And now The Snake God has arrived!!!!

  1. I appreciate the criticism brother! I just wanted to try out my speed paints from fathers day! And to do some coral snakes 😂😂😂

  2. I agree there's a color issue here, with the surrounding snakes being so bright and the main model is very desaturated and brown toned that the focus is pulled away and main model starts to disappear into a background element like a tree or other terrain for the small snakes.

  3. This is a boss Encounter from Steam Forge Games Epic Encounters line! Awesome minis go check them out they have a Turtle Dragon on pre order right now! And thank you for the kind words my friend! It was a blast!

  4. Personally, I would change the green snakes color to a different green. I think it reminds many of the painters on Reddit of green stuff.

  5. Yeah to be honest the baby's were the last part and I was ready to put it behind me for a bit I will definitely make improvements at some point to it! Thank you for the cc!

  6. Please put eyes on the baby snakes. The colors are also really off putting and unnatural looking on some of them (not all).

  7. Yeah I slacked off there I'll come back to it and post pictures with some eyes I was just ready to finish and go on to something new 😂😂😂 thanks for the cc!

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