Daily reminder that the Tigers could sign Correa and trade for a catcher and their payroll would still only be $115-120M going into 2024, with Skubal/Mize both back in the fold.

  1. After the Harris comments last night, it’s more likely that the Tigers don’t do much this off-season right? I just seriously started following them last off-season, so don’t enough to analyze his comments lol

  2. Yes, the sentiment seems to be that Harris doesn't want to have long term contracts on the book as he is restructuring the organization.

  3. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get anyone crazy this year. Next season will be a huge question mark with players coming off of injuries and the staff being replaced except Hinch. I'd rather spend after Miggy retires should be even more free roster spots after next season.

  4. I still say anyone who thinks Correa will sign here is delusional. He was given a huge offer last year and turned it down. It’s not happening. Move past it.

  5. They aren't expecting Correa. Just making the point about how meager the payroll commitments are going forward. And the offer they're alleged to have offered him wasn't serious. No one thought you could lowball Correa into taking $275M last year. Why would he take less than Corey Seager, for example? Correa is younger and better.

  6. That’s assuming guys would even want to come here now. Last year we were somewhat attractive coming off a decent year, had some young starting pitching developing, and a couple of big young bats on the cusp. Now we’re coming off a bad season, the young starting pitching can’t stay healthy, and those young bats on the cusp are questionable. That’s not even mentioning the organization didn’t exactly show they can support development. Almost every guy took a step backward last year. I don’t think this organization has the trust of players to put them in the best position to succeed. Establishing that has been a point of emphasis for Harris and they’re gonna have to prove all these changes actually work.

  7. Yeah, but that would involve spending money and committing very long term to a player, the latter of which Ilitch seems very unlikely to do, and the former is questionable at this point.

  8. Nah this is way over the top. They just won 67 games with Austin Meadows and E-Rod missing most of the year, Greene missing half of it, and Torkelson being terrible. It's not unreasonable for blue chip prospects to struggle in their rookie years, and good reason to think the veterans, including Baez and Schoop bounceback closer to their career norms. The same team in a healthier season probably wins 75 games. They won 77 in 2021 by comparison. They're a lot closer than it looked last year, especially in the Central.

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