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  2. Lol, I don't think I can watch Thor Ragnarok again after this. Up until the shadow of Thanos' ship appearing, it ended on such a hopeful and optimistic note.

  3. From the comics Thor was always my favorite avenger. I'm glad he's finally getting the respect he deserves.

  4. I paid good money to watch Thanos stomp out all my favorite characters and ill be damned if i don't pay to see it again.

  5. I love that the Black Order baited out Scarlet Witch so that Corvus Glaive could make an attempt on Vision.

  6. Can we take a moment to appreciate that Thanos was a threat and character worthy of a decade of buildup? Superhero films get a lot of flak for weak villains but in Thanos I feel like we got a helluva pay off. He's not as self aggrandizing maniacal as he is in the comics while retaining his casual disregard for other life and awe inspiring power. He made me think of Dr. Doom's "I am the only way forward, such is my burden" moments personified and it was fantastic. He's such a compelling self assured monster and I loved that your could re-title the film Thanos Origins and it be accurate.

  7. Tony Stark returns home to find a positive pregnancy test on the floor is my wild prediction.

  8. Thanos was fucking incredible. After all the build up it would have been so easy to underwhelm but he was an incredible villain.

  9. Something I haven’t seen anybody mention is Thanos telling Tony that they’re both “cursed with knowledge,” to which Tony replies “My only curse is you.” What an amazing line - Tony has spent every movie since The Avengers struggling with PTSD and paranoia that there’s a larger threat out there, something they weren’t prepared for, to an unhealthy degree. It’s completely consumed him, and now he finally gets to see the thing he fears the most. The Russos have such a great understanding of these characters.

  10. I thought the script, and dialogue, was all around fantastic. I found that I was kind of in awe at how much I was enjoying the dialogue, especially from Thor, Gamora, Tony and Dr. Strange. I thought those 4, along with Chris Pratt (and Josh Brolin, obviously), were the MVPs of the film.

  11. I really like the practice of leaving stuff out of trailers - like Thor's new eye and the amount of Infinity Stones in his gauntlet. In a world where keeping stuff a secret is so hard, this is sneaky af.

  12. Thanos had some pretty impressive combos. I thought he was just going to be a big lug swinging his arms around. Nope, dude can chain them together.

  13. So glad I saw this movie right when it came out. That is an ending that would’ve been ruined by the internet if I would have waited.

  14. I laughed WAY too hard when Drax had that insanely huge gun pointed right at this face and he goes “Go on Quill! I can take it....”

  15. I always love their interactions. Like when Thor stepped on the legos, they just looked at each other.

  16. Wanda had to kill Vision, then watched him getting killed by Thanos AGAIN, and then she fucking died. That was fucked up...

  17. It was interesting that she looked practically peaceful when she started to ash. I hope that was intentional, because I really felt for her character there.

  18. Tom Holland fucking killed it in this. It's amazing how much he made me feel for his character even though he's a newer addition. His death was definitely the hardest to watch.

  19. My favorite scene was when iron man was putting in work against Thanos and it all just be for a “drop of blood”. I got chills at that scene.

  20. It was his spidey sense. That's why he freaked out so much more than anyone else. He felt the end coming, and he couldn't do anything about it.

  21. 5 minutes into the movie and Heimdall and Loki were both brutally killed. Only five minutes in. I was sitting there thinking "Shit, this is going to be rough to watch".

  22. Out of place as it would have been, I can't tell you how much I wanted to hear Immigrant Song start playing.

  23. That scene of him in the Guardians ship talking about losing everybody....I’m so okay with emo Thor

  24. everyone in the audience was freaking out midway through the movie about red skull showing up out of nowhere while me and my dumb ass thinking it was doctor doom from the fucking fantastic four this whole time

  25. So I had a couple friends complain about Strange giving up the stone, and I've seen a few of those complaints on here and other forums.

  26. Also about Star-Lord being impulsive, I think it is consistent with his character because same thing happened in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 when he heard that Ego killed his mother.

  27. I’m amazed they managed to prolong Vision’s death for two and a half hours. But they made up for it by killing him twice

  28. That was ridiculously awesome. They gave Thanos all these cool powers with the Infinity Stones, and then actually thought through ways he might use them. Brilliant stuff.

  29. To me the biggest middle finger was bringing Nick Fury back for the postcredit scene, and knowing damn well that they're going to kill him. They broke us down, gave us a chance to collect our thoughts, and then kicked us again with that one.

  30. I love the absence of music in those last moments. They finally employed the less is more mindset after 2.5 hrs of nonstop action, and it's gloriously bleak.

  31. Also missing the iconic music during the opening Marvel Studios bumper, I knew right away the tone would be something new to the MCU.

  32. I love how Banner said to the Black Order and the Outriders "you guys are screwed now" when Thor arrived in Wakanda. Usually everyone says that about the Hulk when he shows up. Thor really is the strongest Avenger.

