Me and my family trying not to be attacked by the neighbors dogs

  1. Depending on your state, there’s typically a “dog off leash” or “dog off property” law. Call the sheriff’s department or whoever runs animal control and stop that nonsense so your family can actually enjoy walks in the neighborhood, let alone your own dam property

  2. Even if these dogs are friendly. They could be hit by a car or presumed dangerous. Why the hell would you let your beloved family member run all over the damn road.

  3. In any state if a dog comes at you like this, on your own property you have every right to shoot them. They have a baby too, sorry but if that was me these dogs would either be friendly or dead.

  4. These are my favorite dog owners the ones that laugh and say ah hahaha they scared ya welp don’t worry they are good dogs........ then the dog rips off the neighbors face and its......... he’s never done anything like that before?

  5. They laugh until those dogs run onto the wrong property and each eat a few rounds of 9MM. Then their laughter becomes “oh my gawd what have you done to my sweet precious baby, you killed it”

  6. That’s what the ER doctor hears time and time again: “He’s never done anything like this before.” Well, he’s a 2-year old pit. He’s out of the puppy phase and into the face-ripping phase. No, not all pits - we know yours is just the sweetest little scaredy cat. And of course there are no bad pits, just bad owners (except for all the pits that get all the love and attention and good training but accidentally get out and start ripping out throats).

  7. As someone who had half their face ripped apart at the age of 3, and is still internally terrified of dogs that look like they could be bigger than me if they jump up, I don't understand how anyone can say pits or pit mixes are just misunderstood.

  8. Omg this is exactly why I have never liked dogs. Every dog owner is like “sorry my dog sucks, but other dogs are a lot better, we just didnt have the time/money to properly train them.” Repeat that for every single crappy ass dog.

  9. In all seriousness bear spray on the porch wouldn't hurt. You should leave first and when you grab there attention you should spray the perimeter and give it some time before you try again with the family. Also EDC a good fixblade knife that's easy to access. You have a wife and child there is no "too far". Those dogs can change your life in 20 seconds...

  10. skip the owners. call the police. have a report filed. insist animal control is called and the dogs are seized. consider consulting an attorney otherwise. sue the neighbors if necessary.

  11. I generally agree, talk to the owner first. But if that's how the dogs respond to you walking onto your own front porch, imagine the reaction if you enter their yard.

  12. I love dogs but this is terrifying and it sucks there is dog owners that do this shit. They clearly can’t control their animals and shouldn’t have them to begin with.

  13. I wish police were able to slap a permanent ban on dog ownership. Like report them to animal control and all state shelters. There should be a database that shelter personnel can check to make sure you're not a pos

  14. i can't even walk along my neighborhood's road at uncertain times during daylight because TWO separate houses let their dogs run loose at random times. one of them is a pair of pitbulls who are wildcards, and the other is a trio of hounds that will circle you and threaten you until their owner notices. i don't go on those walks anymore because i don't want to be around for when the owner isn't there to call them off. dogs are way too big of a responsibility for how easy it is to become owners of them.

  15. It’s insane how poorly trained these dogs are. I’ve seen aggressive/untrained dogs offleash in their yard and will approach or warn people that come near the yard, but never have I seen dogs just run off towards someone else’s yard unprovoked. That’s terrifying.

  16. I’d honestly kill the dogs the next time they crossed into the property. I’m not risking the life of my new born or wife over minutia.

  17. Neighbor gets slapped with a fine, doesn’t learn his lesson. Next week his dogs tear up a child. No these dogs need put down.

  18. I think the closest was a pit I remember seeing his ass coming real fast before I slammed the door not sure on the other though

  19. Owners are legally (and morally) responsible for keeping their animals under control 100% of the time. Call/consult a lawyer before shooting them, though (imho).

  20. No, where I live you have the right to protect yourself and family. No need to waste your time calling an attorney. I have the right to life and to my private property. The thing is a goner if it comes at me or my kids like that…especially on my own front porch

  21. I can't imagine there is any state in the US where OP would be in trouble if he shot the dogs in this scenario, especially if he has it like this on video. Can you name one?

  22. If you have the time to call a lawyer to see if you can legally shoot the dog or not, then you have the time to call either the cops or animal control and have them deal with it.

  23. Same here. Love dogs, grew up with them my whole life, have a puppy. All the suggestions about bear spray and carrying are perfectly reasonable to me. Kicking wouldn't stop those two.

  24. Get some bear spray and blast them really good. That experience will teach them pretty quick. Then next do your neighbor for allowing that shit

  25. Done it with an aggressive dog here. Then my entire house had the coughs for an hour. Bear spray is rough and l imagine a good bit of the neighborhood was coughing from it!

