Leighton Allen Labute, 20, is facing six charges related to his alleged torture of a hamster

  1. I think we all learned something from Luka Magnotta’s case. I’d really hate to know what stuff that guy does off camera.

  2. He was my best friend since we were both in Kindergarten. I'm absolutely shocked, but also not surprised to see that he did something like this. This breaks my heart. I'm kind of in a numb state of shock, to be honest. I've never been so close to somebody who has done something so horrible before

  3. I used to go to school with this kid, he was in most of my classes and you could tell something was up with him. He kept to himself, mostly always had his hood up, & never really talked to anyone (not even the teachers if he was called on in class.) My friends & I all thought he'd be a school shooter one day, so honestly, all of the shit he's pulling doesn't really surprise me.

  4. I was best friends with him for over four years... I can go on and on about stories where he told me his plans to commit genocide at your high school. I called police so many times but nothing happened...

  5. Yeah man he was in a few of my classes sketchy ass kid.... I just thought maybe kids bullied him because he was awkward but then he told me about how he wanted to get a van and take kids into. It... man animals is the start. He's out now. This man faced no consequences. What's next....

  6. he told me once he got kicked out from school because he said he was going to put mustard gas in the vents and kill 'all the pregnant bitches' at the school because he said it would multiply the kill count by 2x (because they were pregnant)

  7. This is especially sad because I considered him a close friend for many years online. I met him through an online shooting game years ago around 2011 or so. We started skyping alot to play 3ds games, PC shooters, argue about dumb shit. He was very interesting and creative which was cool because he liked creating stuff from scratch. He was into alot of gore and violent shit which wasn't initially that crazy as I liked watching violent 80s anime n shit as well. But he liked it a bit more and had a very dark sense of humor at times. He would tell me that he had a hard time being around kids at school and that he would like to have friends but he didn't want people to judge him for what he liked(gore and shit). After I went to college though we had stopped talking for a few years then I reconnected with him on Instagram and he had gotten a decent following but was very depressed and lonely. I felt really bad and would try and give him tips on how to socialize and get out so that he won't drive himself to suicide. I even encouraged him to do boxing because I thought it would give him a boost in confidence. At this time he told me he was kicked from his school because of threats and I got worried because he got weirder and weirder after this. I would continue to check up on him and ask him how is everything and if wanted to play some old 3ds games. Then I stopped talking to him for a while and I saw all this shit about him killing animals like WTF 🤦‍♂️ I knew he was strange and into some sick shit but what he did to those animals is gross and fucking inhumane! Haven't talked to him since, but honestly it's so sad that he ended up like this especially since he seemed to have such a nice mom that cared for him. I wonder what his brothers are saying 🤦‍♂️ I know this is long lmao

  8. Disgusting! I get so sad when there's animal abuse. 😢. I say do to these people what they did to those poor creatures but not enough to kill them. Let them suffer.

  9. Seems like a good time for the internet to use its power to drive people to suicide to accomplish some good in the world for once. Everyone would like to see that headline pop up in the news.

  10. I can honestly say I was shocked when I first heard about Leighton's charges. I have know him from the age 5, he was well taken care of and seem to get along well with another kid I knew. He was spoiled at home, had everything a child could want. As soon as he started bullying another child, which I witnessed, I realized that he was not being respectful, but wanted to be liked by the two other bullies. I stayed friends with his parents but seen that he was not very sociable. He was always doing things by himself. On his own. Not conducive to mental well being. So clearly he is acting out his fantasies because he lacks social skills. Or I'm just bullshitting but really, anyone who kills animals online is just a piece of shit. Definitely needs a psychiatrist.

  11. I used to video chat with him. Hes definitely fucked in the head. Multiple personalities is a definite. If u go to his Instagrams. Anonymous got involved leaked his IP address and everything.

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