he told everyone, Go out to the garden, he added But be very, very quiet and we just didn't hear it" in my head. I thought maybe she knew they were all there and just didn't care but then she turns around, shocked there are A HUNDRED PEOPLE MINGLING right behind her.

  12. Yeah, I absolutely loved the whole cliff finale and the setup for it but it definitely relied on a lot of things going completely to plan (which in fairness could be said about all the heists in the movie).

  13. Wow so the Baroness wasn't lying when she said the necklace was a family heirloom 'stolen' by the lady who worked for her who was also back again trying to shake her down for some money. From her pov, killing Estella's mom Catherine doesn't seem so irrational. Up until that revelation i was thinking there'd be more backstory. I guessed Catherine was maybe the Baroness's sister or something.

  14. I was pretty lukewarm on the movie but they should just give Jenny Beavan the Best Costume Design Oscar right now. It's usually a pretty stuffy category but these designs were so wild and creative.

  15. clout does terrible things to reputation in the long run. hard to buy hundreds of dalmations when everyone thinks you kill puppies.

  16. People keep on talking shit about cruella not skinning dogs as if Disney hasn’t been changing the villains narrative all this time. Maleficent is nothing like her original counterpart and neither is this one. Just treat it as it’s own thing. It’s not even called 101 Dalmatians

  17. That intense monologue in front of the fountain really stood out to me. Could’ve been cringe but Emma killed it

  18. Emma Stone carried the whole movie. Not that it was a bad movie but she is just such a compelling actor.

  19. Reminded me of how good she was in Birdman. During that monologue I was thinking "Jeez these writers are lucky they got Emma Stone for this role." She killed it.

  20. That was my thought as well. Based on the trailers, I thought that scene would be some cringy “Look how crazy I am. I have truly become the Joker.” type scene. Instead, I just found myself impressed at how well Stone portrays her as trying to keep up this “bad bitch” Cruella thing to deal with her situation while her human feelings keep seeping through the cracks as she oscillates between the two personas in that one scene really well.

  21. she definitely had a good go at it, but it did feel a bit cringe, to me anyway. maybe because I had been worn down by other things in the movie, or maybe it was just my mood!

  22. I really actually enjoyed it, a lot, but holy fuck when the parachute came out I about passed on from laughter.

  23. Honestly it fit the nature of the movie. They did a good job of implementing "cartoonish" elements throughout. Some examples of the top of my head: Horace and Jasper comically coming down ropes I'm the middle of a store, Wink doing crazy things no dog really would, Cruellas mustache disguise, etc.

  24. And in the end she didn't even do anything at all to that reporter lady so that was a weird threat to make. There was no follow-up at all and she was even invited to all the events later on.

  25. Went to watch this movie ready to trash it because of the memes saying that the plot of the movie is about Cruella hating dalmatians because they killed her mother.

  26. Anyone else notice her principal/headmaster marking down her instances of acting up in school using black dots on a white paper?

  27. That scene with all the different Cruella's by the end would've been THE perfect opportunity for that!

  28. She was listed as an executive producer in the credits. And maybe she was slipped in to some random scene that no one noticed.

  29. Was she not the person who got pushed onto the car hood that they lingered on for a second or two too long?

  30. Also, for all the shit Disney gets about their gay characters, I found Artie truly delightful. He's a splitting image of David Bowie and would probably be good for a biopic about him.

  31. He gave me the same Bowie vibes. The actor really killed it. I'm going to have to check out some of his other work.

  32. Arte was a bad bitch, I'm so wanting for Disney to Retcon the OG one to keep these supporting characters as low-key good guys lol

  33. A biopic with the weird surrealness of Rocketman but spanning a larger part of his life with this guy as young Bowie and Paul Bettany as old Bowie. PLEASE.

  34. Totally agree. Take note, Disney, because this is such a great way to make a gay character. Not as some ridiculous stereotype or two second display of “wokeness” (Star Wars, I’m looking at you), but as an interesting, authentic character who contributes to the story in a meaningful way without their sexuality being their defining trait.

  35. No one craps on them for having gay characters. .it's the whole "the first gay character" thing gets old since they already done it a few times. ..all while cutting scenes for their China releases

  36. They are working on a "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" remake right now would be an interesting angle.

