I got kicked repeatedly over this stupid fucking debate.

  1. I find this happens when the perception of a game goes south, like in Destiny 2 it was really bad when the MTX shop got stuff that should be obtainable in game due to lore reasons, they got a lot of pushback about it. The fact that you got shit from 12 lobbies really speaks volumes about how the players see the game in its current state and view you as an accessory to the crime.

  2. At first I was on the fence about weapon layered DLC but the more I look at it, the less I like it.

  3. Capcom doesn't care about people opinions on MTX so kicking people over cosmetics won't change anything, it will just give a really bad image of the community. The only thing we can do to counter this is that no one and I mean not a single person purchase the thing. But people already did it's over now people have to stop kicking other people because to me they just act like the fortnite kids who harass other kids with no skin.

  4. After reading all of these comments. OP, you should just use join request feature and avoid lobby. At least in the heat of battle people will most likely to focus on hunting the monster than kicking you out

  5. You're underestimating how petty people can and will be. OP should probably just host and save themselves the time

  6. Nah. You are the problem. Imagine being so entitled that you think you can bully people for the things they like. Hope you are vegan with an attitude like that.

  7. I honestly DO like those new weapon skins, but I still don’t approve of the paid skin push. I’ve no idea who to side with here

  8. I don't think you understand how much people are against the Paid DLC, yeah what you do with your weapon is your business. But technically it effects us to because it means that the more people buy this shit, the more Capcom will think its okay with it and will take a step further with it in MH6, MH6U, MHP6th, and/or MHP6thU.

  9. The way I see it, if there's a stigma to showing up with your shitty paid bling, it discourages the purchase of said shitty paid bling in the first place, because showing it off makes you into a pariah.

  10. Nah see that’s the thing, have an opinion, that’s great but don’t be a coward and kick someone before they can even reply lol.

  11. I'd just leave the lobby if I see someone using them, don't want a constant reminder that some stuff can not be obtained by playing the game especially in a Monster Hunter game.

  12. If you hate this choice so much, never buy another MH game again and uninstall Rise. That is actually based; this is just brainless bullying. You are too much of a coward to actually boycott the series and just rather be a cant.

  13. Pretty much. I haaaaaate these weapons and what they stand for, but Capcom is gonna do this regardless of if people buy it or not, and all kicking people is gonna do is get our ability to kick people that actively need to be kicked taken away. I bet money that turning extremely hostile towards people that buy these weapons will not have the results people expect, or want.

  14. thank you for posting this, its shown me the best method to combat MXT in games, if we constantly kick players with MXT it will make people less interesting in buying them because they'll be seen as a negative

  15. Sure they can't tell you what to do with your money, but they also have the right to kick you for any reason or no reason at all. Paid DLC has been a shitty slope since it really started in world and many members of the community really do not like it me included. I've been abandoning hosts with Lost Code weapons because of it.

  16. Leaving over paid dlc weapons is still shitty. For any other reasons where the host is being an ass or incompetent player, I'd get that, but over cosmetics? That's just inviting more disdain between players and driving toxicity within the community.

  17. I addressed the main reason for my post at the bottom. If they had just kicked me cool, it’s the fact that many of them went out of their way to be a dick in a message before kicking me.

  18. We all have the right to spend our hard-earned money however we want. Same as we all have the right to criticize shit we don't like.

  19. Damm, that bad huh? I have a problem with it but insulting and then kicking people over it is just childish.

  20. I think you should be chastised and I agree with the lobby kicks, this kind of paid dlc on a full price product should get fukt

  21. It's one thing to be against microtransactions, but it's another level of pettiness to actively do this to people who just think the weapons look cool. I don't like the MTX, but being toxic to people because of it solves nothing. Might even encourage some people to buy the DLCs out of spite (already seen it happen). At the end of the day, Capcom is at fault here for going through with this but doing this sort of thing is just going to breed toxicity in the community.

  22. i dissagree, i think its actually the best chance we have against microtransactions. if the consensus online is that wearing microtransactions in game will get you mocked and then kicked then why would anyone buy the microtransactions?

