And the Lord said “Go forth and 🍆🍆🍆” -Krogers 6:23

  1. But also why would you take melatonin when you have a newborn who wakes up lots through the night? Is this normal?

  2. God forgive me but I loathe Alia. I'm so sick of her making every petty and insignificant thing about the Lord. No, God doesn't speak to you directly, Alia. You aren't a prophet and he wouldn't tell you what to buy for dinner even if you were. You are narcissistic and are one of the worst examples of me-centered so-called "Christianity" where God is a genie in a bottle or your homie whose sole purpose is to fulfill your desires and stroke your ego. You are vapid, shallow, and self-absorbed. Much like the Pharisees, you pay God lipservice and put on a show of piety for others when you are far from him. You flex on Instagram showing off your expensive vehicle and material things all while claiming to "give God the glory". You are the worst kind of hypocrite and I pray that you will have a real encounter with God and come out of the prosperity gospel/word of faith nonsense.

  3. If I had never really heard of Christianity before and saw this post, I would definitely assume Christians are delusional. Girl, that’s called a THOUGHT… not the Lord speaking to you 😂

  4. RIGHT. People with this idea that every single thing is spirit led are just way off base. God did not lead you to buy an eggplant, you just knew you needed to eat something healthier and chose a vegetable. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Literally same. They are able to justify the wildest stuff when they go down that route. Then I can say that the Lord told me to buy Oreos. Like?? He inspires us but he’s not there saying, YOU SHOULD BUY THIS EGGPLANT 🙃

  6. Last time God told me to eat something, it was disgusting vinegar cucumbers. And I actually had horrible undiagnosed OCD causing obsessive thoughts and weird compulsions.

  7. I’m not opposed to asking God to lead you in certain areas of your life (even areas that seem insignificant) but sometimes we overspiritualize things as Christians. Just say you were craving an eggplant and keep it pushing.

  8. Yeah she could have just said she had been praying for guidance on how to take better care of her body and grocery shopping is part of that process. This totally wasn't necessary at allll

  9. To all Christians...I mean no disresepct cause some of the people I dearly adore in my life are actual Christians, who are nothing like this psycho woman. I haven't studied Bible nor I had a chance to attend church yet,... But why she ALWAYS claims the lord talks to her ???? and whatever her mind is.... is always him telling her to do this...then HE tells her to not talk about lying about her being natural, he tells me i dont need to explain....evil cannkt do anythkng against me as he told me that.... like what is wrong with her?? Does lord really talk to followers like this? Is it herself or her church (Jordan and his family) or what??? Cause she makes it so fishy and weird...she is making me who is not a Christian yet so angry by keep using pure innocent Lord as her own tool to keep talking BS. Please enlighten me as I am so ignorant about MANY things but does her statements make any sense? Or as I feel they are really disrespectful to other Christians?

  10. Christian here (nondenominational). No it doesn’t make sense, they just have bad theology. So many things they say reek of prosperity gospel, and no the Lord does not directly tell you what to do all the time. I would be VERY wary of people making these claims, I see it a lot. Alia, Melanie, and Milena have wack some theology and ideas about God and they put themselves on this weird pedestal, like they have all the answers and advice for other Christians. It irks me so much.

  11. I think all people are susceptible to seeing what we want to see, Christian or not. If you want to believe something enough, you will see whatever it is. I think she mixes up her desire to see God in everything with her desire to have things (whether the things are followers or eggplants I guess). I 100% believe the Lord can and does speak to people today, but IDK, in my personal experience, the only time he has spoken to me about buying certain things has been when I felt I should bless someone with groceries or something

  12. This has to be a joke 😂 I laughed out loud. this woman yall…. Just when I think she can’t get any more ridiculous 🤣

  13. i thought this was a joke or a meme someone on this page made making fun of mihehe 😭 then i clicked on the post 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  14. How stupid did she look in the store taking this picture….. wtf and why the eggplant and not the carrots or squash that are also healthy???? 😒 acting like she’s never had an eggplant in her hand before 🙊

  15. i’m convinced christian’s aren’t real.. like they have to be a social experiment planted by the illuminati or something because this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever seen. like if there is a God, he’s not gonna be spending his time telling you what vegetables to buy when there is war happening and children dying.

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