  26. Tbh I wouldnt trust bear spray. Ive seen some crazy shit on here where pit bulls still try to maul someone while being half dead.

  27. I did this once and we were attacked by a couple of dogs from the neighbors like this.. The thought seriously crossed my mind. They were hyper aggressive for some reason, and feeding off of each other making it worse. The only reason I didn't do it is because I didn't want to have the neighborhood kids go out to see 2 dead dogs in the road. We called the cops obviously, because the neighbor was a reckless arrogant prick. Even the cops were just like "can't believe you didn't just shoot the dogs"

  28. Dog control is the way to go first, before considering taking matters into your own hands. It's less risky for you,

  29. A woman in my community was attacked and spent time in the hospital and rehab. She suffered a fractured hip and her arms were badly mauled. A friend helped care for her. My friend and I both bought taser canes for our daily walks. I haven’t needed to use mine, my friend and his wife have used theirs twice. They’ve never touched the dogs with it, the zapping sound has been enough to stop the dogs from getting closer. Zapping a charging dog would definitely stop an attack.

  30. Literally anything to protect the baby from even a perceived animal threat. The dogs should be smoked immediately as soon as they touch your porch. I don’t think many people on Reddit understand how fragile a child is. Protecting its life means killing these dogs immediately. The neighbors have a problem with that? All they have to do is step foot on your porch and raise a fist and you can also protect your baby from them. No mercy for derelict pitbull owners.

  31. That dog is violent and needs put down. Not trying to sound like I’m a bad ass but I’d shoot any dog charging my wife and child.

  32. I won't directly link to twitter, but you can pull up the profile " PitPostingLs " and find all kinds of crazy stuff pits do. They're absolutely savage beasts, not pets.

  33. When I was a teenager we lived next door to a couple who had 2 big pit pulls "chained up" in a yard with no fence and they would always break free off of a 1.5 inch steel chain and heavy duty collar and rush the line of duplexes ...well one day me and a friend were comming home from a baseball game and they rushed us so we got our bats out and swung at them as hard as we could....caved in the skull of one and broke a.leg for the other ....the one with the broke leg kept comming back so we took care of some unfortunate business we were calling 911 our neghibors the husband a mp and his wife a city cop asked what happend and explained what happend ....the owners of the dogs were fined the max they could get for multiple offenses and moved shortly after

  34. I would hate it, and it would be unfortunate, but I carry for a reason. no jury would blame you on your front porch with a kid. So far every dog that has visited my home has been nice and friendly and gets some cheese and lunchmeat. usually due to thunderstorms they get out. Either way, neighbors need to be put on notice.

  35. Every "well behaved" Pit that "couldnt hurt a fly" was a hand biting, shoving, slobbering mess that was in no way shape or form comparable to an actual well behaved breed. Sure, some really are sweet, but a sweet dog can still put holes in your hand thinking that its playing a game.

  36. Yep. Had one as a neighbor and I went to play with it, just with a rope toy thing. I held onto that rope for dear life and the Pit pulled until his teeth bled. The dog and I got along fine but that scared me.

  37. You can't beat the fuck out of an angry pit bull bro, it is not happening. They were bred to fight through pain and often bite harder when hit and they're strong and heavy as fuck. I don't care if you're a roided out MMA fighter with a decade of experience lifting like 800 lbs, run or have something better than your fists

  38. For real though, it's just plain bad training/socializing the dogs and it's a danger to them too, the owner hasn't done them any favours and they're an accident waiting to happen to some other victim. People who raise livestock dogs would probably put a dog down pulling that kind of aggression on a human or their handlers.

  39. That seems a bit much. I mean, if there's a border collie on your property, it's probably (a) lost or (b) short circuited and trying to herd your cows.

  40. It sounds fucked up, but depending on what part of the country you’re in, you have all the right to defend yourself against those dogs. I’m sorry but if those dogs come running to my wife while holding my child and I’m right there, they’re getting shot

  41. Just call the cops and show them the video. When they go over, most likely the dogs will do something similar and get shot by the cops. Once again, I love dogs and it’s not their fault and it could have been prevented if the owners took better care or their dogs.

  42. why am i not suprised these are pits. and all the cases and news ive seen of pitbull maulings, random people, their owners, family members etc. this could've ended worse, im glad you all got away OP

  43. Is this a daily thing? Did the dogs get out of an enclosure? Either way this needs to be brought to the owners attention immediately. Depending on their response would be the deciding factor if calling the authorities is necessary.

