a few weeks ago I found a snickerdoodle in my car's wheel well. Today I found a block of uncooked ramen noodles on my house's electrical meter.

  1. I wish that were the explanation. I haven't had ramen or snickerdoodles in my house so I have no clue where they're coming from.

  2. Probably junior high kids pranking you. My buddies did the same thing back in school. We would just do weird stuff to make people think "WTF?". And that was the joke: we put 500 plastic forks stuck in the ground in some random dudes lawn, we would go to McDonalds all over the state and demand a "Shamrock Shake" in the middle of July, we would buy dough-nuts and just leave them all over someones front porch.

  3. Agreed, I think it’s kids. In our neighborhood they leave baloney slices and slices of pizza in strange places. I think it is a challenge to see how close to the house they can get.

  4. Ok no bs, this is hilarious to me as I had very similar experience a few months back. My car wheel well had unbitten medium sized chicken wing. Couple days later I find fully intact burrito on my porch pushed up against the brick and my front door. Still not sure what all that was about lol

  5. How am I the only one who thinks it's maybe a city worker putting his food down while working and forgetting it? I mean, the wheel well is odd but the meter? "Man what is this crap in my lunch today? Ugh.. okay let me check this meter."

  6. Pronounced skwee-rells, they love to bring random food to random places, take a few bites, then leave the mess for you

  7. My wife found a piece of homemade apple crisp on our mailbox last year and ate it thinking the neighbor made it because she would bake things from time to time. The neighbor always dropped them off at the door though so my wife asked the neighbor and she knew nothing about it. Still have no idea who put it there or why but it wasn’t poisoned I guess.

  8. I'm a meter worker. I will start placing ramen noodles on top of meter sockets from now on. We will continue this trend.

  9. I would do weird shit like this as a kid just to have the knowledge that it'd be extremely confusing to my "victims", and it made me and my friends laugh

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