What would you do?

  1. I'm just a fan but I think one area outside of just firing Avila would be looking into our hitting staff and our minors staff in general. Outside of pitching we seem to be downright horrible at growing players. Even blue chip prospects seem to lack any shine unlike other franchises.

  2. The thing about our prospect development is that it has already been completely reworked last year with the team replacing Avila's goons for Hinch's guys most noticeably after David Littlefield got ""promoted"" away from head of player development

  3. I just want to say thank you for this post. I've been asking this question all season and the only response I get is "Fire Avila. Figure the rest out later." Everyone likes to play keyboard GM but don't actually have any ideas to fix the team, so I appreciate the comments here and the constructive ideas that would actually reshape the organization. I don't agree with everyone, but I really enjoy that they at least have thought about it.

  4. Something needs to he done with the medical staff. Franklin Perez, Faedo, Mize, Skubal, Manning all have gotten hurt, and multiple times

  5. A complete tear down and restructuring of our foreign scouting and development for sure. Beyond that idk I’m just a fan. Fire Al still tho.

  6. I think we can find someone from Tampa, NYY, NYM, or LAD who is looking for a shot but is stuck under their current GMs that we could poach and give a shot. I definitely wouldn’t hire from inside the org though.

  7. Purge the entire franchise, top to bottom. Al is a symptom of the real underlying disease: this organization can’t—and has never—developed its own talent, with only a few notable exceptions.

  8. I don’t care about firing anyone. Time for youth movement. Develop all that appear ready. Pitching coach is excellent. Build from him and youth.

  9. If you had to point at one thing, you'd say it's the way we scout or develop position players. (Sort of hard to say which of those things it is, though Nick Quintana seems to have stepped up his game since being traded to the Reds.) We just never seem to have any upside surprises from position players we draft. The closest we have there at the moment are Kriedler, Keith and Carpenter, none of whom has played a game in the majors.

  10. Sign Dansby Swanson and move Javy to second. Get Tork hitting again. Get Meadows back healthy. Maybe sign an under the radar outfielder, like Laureano. See what happens.

  11. Idk if Atlanta is Gonna let Dansby walk but if he did then I’d love for him to come here as a Braves/Tigers fan. I like the idea of Laureano. With how bad Oakland’s trades have been we probably could’ve gotten him for “cheap” at the deadline

  12. Probably trade a few of the pitching prospects for a couple impact bats in the lineup. Then look for some nutty free-agent bats in the offseason and do everything I could to sign them. Get Miggy in as hitting coach, get Mario and Rod back in the booth (out of my control) and get rid of Geis as scouting director (or is it Gleis? Who knows.) Hire new player development staff and medical staff. Strength & Conditioning... all that stuff. I'd keep Fetter and Hinch. The starting rotation I feel we're kinda boned on. Manning and Mize are just meh. The rotation relies on a lot of big if's.

  13. Not sure why you're being down voted, fact is Chris Illitch is in it to make $$ he doesn't care like his dad did.

  14. There are 5 VP’s in the current Tigers Front Office. Ask AJ who he likes and promote them to Interim GM. Then spend the rest of the season deciding if you want them as the new GM or hire externally.

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