I'll be honest I don't have much hope for either of these but both of them were in Newark Ohio.

  1. Yeah you were right I don't know that I'll buy either one of them again I'm not a fan of the green jolly ranchers and the snapped was a hard pass.

  2. Have you ever been to Market Street Soda Works, in downtown Newark? If you haven't, you should definitely try it

  3. Surprising to me because no one seems to touch the mountains of thrashed Apple at my local Kroger locations. They gobble up normal dew like crazy around here though.

  4. You can order it from Kroger. Shipping is about $6 for a 12-pack and there is an online code to save money on your first order

  5. Thrashed apple is one of my favorites! Tastes like green jolly ranchers to me. Ginger snap’d though? Just takes like sugary ginger to me. Better than cake smash but Dew should stay away from desserts.

  6. Just tried that in a 50/50 blend not bad but not great either all it did was sugar overload my system LOL I'll taste it again in a few hours after I eat dinner

  7. Anyone else think Snap'd tastes almost exactly like Coke? It's kind of blowing my mind. Does this mean Coke has been gingerbread-flavored this whole time?

  8. I really liked the thrashed flavor. Snap'd however is disgusting. It was pretty funny to watch my wife take a sip though.

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