  33. Some argue Thor is the strongest character in all of Marvel (not counting meta characters like God etc) due to the fact that he's the most powerful living god from Asgard. Logically it makes sense and his power seemed crazy in this movie.

  34. There was also a shot in the trailer of Banner standing next to the hulkbuster arm that I’m pretty sure wasn’t in the movie. Once we see the hulkbuster suit he’s in it until the end of the movie right?

  35. Dude seeing the Hulk get manhandled like that was actually pretty terrifying. Those punches felt massive. I feel like that's probably why he didn't come out for the rest of the movie, seems like the Hulk is scared for the first time ever ahaha

  36. Everyone's already talked about the big scenes, but I wanna give a shout out to the scene where the Black Order first arrives in New York. They did an amazing job shooting that scene, following Tony and Strange as they go out onto the street, keeping the camera at ground level the whole time. The ominous rumbling of the spaceship, the people screaming and running, it really gave off an incredibly menacing and gritty vibe.

  37. Ebony Maw was pretty cool. Kind of sucks that he was the first of the Black Order to die, but they did good showing him off with what time he was given.

  38. Tony is the key. The one future Strange saw them win was with Tony alive. Hence why was willing to give up the time stone, despite saying prior that he’d be willing to sacrifice Tony or Peter just to protect the stone. That’s why he told Tony that there wasn’t another way.

  39. The BEST Doctor Strange magic! I was waiting for him to go all out, but I was not expecting that, I got all tingly! I want to see that sequence on repeat.

  40. In the scene at The Collector’s, a cage can be seen containing blue Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development. We later learn that Thanos had fabricated that reality. That means, canonically, that Thanos is a fan of Arrested Development.

  41. I saw a credit for the “licensing of the portrayal of property of Arrested Development,” or something like that, at the end of the credits and was really confused. This makes sense now.

  42. I feel like the movie really set up how no one actually understood the depth of what it means to fight someone near omnipotence. The Earth team especially, they were so sure of their plan (destroying the stone), that when Thanos just casually reverses time it was a special sort of horrifying.

  43. It's just amazing to me that you can have a movie with like forty seven fucking main characters, introduce a new bad guy and develop him from the ground up, and have it not be a total absolute clusterfuck.

  44. The scene where Thor sits down and just recounts everything he has lost is so heartbreaking, and is like his only moment of relief from the start of Ragnarok to the end of Infinity War where he has to actually come to terms with that. I think I liked his arc the most. Also, calling rocket 'Rabbit' ahahaha

  45. SW's power scaling is crazy high and is the only known way for The Avengers to combat a Stone's power. Thanos couldn't do anything about her blasting him without using the Stones he had to block her blast. Otherwise he'd be sent hurling backwards. He was also kind of taunting her as if she had a chance then showing her it meant literally nothing anyway because he still ended up killing Vision anyway.

  46. I was at a theater in Harlem that was basically all black people and the audience completely lost their shit when that happened.

  47. I’m the one Asian in my group of 4, with one black and two white guys. All 3 covered their mouths as the Snappening was killing off heroes and I was just like, “man, that’s about half a billion Chinese people dead.”

  48. Red Skull being the protector of the soul stone or whatever was seriously the most comic-book thing I have ever seen in a movie. Think about it. Taking an old, unused character (which again, is amazing that this has been going on long enough for those to exist), and making them into a new, mysterious, powerful character? That felt some mid-series, end-of-the-issue comic book reveal! These moments are exactly the kinds of things I've been waiting for in these movies, and I'm so happy we're finally getting them.

  49. Gamora's death was my favourite scene in a film full of great scenes. So much layer and depth that unfolds in one scene: Thanos' anguish, Gamora's realization that he loves her, Gamora immediately attempting to kill herself to stop Thanos, and finally, her last moments spent trying in vain to save herself not for her own sake, but to stop Thanos from getting the soul stone.

  50. Soulcrushing when you realize what's gonna happen way way before she does, and she just keeps talking and talking and doesn't know how wrong she is...

  51. Zoe did an incredible job. That scene, and in my opinion the entire movie, relied on her and Josh Brolin. Both of them delivered in spades.

  52. I love the idea that Fury has probably been keeping the Marvel-signal on him since the 90s and JUST NOW decides it's time to use it.

  53. Bucky dual wielding a machine gun and Rocket Racoon is something I never knew I needed in my life.

  54. Help us Captain Marvel (and Hawkeye) you're our only hopes. For real though, the fact that she's Fury's last chance for help beyond the Avengers means she's gonna kick some serious ass, I'm even more hyped for Captain Marvel.

  55. I've heard some people guess that Hawkeye will turn up Ronin-like in Avengers 4 because his family disappears in the snap which would be... terribly heartbreaking.

  56. Thor has lost his parents, brother, three best friends (with Sif MIA and possibly dead), his first girlfriend and his entire homeworld.

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