Can't beat that generic soldier look in the MW2 beta

  1. I agree but not soap it looks good on soap, price I can see ever donning something like a half mask and Farah might but again I don't think she'd go with bright white mask but I quite like soaps

  2. We all know that these realistic operators will devolve into some hyper colored bs just like what happened in mw19

  3. Is this game doing a vanguard where everyone picks one operator and you have the same operators on either side? Or does this game do what Cold War and MW2019 did where you have teams of operators and you pick one per team?

  4. Fr. I'm happy to have factions back after playing two games (Vanguard and 2042) where I'm shooting clones of my character

  5. I like the realistic looking operators, especially from different country's I think that's the best (I always played as SAS Charlie in MW1)

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