I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store

  1. I hate it when ppl go out jogging at night in dark clothes and black hoodies with no reflective element on them at all, on residential roads.

  2. Can confirm, I have a jacket made with this stuff that I use for night runs. I always feel like an alien Mr. Burns but at least no one is gonna run me over.

  3. PLEASE tell that to people that walk or bike on the side of my house. It’s a very busy road on a hill with ditches on either side. I’ve lived here for years now and there have been multiple people driving into the ditches in perfect weather, there’s going to be someone hitting you when you’re wearing dark clothes past sundown. I almost hit someone once because there’s no streetlights, wearing all black, and were walking in the middle of the road.

  4. It is, I actually picked these pants up mostly so that I could incorporate the material into my motorcycle backpack so I am more visible at night

  5. I saw a person taking a night jog with one of those a while ago. I was able to see them from a hell of a long ways away with that thing reflecting my headlights.

  6. I have a jacket from hollister that’s like this too, it looks absolutely amazing if you get a photo during sunset— it reflects the sky colors like a subtle ombré on the jacket

  7. This is a "retro-reflective" plastic. Think of it as a special kind of motor that reflects on every direction, not just at the angle of incidence like a regular mirror.

  8. I put this material on my car. It outlines the car at night when headlights shine on them. Hard to miss my car in the dark.

  9. I hate it, at one point like 20% people in London wore it and it was giving me headaches, everyone I know with astigmatism complains about it.

  10. One of my favorite Kanye things is that he'll wear something high fashion and completely ridiculous one day, and the next he's wearing a Carhartt jacket and sweat pants.

  11. Retro reflectors are actually really cool. Have you ever looked at two mirrors in a right angle and noticed that your reflection always looks back at you? It’s basically that but on a microscopic scale.

  12. Wouldn't these would only work if the paparazzi kept their DSLRs on Auto mode? Can they not just adjust the exposure/ISO/aperture manually to keep the rest visible?

  13. It only works if they are using flash, or if a bright light source (Sun) is at the correct angle. Most paparazzi use flash ALL the time at close range to remove any potential shadows of the face of their target (photos of celebrities that you can not clearly see/identify are not worth as much or anything at all).

  14. Yes, these only work well against auto flash; you can definitely set exposure and flash level manually to correctly expose the face. That however, is likely easier said than done in varied light conditions, probably at night, with a moving, uncooperative subject.

  15. Many paps aren't really skillful photographers, they're guys prepared to go the extra mile to be in position to take a photo, beyond that they are button mashers (of course there are exceptions)

  16. Camera must also be set to auto exposure, and it may be affected by the metering mode as well. During a very bright day, photographers would have to be mindful of similar issues occuring naturally anyways. And today's cameras have tons of controls for that. The absolute simplest way for a paparazzi to adjust after seeing how bad one picture turned out, regardless of other settings, is to just rotate the EV dial to say +3 and all subsequent pictures will turn out fine. Plus, with the amount of information stored in RAW, you could probably even salvage the photo in this post (if it were RAW).

  17. Yup, the way I understand it, the material used has little glass beads that reflect any light that hits them back to its source. Same idea as the paint used on road signs.

  18. Yeah, but not if they get their camera settings right. They could use flash and increase iso or lower shutter speed, which will still illuminate the face. The pants will be blown out, but for a pap, they can still get their shot.

  19. If you don't want to be in the pictures, the trick is to not wear pants just once instead of wearing these forevever.

  20. Material is called Scotchlite. It comes in several colors and textures of fabric, and many colors of vinyl wrap. 3M uses a few techniques, a powder of tiny glass spheres, or a stamped array of tiny cube corners. The phenomenon is called retroreflection. To a car driver at night, you will look blindingly bright. I have 2 TimBuk2 backpacks entirely made of this stuff, a jacket, and my entire bicycle and helmet is vinyl wrapped in the stuff. I am the Sun. Another cool thing to try - have a friend create a shadow on your fabric, using their head to block a colored light (traffic light, etc). You will glow that color to them. There is also a version of the fabric that diffracts the light into rainbow colors.

  21. I have a jacket like that for when I need to ride my bike at night. Using it to spoil photos is a fun party trick too though because it looks like a fairly normal jacket until it's photographed with flash.

  22. Not just reflective like a mirror but retro-reflective like a high-vis jacket, road sign, or the reflectors on cars/bikes

  23. Except paparazzi don't typically shoot in manual mode, because, well, they are professionals. A professional can easily just expose for the face and get a perfectly fine photo (the clothing will be completely blown out, but the face will look like normal light).

  24. Same stuff that was used during the Krypton scene in the 1978 Superman movie too, I think. (As well as the first versions of the Star Wars lightsabers?)

  25. This only works if flash is being used. Most paparazzi don't use flash since it's an obvious sign you're taking a photograph when you shouldn't be.

  26. It wouldn't surprise me if paparazzi have worked around this. Those pants are retroreflective, meaning they shine light back at the source. So all the paparazzo would need to do is have the flash come from somewhere beside the camera, or just get cameras with really good light sensors that can use ambient light even in darkness. Maybe even through in some night vision.

  27. not sure why this didnt stick around, i remember macys selling jakckets with this material and i took a picture in the store and same result

  28. Someone actually did that and sent the picture to me. Everything else gets really blown out butnmy face is visible

  29. I always wondered if the articles that show off these garments were altering their images slightly to enhance the effect, but no, it works damn well lol

  30. Do they glow with an average amount of light? Like could you wear it as a high vis for riding a bike without looking like a fluorescent tool?

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