Trash I found in 25 square feet of my forest.

  1. I have to say….. the way you display the items of you found is oddly satisfying. Pretty cool, you opened your own little time capsule. Nice post 👏

  2. Surprised u only found 1 beer bottle, when I go camping I always see a pile of beer bottles that I clean up when I leave

  3. Good on you! I usually do find more glass bottles. This spot seemed to be more about fast food containers, and 19 condiment packets (gasp)!

  4. Someone dumped a bunch of baseball gear and trophies from an old children’s league in my neighborhood. A wild story—a man made a baseball field on top of an old landfill (not my forest, an actual landfill) and started his own league for the kids to have a place to play. The county shut it down for safety reasons after 2 seasons.

  5. I used to have one of those pumpkin man strands of lights as a kid. Well, my parents did lol but I usually did the Halloween decorations

  6. I moved last year. Maybe an acre of woods behind the house. Previous owner must have used it as a commercial construction dump site. I'm still pulling shit out of there til this day. Years of pulling left to come. Most humans are garbage people.

  7. A lot of people caught up on how land ownership works. OP isn't claiming to own 100 acres of forest, but what else would you call it when you own the land and it's a ton of trees?

  8. Did you find that in an area 25 square feet or 25ft squared? That photo looks to be about 25sq ft.

  9. Oh man I love you Instagram, I’ve been following since I saw a post about the cauldron on Reddit when it happened. I have no idea why I love seeing everything about trash forest so much but I do.

  10. Oh thank you so much! People following along and rooting for me has made all the difference for my Trash Tuesday motivation. I appreciate it. 🙏

  11. “my forest” makes it seem like you’re the ancient sworn guardian of a sacred forest who tries to protect it from litter. an ent, maybe?

  12. Ooo it does! I hadn't noticed that. It's a car stereo/amplifier. With the fabric from the dash or trunk still attached, I guess?

  13. You just know some one wiped their butt with that single sock. That was a sneaker-poop that snuck up suddenly while hiking.

  14. They say sometimes that umpires return to the forest that they were grown from to die. The circle of life.

  15. The lower left used to be a car subwoofer box. The particle board disintegrated and all that was left is the amplifier, speaker, spring terminal, and the carpet that used to cover it. How much for the amp?

  16. It looks like the laid out trash is more than 5ftx5ft, no? Looks like you just found a pile of trash or you are in a landfill bruh.

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