some doors in London have knobs in the center

  1. The knob doesn’t turn, the lock holds the door in place and the knob is just to pull it closed (except not really, its mostly aesthetic - theres a small handle on the bottom of the lock/latch that you’d actually use to close the door, which you can see in the picture here). So effectively your key becomes the part you turn to open the door.

  2. My dad's house from the 60s has a handle with lock in the middle of a larger door than this, it definitely communicates to the latch but I've never stopped to think about how before

  3. Even still, just basic physics - why not place it furthest from the fulcrum? (In the regular spot). Especially if it's not part of the lock, you have the freedom to put it anywhere.

  4. Some have knobs really high up. And I watched a British show just last night and there was a door that didn't have any knob, what looked like and was placed at the door knocker was used at the handle.

  5. You know, that would make a lot more sense. Why do our doors have knobs? Petition to have all doors that require keys to be knobless and only deadbolts.

  6. Someone was confused as to why many Spanish doors had them. It hasn't occurred them that they weren't door knobs and just used to close the door. Instead they decided to mock Spaniards for "having stupid door knobs".

  7. Yeah, I was gonna say this. It's a pain in the arse tbh, whose idea was it to put them in the middle?

  8. That "Eureka" moment when door manufacturers realized they could sell the same doors to Spaniards and Brits...

  9. It’s important to say that these doors actually have door knobs on the inside. It’s just the outside that has no door knob:

  10. It's not meant for opening, you pull it closed on your way out, these doors open in and need no assistance once the key is turned.

  11. It doesn't though, because the door opens in. You'd be pushing from the outside and on the inside the door would typically have a handle on the side opposite the hinges. The knob is for pulling the door closed from outside. Generally there'd only be a bolt on the inside where it's held on, not another knob.

  12. Yeah they got these on old houses in New York, just an older style, i think its neat when i see it, it tells u the house has history


  14. I had a door like this in Glasgow, Scotland. I think its a European thing. I moved to the US think 10 years ago and haven't seen a door knob like this since. My wife, who is a yank, had one in her flat in London and she would always say "look at the size of this knob" as she also learned what knob means in the UK.

  15. I think it's shape, more than anything. A doorknob in the middle of the door is far from the norm in the UK

  16. It's not really a door knob, as in you can't turn it. It's really just a handle. The door is locked and opened with the keyhole. My front door is the same.

  17. I don’t think the handle twists. To keep the door closed you lock it. The knob isn’t a knob per se, it’s just a pull handle.

  18. but you can hang things on a doorknob which is appropriately placed at the edge of the door too?? It being in the center doesn’t make it better for hanging things! Lmao

  19. On the plus side, the person on the other side of the door is going to get hit with slightly less force when you push it open into their face!

  20. I don’t live in London and my doorknob is in the centre of the door. It’s just for pulling the door closed.

  21. As a carpenter/joiner in the uk, this is very common. I didn’t think it was a weird thing til I saw this post with people finding it weird.

  22. Physically (or mechanically) speaking it is worse position of pivot to put in middle as more force would be required to open

  23. I mean, knob has to be on the either side of it, otherwise we need more strength to open the door. Totally don’t understand why it’s designed like this. To make the door harder to open?

  24. Many doors all over Europe as well do center knobs. Of course all the ones I’ve seen aren’t actually functional knobs. You use a key to turn the lock and open the door.

  25. Why do they have the knobs in the middle of the door? Is there a reason? A house in our neighbourhood has one too and I’ve always wondered why

  26. It was also a design fad in the US in the 1960s, except that the centered knobs actually do turn the mechanism that opens the door. (Here's

  27. Fun fact: doors like these are hinged at the top, you lift up the door and duck under. Very stylish if not somewhat inconvenient. Can’t wait to see posh new Atlanta-area construction adopt these doors.

  28. Ok but no joke, I'm Canadian and never have seen this before and if I did I'd probably expect the whole door to dislodge if I turned that lol. I'd be likely to let someone else open it haha.

  29. The network cable is probably for a doorbell (easy part of your question) and the steel plate on the ground indicates that the house is pretty old because it was used at a time where people were riding horses. Their shoes were dirty and in place of a doormat they scraped their shoes with this blade shaped thing. If you go in about any old french city you will see a lot of them around with different size and shapes

  30. The steel bar is for scraping and removing footwear. It used to be for removing horse dung from the sole of your footwear and can also be used to assist the removal of boots ( which was a more common footwear back in the day)

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