Spiribirds are a braindead concept and mechanic.

  1. The pros and cons of introducing gimmicks in every game. Sometimes you get pretty cool ones like switch skills and hunter arts, and sometimes you get less cool ones like spiribirds and the clutch claw.

  2. The Spiribirds feel like a difficulty slider + warm up to get into a hunt. The warm up, I can get. Personally, I like the warm up because I'm a filthy newb degenerate. And since Spiribirds are a difficulty slider, you can skip the birds.

  3. I’m just getting into Iceborne, what is wrong with the clutch claw? It seems like it’s too powerful a tool right now.

  4. To this day I have no idea what people are on about with the clutch claw. I realize a lot hate it but it’s never inconvenienced me in any way I just really can’t wrap my head.

  5. Lol and you think that the silk bugs that launch you up on the air are better and more fit for MH than the clutch claw? 😂

  6. When i started playing i kinda liked it cause it makes me explore the whole map but now i hate it cause i burns so much time

  7. That’s exactly what I did. Having to spend 3+ minutes collecting enough stamina/health birds per fight was sucking a portion of the fun out the game for me. I was tired of doing it every quest or needing to be perfect cuz I’m on the edge of 1-shot without the birds.

  8. The problem with Spiribirds is that we already know where the monster is, so this mechanic thats perfect for exploration is now pointless. If this spiribirds had been in MH Freedom Unite for example, where you didn't know where the monster is and you have to throw him a ball of paint in order to track him, this would have been really interesting, but in Rise? nah its just annoying.

  9. Yeah, the new gimmicks work against each other and it makes people not enjoy it. And then you add locations where you can immediately drop on monsters and people don't think of the exploration aspect of the game but instead focus on beating it in record time.

  10. We always know where the monster is regardless. Either by rote memorization of farming, or psychoseruming.

  11. Rise is filled with annoying mechanics. Spiribirds are a drag, Wyvern Riding is just free damage without any depth like mounts, verticality is not explored enough in 95% of fights, stupid lottery music, lack of things to do outside hunts, lobby system doesn't pair well with SoS...

  12. A hidden rainbow on every map could be really cool in like a remote place to reward exploring and accelerate routes

  13. They are also completely opposite to the game's very core game design. Everything, and I mean everything in Rise is made to turn the game from Monster Hunter into Monster Fighter. You get in, fight, and get out with as little friction as possible to keep the loop going.

  14. Based on your comment you like an inferior version of monster hunter. Not having to track, gathering being easier, are not striping a formula down, it’s removing bullshit that’s unnecessary. The best part of the game has always been the actual fights themselves. Sorry but you can keep your old age bullshit.

  15. I was fine with them until I hit the grind. Grinding for something with a 3% carve rate is completely at odds with running around the map collecting incremental buffs. No one wants to do that shit when they’re trying to hit a rare drop.

  16. Afflicted monsters are meant to be hard. Dereliction is basically a variant of heroics, you trade health for extreme damage. Full spiritbirds won't save you from eating shit with Dereliction. Skip the birds, and focus on afflicted match ups you're comfortable with. Each part has multiple monsters that can drop said part, so you should be able to find atleast one good mon for each category.

  17. You're making too much sense for this sub... there are so many options we have to not have to pick up spiribirds yet people are just too clueless to use them or they just refuse to use them, I'm pretty sure these are the same type of people who wirefall into monsters attacks and then complain about how much damage they're taking.

  18. The problem I have with this is that in Rise/SB all the useful skills are level 2 slots and above, level 1 slots are basically worthless, except for stun resistance, that for me takes priority over defense boost, and speed sharpening, that I still prefer over defense boost. In Worldborne if I wanted to slot in some divine blessing I would do so without losing a crazy amount of damage, now to do the same in Sunbreak I have to give up to things like WEX and CB, thanks also to the shitty RNG talismans that allow for very little flexibility.

  19. Spiritbird dango lvl 4 and in like 30 seconds you are at 200 hp. Also if you can't put up with dereliction, consider not being a streamer clone and building something that suits you instead.

  20. I eat a fish at the beginning of a hunt and eat for dango bird caller. Makes it take like a minute to get all of your HP birds and isn't bad.

  21. Then dont run around to collect them. Eat for moxie, collect some green ones on the way to the monster so you can get at least 20-30 extra health and bring materials for max potions crafting. That's really all you need to do, IDK why everyone is making such a fuss out of it

  22. Imagine looking at numbers in a vacuum and thinking they actually mean something instead of looking at all of the game's cumulative numbers and how they're balanced against each other.

  23. Have you tried not getting hit? Maybe avoiding attacks so you don't die. You can also heal yourself so you don't die when you get hit a second time.

  24. Healing is for losers. So is wearing armor and upgrading weapons. I don't understand why they keep putting those in the games. Just don't get hit lul.

  25. They're not even that bad, just grab whatever you can on the way to the monster and you're usually good to go, you don't need to max them out, it's like an extra 30 seconds and you're probably still getting to the monster faster than in older MH games. Also there are quite a few defensive skills and dango skills which can completely negate your need to collect birds, the options are there yet people refuse to use them.

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