Dropping your best friend for snaking you for girls

  1. You have some valid points there, brother. I could understand maybe a once-in-blue-moon situation that might arise like this: you have plans together, and he backs out an hour or two before, because a girl he idolizes asked him out on a date or something very last second, obviously; he then texts you immediately and profusely apologizes, saying he will take you out to dinner or cover drinks the very next night your available, whenever that is, because he feels bad that he blew your night. Now, based on what you’ve told us already, none of that has happened lol. He is ditching you last minute for a low quality friend/mate/date, and expects you to understand. And you would, if it didn’t happen all the time or it happened exactly like I said it hypothetically might above, where he appeared sincerely sorry and was determined to make it up to you immediately.

  2. I had a friend that would constantly hit on girls I was trying to talk to. The very least I was just trying to converse and shoot my shot and see if anything sparks but he'd be right there to block me out. It's disrespectful if it happens multiple times. I broke the friendship off because of that and multiple other reasons. He's a douchebag. Your friend sounds like a douchebag.

  3. Had a friend like that.... Had! Save your time and mental health by avoiding idiots like that. By texting the girl you currently date he showed how much respect he has for you lol.

  4. Your friend puts hoes before bros. Guy is desperate. Shit is unattractive as hell. I would stop putting effort into asking him to hang out. If he asks you, your choice if he’s worth it.

  5. Listen, and I learned this later in life but not everyone views you the same you do them. Shit, he’s treating you like an acquaintance, treat him the same or at least accept this behaviour and understand his behaviour won’t change for you.

  6. Don’t need to burn bridges. I had a friend like this up until he owed me money. Should’ve distanced myself from him sooner. Would be too weird to just catch up now.

  7. Yeah, my best friend of 15 years will still drop anything / everything we’re doing at the time if he thinks he has a chance at some piece of tail. It’s pathetic how much modern men are enslaved to their sex drive to the point of abandoning the bros. Booty calls can’t match the value that brotherhood offers, period. It’s the one thing I love about Islamic culture, because they understand this brotherhood concept extremely well.

  8. You need to tell him that if he keeps this shit up he will end up married to a bitch that won’t let him do anything, because all she knows is him bending over backwards for her.

  9. Don’t let people walk all over you and disrespect you. Even if it is your best friend. Call him out once give him another chance if he does it again drop him. 90% of dudes are thirsty snakes and would fuck their best friends wife if given chance

  10. That’s not a bro. He broke bro code. The flakiness is one thing if he was in a committed relationship but he clearly fucks around for a few month with different girls

  11. U can’t be friends with guys who snake u for girls, he’s a liability bc what if u get into a situation sum1 wants to find u to hurt u, guess what they gon do, send a girl towards ur so called friend, it puts u in bad situations bc he will always sell u out for pussy

  12. Tbh he is not a friend, I’ve had people hate on me and snake me because of girls. I know a guy who works in construction and he told me a story of how there was a girl who he was close to but his friend liked so that his friend went and told the girl a false story that the construction guy was insulting her when she wasn’t there, things like “he said you’re ugly and that you think you think you’re important” and so on. The next day she messaged the guy I know raging out at him, then he explained that it was all a lie and they reconciled.

  13. Ask yourself this: would you ever trust him to be alone in a room with your girl? If the answer is no, thats not a bro for life.

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