One of the unspoken rules of motorcycling.

  1. I did this and right before i grabbed him he got hit by a pickup. Several other people had turned around and stopped to help it and i had to let them know it was dead.

  2. I always do this! Glad you were able to help him out. I've turned around for some before to find that the car behind me ran them over :(

  3. This is like the 3rd post i saw on this sub saving a turtle, guess its more common than i had imagined lol great job riding community

  4. I was sprinting back maybe 40 yards to save one and a car swerved across the double yellow and across the middle of my lane to hit it.

  5. All fun and games until you realise it's a set up, and there's 4 other turtles after climbing onto your bike and tearing off on it into the distance.

  6. This is actually something we were told to do when racing in California D37 desert races when we came across desert tortoises on the course.

  7. All the track riding I do is on the East Coast. That’s funny y’all have a protocol for it, they could cause a nasty wreck for sure. Safe riding.

  8. He was heading to the pond beyond that hill. The Dukes are solid, I found an 890 for a great price, but wishing I would’ve gone with the 890 R for that suspension upgrade. Grrrrrrr.

  9. driving thru texas, I filled the bed of my little pickup with box turtles I found alive on the road and drove down a side road quite a ways to release them all.

  10. Buddy of mine and I were riding our adventure bikes through Jersey, and pulled over to do the same thing. Had to offset the random act of kindness by both riding wheelies away from the scene.

  11. Haha the wheelies are legendary on these bikes. And yes, main reason I opted in for the 890 over the Super Duke. It’s just too much motorcycle for me (at least that’s what I tell myself…).

  12. I do that even in the car. I have gloves stashed for that very purpose. The car serves to block traffic during the operation.

  13. Turtles and Tortoises are our animal brothers, they have a hard protective shell on the outside, just like us (when we atgatt), so they’re our kin, we must take care of them.

  14. Never got to save a turtle when I was on a moto, but I've saved one when I was on pedal-power and on walks. This is a brilliant clip and I love you, man.

  15. Way to go! Also how animated and expressive you are is amazing. If you ever do motovlogging I'd watch!

  16. Always move turtles out of the road in the direction they are heading , and do not take or move them from the area they are in . Most Turtles live their whole life in a one mile radius area and it screws them up to move them to a new area .

  17. First i was... Why the hell should i waste time on this video.. but the way he laughed.. i have watched it several times now and i am in a sooooooo good mood now 😁 thanks for this .. the world need more laugh 😂

  18. So happy to see these turtle posts. I am a biker boi and keep an African Sideneck aka Crocodile Turtle as a pet. He lives in a 6-ft long aquarium (125 gallons) and is awesome!

  19. Thank you for not inly saving the turtle but also taking it completely across the road so it doesn't try cross again after you leave

  20. This gives me hope that there is still lots of good people out there. Thank you. Saying this just after some kids were aiming at my balcony with their fireworks to try to burn my house for no reason.

  21. Good for you dude. I do this regularly with tarantulas, snakes, and tortoises I find on the road in the desert. Gotta keep the innocent alive!

  22. I didn't realize the Terrapin Rescue Squad was an actual thing! I know turtles can live a long time, but about how old is a football sized slider?

  23. I live right along a bayou and will stop in the middle of the road in my Tahoe and do the same thing. Gotta save the turtle broz.

  24. Yes! The first time I did this I was very surprised how heavy and violently strong these little guys are. Dude was throwing mass around like no other, haha.

  25. I almost hit a turtle going around a sharp turn while riding the other day. The thought crossed my mind. Then I realized that I would rather a turtle get run over on a blind curve then for me to get run over on a blind curve.

  26. Knew a guy who tried to save a kitten on a highway simar to this. He was hit by a car, which scared the kitten into another lane getting it killed.

  27. U always have to save animals or clean up debree etc that could be dangerous to other bikers otherwuse no biker wave

  28. I'm not a fan of loud or aggressive motor cycles but I am a fan of this, I'd say that it's and unspoken rule for any non uncased vehicle, cyclists, tuk tuks, horse carriage, roller blader, etc

  29. I rode past one on a group ride last weekend and it bothered me all day that I couldn't stop for him. It's weird but they really do seem like kindred spirits.

  30. I've saved a bunch of turtles. I'll turn around any vehicle when possible. I only missed one so far. I'll always remember it, when the Amazon truck came by as I was pointing and waiving... It was so low even though the truck saw and tried to straddle it, the trailer clipped its shell and that was that.

  31. I saved a young snapper a couple months ago. That fucker tried to take my fingers, scared me so much I dropped him a couple inches, but I picked him back up and put him on his way. In front of my wife and daughter no less! Not sure if I got dad points for saving a turtle, or embarrassed myself in front of them for wussing out on the first pick up.

  32. Last week at an intersection, the light had turned green but the car in front was slow to get going. Turns out there was a mama duck and a line of ducklings slooowly crossing the road. They crossed our lane safely but at the opposite lane, there were a couple of cars fast approaching. They were not slowing down because the light had turned green. And the ducks were difficult to notice, they blended in with the color of the road.

  33. My group and I literally saved a turtle last week. I’ve been seeing all these turtles on the street videos from motorcyclists lately!

  34. I once avoided running over a crossing sewage turtle only to hear the truck behind me make the tastiest crunch the culinary world has ever heard

  35. Treasure the turtle above all, the turtle has shown us the way. It is the turtle who eats the squid, the turtle who lives long and grows wise. By their blessed shells do we know the path of ATGATT and we in turn must value all the turtle all the time.

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