This is the capsule some cigarettes had in the filter that would let you turn it menthol if you squeezed it.

  1. i extracted one of these from a cigarette a while ago, and squeezed it a bit too hard and it popped and went into my eyes. it was burning and cooling at the same time, 2/10 do not recommend

  2. Did this when i was a kid with a glowstick. Fucking burned so bad for so long. Feel like ima go blind soon from it

  3. I use to do that with ice breaker liquid ice capsules. I would purposely pop them into my eyes. I was a special child

  4. That is the “CRUSH” bead inside cigarette filters and DO NOT pop them in your mouth or get any of that shit in your mouth or it goes numb for a while lol

  5. I use to buy them when I couldn’t get any Cloves or Cherry. It was nice to have an option, but I’ve not smoked in over 10 years.

  6. Menthol is a local anesthetic. That's why it's included in cigarettes. Makes it seem like they aren't as harsh as "non-menthol" cigarettes because your throat has been numbed.

  7. I already knew what these looked like after taking adderall and deciding that my curiosity outweighed the pain of losing a cigarette

  8. They literally could've chose any color and nobody would've known, but they still decided to make it look tasty...... I think were supposed to eat it.

  9. Are these what the advil pm gel pills are made of because I chewed one of those once and the same thing happened 💀 (I was curious and bored okay)

  10. Camel Crushes were so fuckin cool at the time. But Turkish Royals were what I was on when the chicks weren’t around lmao. Also fuck smoking, quit today if you still do it.

  11. Best time to quit was before you started. Second best time is today. Smoked for 20 years. 2 packs a day at one point.

  12. Yo this thread sent me rushing back into the memory bank. Camel crushes were my shit for a minute there lol

  13. I smoke roughly half a pack a year when we go on vacation to Las Vegas. We don’t have menthol cigarettes in Canada so I get my fill for that week. I don’t have the urge any other time, but in Vegas I enjoy them.

  14. I’m one of the lucky few that has smoked for 20 years and never smokes more than a pack in a month. I love a cig when I’m drinking with friends but otherwise I have no appetite for it. Wish it wasn’t so all or nothing for most people.

  15. My wife used to smoke camel crush menthols, they were a menthol cigarette with the crush filter to make it… even more menthol lol.

  16. Yeah, I stopped smoking those after my shady co-worker told me happily I smelled "just like crack" after i smoked one...uh ok..

  17. Camel still has something like that--or they did two years ago. I took up smoking again during my internship because everybody else smoked, but I mostly bummed from my office mate who smoked those. I don't like menthol so I wouldn't crush the doohickey, but it was still veeery slightly menthol.

  18. Camel Izmir Stinger (!)* (I can't recall the spelling) circa 2002 were the best, IMHO. No menthol stuff, but the most memorable flavor profile of any cig I ever smoked besides Sweet Dreams vanilla stuff as a teen. They came in a flat tin. So glad to be quit from cigs now tho. But dang, an Izmirs were the best. No crushing the filter either.

  19. I was a routinely a Parliament guy and occasional American Spirits. And when I roomed with Japanese exchange students for a summer, it was Seven Stars.

  20. I was never a fan of menthol cigarettes but I vividly remember Black Devil with chocolate taste that I loved. Switched to vaping later because I obviously enjoyed nice tastes and not cigarette taste, and stopped that as well two years back. Best decision of my life.

  21. They sell these little beads and even a little pocket device that puts them in your filters. I was at a party when a guy busted out a pack of cigarettes and his little tic tac container of green beads and put one in his smoke before lighting it.

  22. We call them camel clickies, I remember getting them in Croatia and they would have two balls in, one menthol and one fruit flavoured and you could mix and match, such fun

  23. Yeah, they were nice and definitely very cool as far as cig gimmicks go, but I could never smoke an entire pack of them before I got bored. In the same with vapes now, needing to have several with different flavours to prevent me from getting bored of them.

  24. Way back when camel crush first came out the first thing I did was rip one open. What do I find? A 1990s ice breakers gel sphere mint! Of course I ate it. Note: do not eat it.

  25. Camel crush coming out as a teenager gave us the same feeling as being kids and the new cool toy just came out lol it was so amazing to us. I didn’t even like menthol cigarettes but would still buy camel crush and never crush the filter just because the pack looked cool to have and girls loved bumming them from you lmao

  26. I got busted with a pack of them when I was 15, the way my dad repeated “Turkish JADES???” made me realized he was more disappointed in my brand preference…

  27. I remember these, my ex gf name is Jade and I remember getting these right after we broke up because they were 50 cents off, my saddest pack of smokes for sure

  28. Thanks for this comment lol. Everyone talking about them in past tense and I felt like I was going crazy. They’re still sold.

  29. i quit smoking 2 days ago but god those are so fucking good, i couldn’t smoke regular cigarettes after smoking menthol bc it didn’t give that same throat feeling like menthols do.

  30. Just realized I'm coming up on 5 years myself. Until then, I was smoking half a pack of crushes a day, and was afraid I'd never get myself to actually quit. After that, I occasionally slipped up and smoked when drinking, but always threw the pack away in the morning. Now I haven't touched alcohol or cigarettes since COVID started, and I generally feel sooo much better.

