[Tigers PR] The Detroit Tigers have named Rob Metzler Vice President/Assistant General Manager, joining the organization after 15 seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays.

  1. we interviewed a few of guys from the rays when i was there. people leaving the rays usually leave for money reasons because much like on the field, the rays don't pay their analytics people either. Metzler probably got a really nice raise along with the promotion.

  2. I'm not being snarky, I genuinely don't know: have the Tigers ever had members of their staff poached, like even when we were good?

  3. Im really digging the moves the Front Office is making. Especially crucial with a big off season coming. This team needs a big overall and likely needs to bring in a handful of FA

  4. So they name an assistant general manager but still not a general manager. Seems like they’d do it the other way around.

  5. At this point there's no way Harris won't be assuming GM duties. If he's the President, and the Assistant GM is a Vice President, there's not room in between there for someone else.

  6. Honestly, every 5 years the Tigers should do away with staff and hire more. Cause after 5 years if you don't have a plan that's working then your shit is cooked. These are new guys, therefore, i like

  7. 15 years ago was 2007, one year later the Rays won the pennant and turned the corner into one of the most consistently successful franchises to this day.

  8. It’s good that the Tigers are clearing house with their organization and they appear to be replacing them with members from winning organizations. I just hope it doesn’t turn into the Matty Patty situation with the Lions where they got a coach from another winning organization thinking it would get them to the promise land. That would be extremely depressing

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