how I'm preparing my body for my 3rd birth // home birth

  1. My favorite thing is when she said she's been practicing "relaxing my uterus" to prepare her for labor. GIRL YOUR UTERUS ISN'T RELAXED DURING LABOR, IT'S CONTRACTING TO PUSH THE BABY OUT

  2. I cannot stand how she calls herself “her” or “she” when discussing body parts. Like it’s part of YOU, it’s not a separate person.

  3. I am a Christian and I CLUNG to my hypnobirthing class info and STILL got an epidural because there was NO WAY. And I had fentanyl in my epidural as well and I still felt so much. So Jesus, hypnobirthing, epidurals and ice chips got me through. And it was magical either way.

  4. I was about to comment the same thing. I get so annoyed when she personifies her body parts by saying "she is struggling". Sis it's you, you are struggling.

  5. Her saying Pilates is easy then five seconds later saying “it ain’t easy” lmfaoooo also comparing working out to giving birth 😌 oh baby 🤭 also she shouldn’t be speaking on how to go through a successful home/unmediated birth when she hasn’t personally done it. She’s speaking out her ass

  6. She said she’s not using evening primrose oil because she’s doing perineal massage and thinks that’s sufficient. Babe, those two things serve two totally different purposes. The goal of Perineal massage is to prepare the tissue for stretching during birth by increasing blood flow and decreasing risk of tearing. Evening primrose oil is used to soften and thin the cervix and induce labor. Why is she so ignorant someone tell me why and how

  7. The way she shits on doctors and modern medicine disgusts me. I live a more “natural/organic” life but I still recognize the benefits of modern medicine.

  8. especially with how her first two births went.. you would think she would have the most respect for doctors and modern medicine.

  9. I’m a semi crunchy mom and tend to need doctors to earn my trust due to bad experiences, but I can also recognize and respect the benefits of modern medicine so yeah her disrespect is just wild

  10. Painful to watch :/ no real definitions (what is a perineal massage? Viewers have to google it since you didn’t explain what it is - just one example). Second, and more importantly, how are most of these tips related to home births specifically? It seems like the tips are just customary pregnancy tips. Third, preparing for labor pain by getting used to discomfort during workouts, etc? Oh my. I had an epidural with one birth (around 8cm) and went natural with another. Believe me….nothing prepares you for the pain. Nothing. And that’s okay! I feel like she (like many moms) want to control so much of this birth, down to what her husband says during labor. I think this video speaks to our current mom culture of wanting as much control and having as near to perfect birth as possible. Ironically, interesting she didn’t mention surrendering her plans to God and praying for Him to bring about HIS PERFECT WILL in the process, even if it isn’t what she hopes for.

  11. I had one epidural and one natural and I agree 100%. depending on how well her epidurals worked the first two times, she’ll be in for a real surprise.

  12. Her calling them “vagina doctors.” Girl put some damn respect on them, you just didn’t listen to their words when you were pregnant before and now blame them for YOUR problems. She’s so prissy ugh

  13. Really upset me. Saying a doctor is supposed to have the same knowledge and treatment as a physical therapist truly shows how ignorant she is when it comes to healthcare.

  14. The fact these doctors study to become OBGYN, they deserve some respect! 10+ years in the making to stare at your vag, the person deserves a medal.

  15. Anyone else notice how she said she got a “SHEET load of information” which sounded like she was subtly swearing or was about to but then stopped herself?? Maybe I’m just overthinking it though HAHA

  16. This video was boring and I feel like she is going to be in for a big surprise with this home birth idea. She was like half asleep while talking too

  17. I caught so much bs in this video! Haha some favs were her saying how much she enjoys dates but a previous video or story she said how much she hates dates lmao then talking about how they didn’t inform her early in her pregnancy about her low iron she also has a video talking about how they did but she wasn’t consistent with her iron supplements! The whole video was a mess she didn’t not prepare anything. Just sat her incorrectly talking about things she has no idea about. She put so much faith in her midwife but im surprised she’s not educated enough to speak eloquently. Those damn vagina doctors

  18. From what I know your face swells up anyway when you’re Preggy… add previous lip fillers and you look like a duck. This one girl had triplets and her mouth looked so ridiculous - she was pointing it out herself 😅

  19. How’d you do it? I am having my second in september and my first i took the epidural because my labour was so bad (I was induced)

  20. I have the video on my tv right now (having breakfast while watching) and I’m just like: good intentions of helping, wrong way of spreading the message.

  21. If I didn’t know who she was and I was scrolling on YT and came across this video I would 100% not subscribe after watching how poor qual that was

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