  37. Dude my wife and I read this comment a few hours ago and we’re still turning to each other and muttering “Gypsy bitch” and cackling for a few minutes after. Thanks for giving us an inside joke for the foreseeable future!

  38. This implies to me that in this alt universe, they never hook up (yes, I know, but it's still Disney!) and therefore the unpleasantness about the coat never takes place. (It's a universe where no one smokes in the 70's... anything is possible!)

  39. The lawyer had ill will toward Cruella for getting him fired. This is briefly mentioned. He uses that resentment and the headlines of her being a dog killer to write a song or story about her. This gets turned into the original cartoon. The 1961 animated film was a hit piece.

  40. Lol, in the 90's 101 cartoon, the puppy Lucky had a crush on one of the girl dogs. Only, out of all the 99 puppies they chose one of the dogs that was specifically mentioned as his sister in the movie! Alabama is right!

  41. I was wondering why there was so much unnecessary and bad CG dog shots instead of using real dogs (and it’s clear they did have real dogs in some scenes) but then the film had its 30th needle drop in 10 minutes and I understood.

  42. I agree that some of the dog CG was particularly egregious (the early scene of the 3 dalmatians running to the cliff side 10 min in its very noticeable), but most all of those stunt scenes would not be safely replicable with an actual dog.

  43. Now that CGI animals look pretty good (and these did, despite clearly being CGI), I'm more than happy for this to be the standard over having real animals on set.

  44. the CG dogs are so weird and distracting.. also same dog is CG in some scenes and real in others... just such an odd decision.

  45. Can I just say, I am pleasantly surprised that Disney portrayed a biological parent as the villain and the step-mother as a good figure for once. It's rare considering how sacred "Family values" are in Hollywood.

  46. isn't this growing in representation though? GotG2 has the whole "he was your father but he wasnt your daddy" plotline, Shazam has the "your real mother truly did not care about you but your foster family does", and that's just off the top of my head. I can't think of recent storylines where the real parents were the good figure instead of the step-parents.

  47. Because it is supposed to be a villain origin story but the movie doesn’t even portray her as a villain, so what is the point? The only thing that I hear people praising are the clothes, but the movie was constantly throwing songs at your face every minute and for some reason they have to explain every single detail about her, the laugh, the word imbecile, the name, why can’t we fill the gaps ourselves? It also completely contradicts the 101 Dalmatians movie at the ending.

  48. Best way to go into this movie is as a retcon, and not an actual origin story to the animated Cruella. This is not the same Cruella. This Cruella is definitely not going to be killing any puppies (the move ends with her owning five, including three Dalmatians, after all).

  49. Basically the same thing story tellers have been telling for years- same story, same characters, but different takes. And that's OK. And honestly I don't mind them remaking their characters as long as the story is good. This is one of the ones that I think is pretty damn good. Solid and very entertaining movie all around. Plus the Emmas riffing off one another was awesome

  50. And they handled it really well in that people think she made dresses out of Dalmatians and she doesn't deny it because it's part of her image.

  51. It seems like it was more aimed at the 90's 101 Dalmatians, which unfortunately I haven't seen so I have no idea if that Cruella is any less...pelt-y, but Glenn Close WAS a producer on this so it's likely that between that and the time frame that that's the version of Cruella they were aiming for.

  52. I think your supposed to take the fact that everyone thought she killed the dogs for the show as the basis from where the animated or subsequent live action films come from.

  53. 7.5 is a perfect score. It was just a fun popcorn flick, not too deep, and great fun to look at, very visually appealing.

  54. Yeah I really enjoyed it, I think it is one of the more succsessful Disney Live-action movie, it is not necessarily the best live-action but I think it has good rewatchability value, it could've been great if they can trim a movie a bit into a two-hour movie.

  55. It was a mix of devil wears Prada meets zoolander derelicte and I loved every second of it lol. Also me laughing at the Dalmatians killing her mother and my wife with her mouth open in horror.

  56. I personally loved the film. I thought it was a shamelessly fun punk rock Devil (DeVil?) Wears Prada meets Joker with a dash of Harley Quinn’s attitude and just a sprinkle of Disney Magictm . Gorgeous and vicious.