  23. I only play solo, and this sob story of a thread is making me consider buying the IG skin. I'm not going to, but damn this thread is fucking childish. There's so much unlockable stuff in the game, and they add one set of entirely optional paid cosmetics and the community acting like they have the moral high ground over it is laughable.

  24. I can see the other side of it also, though. The people who support these mtxs are actively fucking over the majority who don't want this shit to become the norm.

  25. nah i think its the best policy, we've already had the discussion that petitions and negative reviews don't do anything to stop microtransactions. but if everyone kicks and makes fun of people that pay for microtransactions then people that buy microtransactions stop buying them, the best way to stop microtransactions is to make them unprofitable, and the best way to do that is to chase out anyone that uses microtransactions

  26. I'd kick half the people in this comment thread for being dicks tbh. I do not care about the paid dlc shenanigans. It's such a non-issue lmao

  27. It's a non issue until we're at gen 7 for mh and every single weapon looks the exact same minus its stats and the only way to get different designs is to pay for em, all because people kept buying dlc layered and supporting stupid greedy business practices to encourage capcom to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

  28. Right, I also don't like the paid layered stuff but I'm not going to lose sleep over it lmao. If you don't like it then don't get it. If mh starts going in a direction you don't like, don't buy new games and get into something else, there are tons of amazing games out there with thousands of hours of content.

  29. I may not like paid DLC layered weapons, but the fact remains is that you spend your money how you want to. I don't think people should be getting kicked, and forced into petty arguments because they simply wanted a weapon skin. The fact that people think its ok to harass or kick someone from a game cause they simply bought that isn't right, regardless of if you don't like the practice.

  30. The people whining about people who buy the dlc are hilarious. If you really wanted to show you don't like it, STOP PLAYING THE GAME. You can't complain that people are giving money to Capcom after you literally did and then continue to show support for the game as a whole by still playing it.

  31. Man I feel for you, cause apparently this fandom is only recently being exposed to MTXs and it shows. AAA developers should honestly just start charging $100+ upfront for new games so they don't need to add them, but you know the same kids would be crying about that as well.

  32. What do people think an expansion is? You paid for master rank, you paid for the monsters in Sunbreak exclusively (and their armor) and the two new maps. Break it down and it’s probably a couple bucks each, but it’s all nicely bundled so I guess it doesn’t count. And Capcom has literally been doing that since the beginning of MH. You can itemize the game if you really want to.

  33. Are you also gonna continue to say that when in MH6 or MH7 they start locking most of the weapons behind a paywall? Maybe even certain armors as well?

  34. How dare you help fund the development of the title update that all of these redditors came back to play. Anyone kicking you is probably a petty jackass who isn't worth your time anyways. Find people to play with that don't get mad over crybaby reddit stuff

  35. Dlc money don't give the developers any money. They already got paid before we even knew what rise is or befriend capcom even got a taste of the rise dlc money.

  36. PDLC? lost code? I mean I think most of them look ugly sheathed (look fine in use) but anyone who would give you nasty messages and kick for it needs to be kicked hard in the balls through the internet, and banned from online gaming for about 643 years.

  37. I work 2 jobs just to feed my kids and keep a roof over their heads so i dont spend extra money. And i dont support the mtx in mh either. That being said, I also dont support the community shaming their fellow human for trying to enjoy the game. Lets face facts. Rise, like world, brought new players with different backgrounds and experiences into the community. That means more interaction for current fans. That means bigger payout to capcom. That means more focus from capcom and potential for more content. While its unfortunate that mtx will be a part of that, its 2022 and thats pretty much the way of the world. Plus to those who want everything to be unlockable, maybe move over to PC and "unlock" it yourself. Pushing people out of the community just shrinks the fanbase and shortens revenue capcom gets from the game, making it less likely we get more content and games. Let the spenders spend. They are the ones convincing capcom to keep making the games in general.

  38. Lol it's funny that the people who kick you act like them playing the game isn't encouraging the MTX just as much as you buying it. People can rail against the MTX all they want, but they need to realize that not buying it isn't good enough if you want the practice to stop. Even if nobody buys it, it's not like Capcom lost money on it. They just didn't make any. They still have active players supporting their game and their MTX practices.

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