Making trap - Kick louder than 808 or 808 louder than kick

  1. What I will say is that it depends what you mean by “loudest”. The low end of a track takes up the most energy in the mix, and it also depends on how loud you’re listening to it - listening too loud can make the highs and lows appear louder than they are.

  2. It's actually pretty up to you. I find that my beat feels punchier with a louder kick and fuller with a louder 808/sub. I started out making beats with really loud kicks... now I prefer little-no knock on my 808s. Just have fun w it. (as long as you aren't clipping too hard lol)

  3. a kick should be louder imo, its more of a transient than a held note, and often its the attack of the 808 anyway. sometime I iust nudge the 808 over a hair instead of sidechaining which can be breathing/sucking in an annoying way

  4. It’s all depends on that beat fam Trust ears that’s all you need, I got same problem like leveling kick n 808 type. And I also asked that question, and everyone said “trust ears” it’s not an answer what you looking for, but it’s fr depends on the song. Keep it up h

  5. Soundtoys Decapitator, or similar harmonic distortion on one of the two can really help separate kicks from 808s. Either a knocky kick and a clean sub 808, or the other way around! :)

  6. You have to decide whether you want the “punch” of your low end to come from. If it’s the kick, side chain it with the 808 so that the initial hit of the bass ducks out and doesn’t clash with the kick. If it’s the 808, distort, compress and level the two sounds together in order to ‘blend’ the two.

  7. Plug beats and Soundclout usually have the 808s louder and sometimes skip a kick all together. Atlanta/Southern Trap alternates and Drill usually has the kick louder. Go with whatever grooves best on the particular style you’re going for.

  8. That's up 2 u to decide not the answer u wanted right the thing is make ish consiously like decide which is going to sit higher 808 or kick which sound you want to be the dominant one in the low end? and find sounds that compliment each other (yeah Sound selection is crucial but the more you do it conciously the less headache mixing it ) my 2 cents

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