  31. I used to love this option occasionally when I was a smoker. I liked Camels and would smoke the Crush, then moved on to American Spirit when I got up to a pack a day. I took forever to kick the habit and it's been about 6 years. I still want one every single day, just know it won't make me feel good anymore.

  32. Keep it up! I quit for 7 years and started smoking again a year ago. Trying to quit again now but it almost seems harder this time. Those mango-flavored Juuls are what helped me last time but apparently they don’t exist anymore because… kids?

  33. DO NOT pop these outside of the cigarette, They will permanently stain whatever they get on. My old roommate did on our grey granite countertop and that crap stained to top. It seemingly seeped into the stone.. we tried everything to no avail. Anyways smoking is disgusting so don't do that either coming from a Former smoker of Marb Reds

  34. Ahhh Camel Crush Bolds. I don’t smoke anymore but I’d get these all time time. Would change your smoke to menthol at any time, I would do it near the end so I had a minty taste after.

  35. I don’t smoke now but Camel Crush Bold were my jam. I’m still confused why the FDA axed them a few years ago but regular Camel Crush and Crush Lights were allowed to remain.

  36. Back in college, i smoke "menthol cigarettes" for a year without knowing that you have to squeeze it first. Always complain the "menthol" is just a scam. LoL

  37. I started on my 18th birthday and I wish I never had. I only smoke socially (I'll go through a pack over a month or two) but I still feel like I'm violating myself when I do smoke.

  38. I did that two weeks ago. Just got sick of burning out atomizers and buying juice. I’d stopped enjoying it so I was done. Didn’t even have any of those crazy ass nicotine cravings.

  39. These things in my opinion taste horrible! They give a nice crunch when eating your cigarette but as someone who eats a pack a day it gets over bearing.

  40. Very first ciggy I ever smoked was a camel crush and for some reason when I coughed up a lung on the first pull I thought throwing this thing into turbo menthol would help.

  41. It gives that cold feeling in your throat you get when chewing really minty gum. It's not any better for you than regular cigarettes but it feels better on the throat.

  42. I smoked for a bit as a late-teen/young-adult. Because I was an idiot, I thought menthol cigarettes were a lighter, healthier kind of cigarette.

  43. That and "lights" is why a lot of people got hooked on them. They assumed it meant like "diet". I think they got sued, because when I worked retail, I saw fine print that said "light refers to taste; it's not safer than regular cigarettes", and I figure they wouldn't volunteer to write that.

  44. I have also heard that with menthol cigarettes since it is smoother you can pull more smoke deeper in your lungs making them a bit worse for you than standard cigarettes. But purely due to how people would smoke menthol cigarettes, nothing in them in itself is worse than a regular cigarette.

  45. Camel Crush cigarettes. I remember them from when I used to smoke, those and black clove cigarettes. Glad I quit years ago

  46. Now load in a shotgun with a bunch of those and test it.. wonder if it works.. only 1 way to find out..

  47. Man, I remember smoking the double menthol camel crushes in high school. They were like inhaling a wintogreen lifesaver

  48. Since folks here are talking about smoking and many are talking about quitting, I'm just gonna briefly get on my soapbox and advise folks to chat with their physician and see about starting Chantix and some form of nicotine replacement. Won't make quitting easy but will give you the best chance of success. It's the probably best decision you can make for your health, so getting as much support for it as needed is wise.

  49. Oh to be young again… menthols are either for new smokers or your old grandma smoker. I remember smoking these crushies after class when I was in college. Now if I take even a puff of a cigarette my lungs feel like they’ve been punched for a whole day.

  50. A non smoker here. are the camel's still being sold, or taken off the market. did they smell like any other menthol brand. I read they are the worst too smoke 🚬.

  51. I thought these cigarettes were so cool when they first came out and were the reason I started smoking back when I was 18. The cracking it like a glowstick to wake up the cancer fascinated me lol. Thankfully smoke free for 3 years now.

  52. There's no way that shit is good for you. Probably better than the rest of the cigarette, but that's not saying much.

  53. I don’t smoke cigs anymore but camel crush really We’re convenient when we were broke ass kids and wanted to split a pack with someone who smoked menthol. Oh the days haha

  54. I feel like these shouldn't have been a thing. Maybe they work for the average menthol smoker to feel like they are smoking a regular every so often. But as a (used to be) regular smoker I thought it always had a wee bit of menthol taste to it even if you didn't crush the flavor ball. Also obligatory f*ck cigs, quit in 2017 and never going back. Good luck to any making that attempt it's the hardest thing I ever did.

  55. i ate one once cus i thought it was similar to the listerine shit, bad idea don’t eat them. one they taste like shit, two my entire mouth felt like i just left the dentist.

  56. Camel crush blues were fucking awesome, shame the effect didn't last more than the first half of the cigarette.

  57. my buddy popped one of these bad boys open over a bowl and took a rip, got super fucked up and couldn’t speak for a minute he was just sitting there drooling lol

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