Mix sounds good on speakers but not headphones

  1. One thing that helps me when mixing AND mostly mastering is making sure to check my progress on different listening mediums throughout. I’ll connect my beats headphones or airpods to my computer so I can get another reference. Once I feel I’m finished I’ll also go out to my car and listen in there. There won’t be one thing that you can change to make it sound good in headphones, you’ll just have to make sure to find a happy medium for the sound between all your listening devices.

  2. This. It's all one big balancing act where you will make changes for one listening medium, and then compensate for those changes on the next listening medium with counter changes, and so on so forth until there aren't any glaring issues on anything. Be prepared to compromise; maybe you can't get as much bass as you would like out of headphones, but at least when someone plugs your track into a sub it won't be booming/over the top and and muddy

  3. Absolutely. This guy hit the nail on the head. Bang your favourite sounding song on a muted track and hit solo every now and then to see how your space and tones match it.

  4. Your describing a really common issue that every engineer/producer faces. How does the sound in my studio translate to the real world, especially when compared to other music?

  5. Are your speakers sold as actual studio monitors, or are you using regular ol' commercial speakers? If you're using the latter, they are designed for sounding good with whatever you put in them--they aren't usually good at what the audio actually sounds like, which is what reference monitors are designed to do.

  6. First thing to do is characterize what's wrong with you mix. How is it sounding "not good"? Flat, not wide enough, empty, something else?

  7. Slap an eq on the master and cut at 250hz and 2khz. That middle range is where most generic audio(headphones, car, ect) will shine.

  8. Are you mixing in a treated room? It can sometimes be better to do your mixing primarily in headphones if the room isn’t treated, depending on the room.

  9. On top of all this other great advice, the first thing I would do is make sure to mix in mono frequently. This will help translate better to mono media like cell phones.

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