Identical bulbs purchased 1 yr apart and a 41% decrease in estimated life

  1. Personally I think the estimated life is 2 yrs and will be interesting to see how the manufacturer updates the stat as more data becomes available.

  2. 75 watt LED? (Just noticed its actually only 12 watt) For that small of a bulb? How bright is it? Eco? Smart? I have questions.

  3. They are actually really bright and have them in the kitchen. I like them a lot and like the LED doesn’t get hot to touch.

  4. So a lot of manufacturers design these to run hotter and fail sooner in order to get you to buy a replacement. It took them a while to "dial it in" so that they don't fail too soon and cause frustrations, but don't last for ever either. This may be an example of that. There's an

  5. i worked at said store for awhile and i also came across some older people stating "oh i dont need a bulb that will outlast me..." it does run a different watt tho or something but i do believe "they" might take that into account idk

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