UPS wants me to remit a negative nine cents. They even provided an envelope for me to use.

  1. They sent you a piece of paper, informing you that they received your piece of paper. Sounds like an equitable exchange to me!

  2. Every payment system I've been involved with we had sanity checks to prevent sending $0 or "less than $0" bills. One would think this would be common sense.

  3. This happened to me in the US with the IRS. It took a full year to resolve. In the end their investigation found out I had previously overpaid and they sent me a check for $300.

  4. You should have sent them an invoice for not sending you a zero dollar check. Their system is so lacking in sense, they may have paid it.

  5. This legitimately works, make sure to send it certified and include the cost of doing so in your invoice. I've done it with Telcom and Utility Companies that failed to deliver adequate service. Gets results QUICK...

  6. I think someone did something like this. They sent out random invoices to large companies to see if they will pay. I think suprisingly, some companies just pay these invoices as it’s not worth their time to investigate what it’s for.

  7. Seeing this reminds me of an old trick with paying traffic tickets... You would call in Guilty, pay using the automated phone system, and pay 2 or 3 cents more than needed. The system would accept payment, but due to a balance on the account, would not transmit as finalized to be sent to DMV for Processing of Points. Says you paid in Full, but never got sent to DMV for point penalization.

  8. Heard about that for insurance too. Figured it doesn’t actually work cause why the fuck would it be that easy.

  9. There was a parking lot near my old work that hadn't been modernized, it accepted credit cards but didn't know how to handle gift cards. If you put any gift card in it with a balance less than the amount needed to park (but not 0 balance), it would print you a receipt and open the gate but it couldn't deduct the from the balance.

  10. It would depend on the county. I would imagine most systems would be programmed to flag that as an exception, and a human would end up reviewing the transaction. Your county’s system sounds like the exception, not the rule

  11. Something kind of similar happened to me, I got a parking ticket. I dragged my feet on paying the fine until the last day before it was due, I got a confirmation and everything. Well months go by and I get a notice that my license had been suspended because I didn't pay my fine. Going into the system, they didn't have anything for me to pay. I had to go to the court date to get it all cleared up. The look on the judge's face when I told him I already paid and my license was still suspended was priceless.

  12. Reminds me of the time I paid off my credit card in full - plus one penny. For a couple years they sent me a statement every month with a balance due of -$0.01. Then one day it magically went to 0.00 and they never sent me a statement again.

  13. There was a bank that used to take all those credit card overpayments and distribute them as bonuses to their upper ranks. They got in big trouble.

  14. Had that recently. Over paid by like 43c. It sat there as a negative amount. Checked it monthly and it was always there. Then boom. They stole my 43c >:(

  15. There was just that one guy in reconciliations who has a brain who one day was going through and was all "What's this here. Oh, a credit of 1 cent? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Yeah, let's scrub that. Lunch break!"

  16. it happened to me with American Express, I was at -6¢ or something, for years, after closing my account, every now and then I received a statement. After, like, 3 or 4 years, I called them to fix this, and they sent me a check for 6¢ :)

  17. I can see this actually being in their code, lol. Although a variable would need to be called to be included in the amount that's over/under 0. Something like If (amountDue != 0) SendBill(amountDue); I'm guessing.

  18. Send back a letter that says: “Per your demand, send me nine cents.” And enclose a photocopy of their letter.

  19. With all the extra fees and administrative stuff you've had to do, I reckon they owe you... let's see... carry the 1...

  20. You should send them a demand letter and threaten to refer them to collections. Don't forget your obligatory bold disclaimer notice that this is an attempt to collect a debt.

  21. I agree with another post here send them an interest statement. At a maximum reasonable rate for cash only. they’ll notice when it hits the double digits. Probably offer you some credit or discount.

