All the trash I found in 25 square feet of my forest.

  1. And on the positive side. Very little of it is plastic. It's mostly glass and metal. Not justifying the pollution. But at least this is shit nature can deal with.

  2. I applaud your organizational skills, as I am OCD and really appreciate the focus. You created a beautiful mosaic.

  3. People who trash the outdoors don't belong there. I've often camped in the mountains near me for nearly 20 years. My town has grown exponentially in the last few years and now sites are always covered in broken glass and plastic. Oh and the damn cans people throw into fire pits so they can inhale all those aluminum particles as they degrade. It isn't hard to bring a garbage bag.

  4. Wait, I think I follow you on IG! This must be from Trash Tuesday! I recognize the top ramen packets from your story, plus the beautiful concrete IG background! Funny running into your posts elsewhere in the wild :) Keep up the good work!

  5. If you dig you’ll find more! Way back then people would throw their trash away into forests and judging by those old bottles you have an old dump on your property!

  6. Yes, sounds about right! My property was never an official dump, but definitely an unofficial one, for several neighboring households looks like.

  7. I follow you on Insta too! The whole cursed forever because of a cauldron debacle still makes me giggle

  8. Right!? Shoes, clothes, apron, lots of bottles, broken curlers, hacksaws, beer cans, like geez man somebody probably murdered their wife out there like 40 years ago

  9. It would have to be something like that for there to be so much trash in such a small area. 25 square feet is only 5'x5', which is basically the size of a small bathroom.

  10. Heh! I have followed you on Insta for aaages (I'm pre-cauldron!) and was just scrolling here and was like...woah, I know that trash!! Give my love to the ducks! X

  11. Amazing! Turning random trash into art, while sending several messages at the same time. What was just trash, now brings many thoughts about us and the way we use our enviroment. This is a truly amazing idea, and it has impacted me deeply.

  12. Tell me that yall saying that that looks like a lot for that amount of space realize that all of that glass is laid out making it LOOK like a lot more, BUT when it was thrown out was likely just a bottle. So quite a few of those sections of things could be instead viewed as ONE bottle. I used to go out and collect those from the woods I'd come back with a backpack FULL of old bottles. Often it'd be all that trash in one small area as kids go out in the woods in a group to smoke, drink, just hang etc. It makes MORE sense for it all to be in one area xD

  13. The old pull tabs and misc other items reminds me of an old bottle dump of sorts. I used to LOVE bottle digging in these old sites. I was allowed to excavate one from the late 1800's once. Some of the items and bottles can be worth a pretty penny. The way you've displayed the items is beautiful. Keep an eye out for old marbles!! 😉

  14. See the dark green object underneath the top shorts? That's a (broken) car-shaped Avon aftershave bottle. That's my favorite.

  15. Thanks for being a good person and cleaning up the forest. Also beautiful how you laid that stuff out. Shame that was all in the forest though.

  16. LOUD. And annoyingly not laying right now, I don’t know what’s up with that. They seem pretty happy and healthy though.

  17. And now some pretentious person from New York is going to find it, convince his/hers pretentious and rich friends that they can evade a lot of taxes by paying stupid amounts of money for it, call it art and donate it to a museum.

  18. Clothing and shoes always weird me out. Do people just disrobe in the woods, was someone murdered, or did a homeless person lose some stuff along the way? I admit the murder one is a bit far-fetched, but I watch a lot of true crime.

  19. When I was growing up there was a small patch of woods near my house that use to be a hippie spot back in the day. It was awesome and always looked amazing with no trash. And that was all thanks to one old fella who made it his duty to keep it clean and nice. I learned a lot from that guy and will always remember what he taught me about loving nature and taking care of it. Thanks OP for helping taking care of nature.

  20. In a way, the pieces each tell a story. There's a tag from some potted flowers, old worn shoes (both right feet), the remains of a cut-glass dish, each probably had some significance to someone once upon a time.

  21. I recently moved, but as part of the rock climbing community in my old state, there'd be regular clean ups in state forests and national parks. While it's a common community rule to "leave it better than you found it," so picking up any trash you find to and from the crag, surrounding areas and trails not commonly used by climbers were honestly heartbreakingly bad.

  22. Aside from the obv sadness of how much litter there was, there’s something that I found really cool. Each smashed bottle, crushed can, or strewn garment has a unique story behind it. That was someone’s night out, maybe the best night, maybe the worst, but there’s a story behind each of them, and that in my opinion is pretty fucking incredible

  23. At least glass is inert and can't really hurt anything... Environmentally speaking (it's basically a synthetic rock). Still dangerous if you want to go around barefoot though. The rest is definitely no bueno. Ty for taking care of the environment!

  24. If you are ever in need of work, go and wow ppl doing mosaic tiling. Remember us poor folk when you make it big.

  25. Good on you! When I bought a piece of land I spent a week hauling everything from baby gear to a section of vinyl fencing out of there. The previous owners were slobs.

  26. Ugh, I just bought a house on 2.4 acres and the past few owners have worked on cars a d stuff. The back area is filled with glass and metal and bits of trash. The previous owners are also building about 200y away to the NE and I saw they have three big holes dug to fill up with some piles of super old looking trash.

  27. Thanks mate. Not all heros wear capes. I do this at my local beach on the reg and it's disturbing how many people are grubs, there is daily rubbish to pick up. Australia,QLD.

  28. Butchers apron... a bunch of clothing items... pretty sure you got some bodies buried around there.

  29. I wish I had enough time on my hands to pick out rubbish out of the woods and lay it out on the ground again like this dude/dudette

  30. You didn’t misunderstand! OP owns a couple acres of land that people had dumped on for decades. Each Tuesday she carved out a 5x5 section to clear out, and comes across a lot of trash “treasures.” This plot is way more than she usually finds, it seems.

  31. Lmao at Op saying my forest. I mean yeah I get they own the land and stuff, but it reminds me too much of little critter movies where they gotta save the forest and say stuff like "our forest".

  32. Imagine how much more trash OP could have picked up in the 9 hours it took it all to lay out like that...

  33. Sharing the thrill of the "treasure" hunt with my online community keeps me motivated to keep going on this huge project. I would not have picked up a fraction of the trash I have if it wasn't for the fun social aspect!

  34. If you think you can pick up all that trash in 15 minutes, you probably need more experience picking up trash, and maybe it's your futon you're smelling.

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