Apparently, users came by so fast that Reddit’s hug of death creeped behind! If you haven’t made your comment in the original Drawing Thread, make sure you do it now! Once again, this is the big Drawing Thread to close out the 2010s! [Drawing Thread #49 - Part 2]

  1. 2020 is gonna be challenging, freshly divorced with abusive wife after 11 years together, left without home and car, starting from scratch. Let’s give a luck a little push :)

  2. If I get this I’m building my dogs a doggo castle with a peanut butter fountain and gonna invite the neighbors dogs to lay siege on it while mine defend it.

  3. Everyone Proposes Sex To Eric In Newyear. Don't Ignore Dickums New Tuba. Kira Is L Lol. Haha I'm Mental So Everyone Look Forward.

  4. As a father of a 1 year old and married to the love of my life, going into year 27 being a millionaire would be a dream! Congrats to whoever wins, let’s do this!

  5. Don't care bout the money just wanted to say Happy Holidays to ya'll out therenlonging for the money, trust me it will never satisfy you but will make you happy

  6. Wishing good luck and happy holidays to all! Crossing my fingers that I’m blessed by the East Atlanta Santa!

  7. This would be such a blessing to me and my family. I lost my job a couple weeks ago because I attended my grandma's funeral.

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