  57. Idk if it's controversial, but I liked this movie way more than Maleficient. I think I prefer Maleficient as a straight up villain, and always saw her as the queen of Disney villains. Cruella is just another Disney villain to me, so I guess I'm more okay with them redeeming her.

  58. You know an Ursula origin movie is coming soon, seeing how well Cruella has been received. They need an actual drag queen to play Ursula.

  59. Jenny Beavan is one of the best costume designers working today. He work on Fury Road, Sense & Sensibility, Alexander, and many of James Ivory's films is fantastic.

  60. The mid-credits scene implies that the story we know as "101 Dalmatians" is a fictional story within the world of Cruella.

  61. Working with dogs is hard, especially in action scenes. They used a CGI dog in a lot of them. Tough to get right. They had some uncanny valley issues.

  62. Went in with low expectations and had a good time. Jasper and Horace being bros was a blast and Emma Thompson seemed to have a fun time being cartoonishly evil. Did enjoy Emma Stone as Cruella though her mannerisms reminded me Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in a good way. Though the setting was a bit anachronistic (said to be set in the 1960s but the cars are from the 1940s?) and there were some plot contrivances (how long does it really take a dalmatian to pass a necklace?), nothing really took me out of the experience. Definitely had a great time watching it.

  63. There are cars on the road now from decades prior. Would say that makes the film more realistic than everyone driving cars made that decade.

  64. The cinematography, costumes, and the use of Iggy Pop were the only things I really liked. It was everything else that didn't sit too well with me. Cruella was born with her black and white hair? Dalmatians being essentially the Joe Chill to her Bruce Wayne? She adopts this Cruella persona and then suddenly starts treating her surrogate brothers like trash? More crammed-in pop songs than Suicide Squad?

  65. Yeah I was a bit jarred when she came to breakfast three shades lighter and smashing their krispies (poor Horace) but Emma started chewing the scenery to bits and I just went with it.

  66. I’m so curious as to why Mark Strong took that role. He’s way too big to have less screen time than Dany’s Meereen fiancé from GOT

  67. I bet it was a fun movie to make and working with some other cool people, also maybe filmed in his home country so less hassle. I'm sure lots of actors take jobs for reasons like that

  68. Random, niche take: for a movie about fashion and dressmaking there really are too many shots of terrible sewing technique in there. I am aware that it doesn't matter that much, but it was kind of an eyesore to see people pushing random, wavy swaths of fabric through sewing machines.

  69. I can dismiss it, the movie was really stylized and I bet they liked visuals of bunched up cloth and waves more than they'd like flat fabric on flat surfaces.

  70. I taught myself to sew in Sept and wathcing them use that machines I was like "Well that fabric is goign to bunch up. Well that's not going to be a good seam." etc

  71. i've tried explaining to my friends why i hated the music in this movie but i just can't find the words. there is just way too many songs/montages in this film. i think it suffers from the same thing Suicide Squad did where they try to use songs too much to tell us what's happening rather than accompanying scenes.

  72. What I am most glad this film does is inspire people to be a part of more artistic communities that they may never have felt invited to join before.

  73. Agreed! I would love to learn how to make my own clothes. I don’t think I have an eye for high fashion but it could be fun to make things tailored exactly to me and be able to say “hey I made this”

  74. It really gave me a general creative energy in a way no film has ever done to me before, I got home and started planning a bunch of recipes for the week

  75. I kind of loved it. I thought it was great fun, and I think the cast agreed, they were clearly having a good time and being as over the top with it as possible. I liked the characters, the music, the fashion.

  76. They gave it the Maleficent treatment. You can see the original story somewhere in there but it’s changed into something of its own. I wouldn’t too be surprised if we see a Cruella 2 someday that’s a twist on the original 101 Dalmatians.

  77. I don't think this was supposed to be a prequel to the evil version of Cruella we've all come to know over the years through the book and movies. I think this is a new version of Cruella just like the remade Maleficent showed a different misunderstood version of Maleficent. I thought those dogs killing her mother and later on eating her necklace would be the thing that leads her to killing and skinning a bunch of Dalmatians in the future, but she didn't even kill the ones who killed her mother so I think this was to show that we were introduced to a new version of character. A new character who had lies made up about her and was simply made out to be a villain just like the new version of Maleficent.

