What do you envision Miguel Cabrera's role to be in 2023?

  1. Honestly I know he's a competitive guy, and he wants to play (especially to earn that 32 mill). But from a strictly business perspective I'd rather just buy him out and start someone else at DH. Let him be in the dugout as a bench coach/hitting consultant.

  2. This is my take. The next real competitive Tigers team likely can’t afford to have a slap-hitter at DH. Buy him out, give him a special role in the org and bring in some offensive help.

  3. My biggest problem with this- which I agree with- is that we all have to miss out on a farewell season.

  4. If you are a brand-new GM, you don't really want to a) DFA a legend or b) commit an active roster slot to a guy who can't physically perform.

  5. This is what it will be. The Miggy farewell tour is too lucrative for Illitch to pass up. And Miggy will want his money. The only person in the org that will want to buy him out is Harris.

  6. He should be in the role pujols was supposed to be in this year. Wheel him out against guys he definitely has good numbers against and final games of home series

  7. "Best shape of his life" in spring training, goof around in the dugout, a couple three-hit games, injured and on the shelf by May.

  8. Unless something improves dramatically with him, start him some fraction of games at DH (none at 1B). In any close game, pull him for a PR if he gets on base in the 2nd half of the game, as he is now a big liability on the bases. And if he can’t outhit other possible DH candidates, which is a longish list, then he’s done, except to specifically help Torkelson if needed.

  9. I'd prefer he retires or is bought out and kept on the coaching staff. Then you can rotate the DH with guys like Meadows, Carpenter, and Haase, or give guys pseudo off-days.

  10. He will be on the team, would be very bitter sweet for him to hang up the cleats after not playing at all the 2nd half of this year (yes I know it was because of health)

  11. I'd have him on the bench for the most part. Let him play 1-2 times a week. Give him a proper farewell while letting some young or more productive players get some playing time.

  12. With that contract, they will require dynamite to get him out of the locker room. He will sj\how up and honor his contract. Harris would not be having a good start if he got too involved in that. Cabrera can move up the hit list with another season.

  13. He needs to do the right thing and just get out of Dodge, or in this case Detroit. He is a distraction and pretty much just collecting a check.

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