  22. Contact them, explain that they owe you money, ask for it in pennies. Then hand it back it "put it in a charity box"

  23. That is frustrating. Once I got a check in the mail for a penny. Can’t recall what it was for, but I just pitched it. Even though you can deposit a check with your phone nowadays, it still takes a couple minutes and that’s just not worth it for a penny. I could go outside and find a penny on the street in less time.

  24. I work in accounts payable. We routinely cut checks for $0.01. it's absolutely stupid but the mandate comes from the highest of our legal team and in the name of accounting, we do it. It absolutely costs us more in labor and materials to cut and send each of these checks but a big public company cares more about the accuracy of books than losing out on a dollar making it right.

  25. I would compare this to the bills I get for $0.00, complete with an envelope to return payment. Except, I could actually mail back the bill in the envelope with nothing in it. I could even include a check for $0.00 for extra sarcasm effect.

  26. Humor them, tape nine one-cent pieces to the piece of paper and wait for their automated machinery jam all to hell.

  27. I guarantee on top of it it says "credit, do not mail a payment" or "no payment is due at this time". But hey lets cover that and post it on Reddit for some upvotes 🤪.

  28. I don’t think it says that right on top, but the rest of the bill makes it explicitly clear that it’s a credit. My last credit was all of 11 cents. I just took it off the next bill’s balance and referenced both invoice numbers. All done.

  29. Put a dime from your left hand into your right hand. You'll just have to forgive yourself for the remaining -0.01 cents.

  30. I got this too, like for -5 cents. I was so worried about corporate incompetence putting me in collections by accident for money they owe me that I actually called their 800 number to confirm next steps, as I obviously cannot send them negative 5cents.

  31. Mail them back a picture of a nickel and four pennies with a circle around them and cross through it. 🚫

  32. I couldn’t graduate high school until I paid the school $0.53 for a textbook or something. The stamp on the notice they sent alone had to be $0.43.

  33. I mailed my sister a piece of cheese in July with no return address and USPS charged her $4 for it. She hasn’t paid and nothing has happened since lol

  34. My credit union once sent me a certified letter to inform me that I owed $0.06 in interest from my car loan although I had just paid off the balance. The postage on the letter was $1.08. I drove there on my lunch break and paid it and even the manager said it was stupid but the system automatically prints the invoice and they have to mail it to satisfy the books.

  35. When I was little, my grandpa used to take me around digging up old silver coins, Indian and wheat cents all around town wherever there was old houses with his huge metal detector. Said that back in the old days, the post officers would leave letters like this for overdue postage, or the person who wanted to mail a letter without stamps just put it in with some money into their mailboxes and that the post officers often dropped it into the grass or dirt or whatever. Clearly he was right because he had two giant jars full of old wheat, Indian, buffalo and V nickels and one full of silver dimes, quarters and half dollars. He also had a lot of modern change as well he just tossed into a rock tumbler in his garage and would respend. I used to love dumping out those jars on his floor and look at all the old weird designs of US change I had no idea existed. I dunno why this felt relevant to post. I guess it just reminded me of a magical time as a kid. And, I didn’t know the post office still did this.

  36. Gives a collection agency 2 cents for the amount. Collection agency adds $2K in fines, comes after you for $1999.91, ruins your credit, you can’t buy a car, lose your job, can’t buy or rent a home.

  37. I like to over pay a few cents extra to accounts that I know will be closing so they have to spend money to send me a check for $.05 later.

  38. I can’t pay stuff like that on principle. I had a TD bank account a while back and I never knew they charged $15 a month for “maintenance” but when I stopped using that account I saw it adding up to -$100 and I just lol. They are never getting that money.

  39. Send them a check for $1.09 so they have to process the check, carry a balance then send you a &1.00 check costing them more in time, labor, and postage than the 9 cent forgiveness would have cost them.

  40. You’re interpreting it backwards. They owe him 9 cents, or -0.09. If he sends a check for 1.09, that’s now -0.09 + - 1.09 = -1.18.

  41. The return envelope is so you can send your bill for 9 cents plus processing without having to pay your own postage!

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