  78. I feel like this Cruella will just lean into the rumors that her Dalmatian coat is actual Dalmatian fur because it plays into her unabashedly evil image.

  79. No way they make her a dog killer in 2021. I was hoping for her to abandon her childhood buddies and become super evil. I’m happy with the ending though.

  80. When The Devil Wears Prada came out I thought the image of Miranda Priestly, as portrayed by Meryl Streep, was inspired by Glen Close's take on Cruella. The original 101 did not really focus on the fashion culture at all, but the live action remakes adopted the fashion industry as a storyline.

  81. Aline Brosh McKenna (writer of the devil wears Prada) has a Story By writing credit on Cruella

  82. Do you, bro. This movie was fantastic. Hell yes. I’m even gonna watch it a second time tomorrow most likely haha

  83. For all the comparisons to the Joker that I saw, they used the same Smile song that Joker used in it's teaser trailer (different version though)

  84. Explain to me how Estella or Cruella got the fortune when the mom is still alive lol. She's just in jail. Idk how British 70s law work but I don't think going to jail makes your fortune go away.

  85. The money came from her father, and she is her father's rightful heir. Estella made Cruella her heir, so when Estella "dies" Cruella becomes the rightful heir to her father's fortune, causing The Baroness to lose it.

  86. I thought the movie was great and was better than it had any right to be. And as a dude, the costume design in this movie was so fun

  87. Costume design was amazing and the soundtrack was great. Early part of the film was rough but once it hit the time jump I loved it. Definitely way better than it had any right being.

  88. I thought the movie was great! A lot of people were complaining that nobody asked for it, which is true. But I’m glad they made it. The bar is kinda low but in my opinion, Cruella is the best Disney live action movie so far.

  89. I agree with the critique about the narration. The whole reveal being via a minor characters narration took me out of the film about.

  90. I took my girlfriend to see it and went in expecting to hate it. I dont even like 101 Dalmations or most other Disney movies, and I actually enjoyed it. A very solid 8/10

  91. Jungle Book, Pete's Dragon, and Cinderella were also good. Basically all the ones that keep the bones of the original but do their own thing, instead of just trying to replicate what we've already seen.

  92. I really enjoyed it and can see myself watching it again. I agree it was a touch long, but you can never have too much Emma Stone. She killed it and I think I'm in love. It will be really interesting to see if this does well enough to green-light a sequel.

  93. I truly did enjoy it. I went in with such low expectations but I would have liked this movie if it wasn’t a Disney retelling of a villain story. First thing I’ve seen in theaters since Sonic. Music was good, decent pacing. Also mid credits scene was good and glad it didn’t come later because I was about to leave. I’ll likely buy it after it comes to 4k Blu-ray.

  94. I mean have you seen the recent runway shows in New York? It’s not that far off from this. I wouldn’t label it hot topic - but I guess anything black and white might get that label from some people.

  95. LOVED the movie! Emma Stone gave a fantastic performance. I got the impression she had a great time playing this character.

  96. I feel like there will be more variations of the costume because of the fashion angle. Instead of the Daddy's Little Monster t shirt everywhere.

  97. I enjoyed this more than I expected. I actually kind of had a blast. Top notch soundtrack and both the Emma’s were brilliant.

  98. Look, I've got worse things to do than watch Emma Stone play a fashion icon with a splash of crazy, so immediately I'm okay with this movie.

  99. This is not a film that will win Oscars or dominate the box office, but it serves an important purpose: establishing an entirely new Disney market rooted more in “burlesque” than traditional fairy tales or nerdy source material.

  100. Lol this movie could have turned so dark so quickly at a lot of turns. They really were holding back on the non PG story probably by the mouse holding a gun to the director’s head. There is definitely an R rated cut hidden in someone’s vault …

  101. I loved this movie. Emma Stone is my favorite actress and she didn't disappoint here. Yet another brilliant performance. I didn't watch any trailers or anything so I really didn't know what they were planning to go for here but I found myself glued to my seat the whole time.

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