  44. First time I’ve ever seen them outside of the house. When the owners came and got them I went back on the porch and told them when they come over next time they won’t be around but I was just angry and scared and now kind of feel shitty saying that around their young ones. It very well may have been an accident and I don’t really know if they would learn from it honestly

  45. I had to get bear spray to keep outside because the shitbag humans across the small patch of woods from my backyard let their 2 aggressive pitts run free. These dogs have terrorized the area and I have no idea why the owner hasn’t been charged and why the dogs haven’t been put down. Anyway, I have little kids that need to be able to go outside and if one of those dogs starts charging, they’re getting sprayed in the fucking face.

  46. If it were her alone would she have made it inside with the baby? Scary as hell someone is letting them run around like that--

  47. If dogs that are not under control of their owner attack you on property you own I'm willing to bet the law has your back if you just shoot them. Check with a lawyer but in Oregon any dog not under control of its owner that "becomes a threat" can just be shot. I like dogs but the baby in the situation makes this a lethal response situation.

  48. See I’m dif after one or two warnings to the owner they find him dead in my yard with the po po coming out to confront them specially after on video also yep

  49. Please give the video to animal control and the police. Maybe you are ok today, but someone will be attacked eventually. Don't be the reason that someone is asking why no one reported these animals.

  50. The fact they came running across the street barking at you the instant they noticed you means they've been intentionally trained to be super aggressive rather than trained to defend a property. Which means their owner is scum who wouldn't be much missed after a police encounter.

  51. Get yourself a shotgun. Contact the police and animal control. Tell the neighbor that if they care about their dogs, they will keep them under control, because if their dogs aggressively charges on your property again, you will shoot the dogs. No state in the USA would find you liable, especially after a video like this.

  52. show this to the police, this is unacceptable. those dogs need to be leashed or fenced in ( assuming this is a common incident and not they got out by accident ). they’re also on your property, so, as horrible as i sound for saying this, you have the right to shoot them/ spray with bear spray or something of the sort if they try to attack you again

  53. I would call animal control and tell them you are trapped in your house, trying to leave and a pack of ferocious dogs won't let you.

  54. This is ridiculous you pay taxes and yo can’t enjoy your front porch. Would a gate help at the top of the stairs? I would call the police and show them the ring video, and animal control since they are not on a leash and are running free. People who do not control their dogs don’t need them or really care about anyone either.

  55. If the owner cared, they wouldn’t be loose, so it’s no point talking to them. The police won’t arrive in time to save you and your family. And while bear spray or OC spray would work, it’s no guarantee you’ll get them sprayed in time to stop them. Same thing with the knife I’ve seen mentioned- you’ll still take a serious, maybe deadly injury engaging them.

  56. I’ve literally just seen the follow up interview of the dog sitter in Texas who got mauled by two dogs she’d met once before like 1/2 an hour ago. Wouldn’t take any chances

  57. When I was growing up in the 1980's we had that problem. Until our dad simply pulled out his .45 and shot the dogs after multiple ignored warnings to keep them out of our yard/property. I guess the neighbors thought he was bluffing during the final warning when he told them he would shoot them the next time he saw them in his yard.

  58. Going to the police station in the morning and filing a report so if a second time happens I have proof I tried. I’ll get downvoted but the 3 years I’ve lived here I’ve never seen those dogs only heard them so I’m hoping after my talk I had with them and maybe a talk from the police department if they do that they will understand it can not EVER happen again or one way or another they are gone. Now that I think about it we have 6 or 7 stray cats on our street that are always out in good weather so those dogs must have never been loose before or they are there temporarily.

  59. Crazy thing is people get mad at police for shooting at dogs if u we're getting chased down by a giant ass dog and do not know what its about to do when it gets to u ur not gonna wait and see

  60. Fiancée and I just bought a house prior to our wedding in November. We have a Doberman, and do you know what was an absolute must for any house we looked at? A motherfuckin’ fenced in yard.

  61. The fact that they ran all the way to your house by you just stepping outside shows the INSANE level of aggression these dogs have. They are extremely dangerous. Call animal control and police. This is a serious issue!

  62. i dont understand why they dont put boundary fences on their property, we all have them where I live, nothing gets in or out that we dont want to. protection!

  63. I would fucking kill those dogs, if they attacked the mother of child or my child, then it’s the fucking neighbors fault that they don’t have them in here own property

  64. Honestly get some bear spray. Also I’d buy a gun and tell the dog owners that if the dogs are on your property for any reason you will shoot to kill as the dogs pose a threat to your family and baby. This is unacceptable.

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